Tuesday, June 1, 2010

wow the jackpot..

Walmart here has the cutest little summer dresses for 5 dollars. They have all different kinds of them. i stocked up on dresses for lilly today. i bought her like 5 or 6 of them. They are just perfect for this weather. Sunday is suppose to be the first 110+ day.. not looking forward to that. I tell you though the evenings are perfect right now and athe mornings too. I love sitting on the porch in the morning and night time. Last night i was up at like 2am and i went outside and it was magnificent. Just perfect like 70 something.
Today lilly showed me that she picks up things quick.. yes while emma was here i had to talk to her about not locking doors. Not really sure why she wanted to keep locking the doors but now i have a 2 year old that locked me out of the office today. Yep i was going in after her and she shut and locked the door.. lucky for us both she unlocked it just as fast but it made my heart skip a beat thinking if i had anything to unlock it or break in with.
Ive had a bit of a delay on taking my test down here. Lots of my fellow classmates have scheduled theirs but i guess down here in arizona they are a bit backed up on things in the state board office. They haven't either recieved or processed my transcripts so until they do that they can't release me to test. Once they release me to test i can schedule a test date online but for now i'm stuck in the mudd..
Tonight is allan's first night shift. Lilly and i are going to go see the new shrek movie with some friends. After that i got no plans other than to come home and fall into bed. sheww you do 15 minutes outside right now and it zaps the energy right outta you. I suppose it's because i have these awful sinus/allergy stuff going on right now. It's not as bad today as it was yesterday. yesterday my nose was like a faucet and my eyes were even watering. So many pretty blooms on everything but my nose hates them all i guess. Did i mention that i swallowed my first pill ever yesterday! Yes i am almost 30 and have had a kid and had my wisdom teeth taken out which are two totally painful things and i didn't take pills with either really. Yesterday i was just goign to give it another whirl since my allergies were killing me. I took out a claritin from allan's thing and thought "well it's pretty tiny" i got a bottle of water put the pill in the cap of the water put some water on it and threw it in the back of my mouth then chugged the water as fast as i could. I felt it in my throat and thought " nope this isn't going to work" and then next thing i knew it was down the hatch!! lol. i'm sure i mentioned it in my last posting. I didn't try it again today but i'm tempted to try another pill just to see if it was a fluke experience. HAHA. Anyway i gotta get to making some spaghetti up for allan's lunches. hope everyone had a wonderful memorial day weekend. We sure did.

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Sandy Keyes said...

Allan was ALWAYS locking doors too. I just kept a screwdriver handy to take to door knob off and get him out, or just get the door opened. He would lock up empty rooms too. Yea...... We haven't heard from him in awhile, tell him to call us sometime. Kiss Lilly for us. Love, Grammy & Papa