Thursday, April 29, 2010

tax credit anyone?

Man so that 8 grand tax credit is suppose to end tomorrow I guess. You can tell. We had a showing last night, one today and we are about to have another one tonight at 6.. I'm hoping someone wants it! ;-) its been crazy with showings lately. All we need is one offer so I'm saying a prayer for tonight. I just can't believe how many last minute house shoppers there are. Tomorrow we are heading down to wheatland so lilly can see her grammysandy and papa wade. We are going to stay the night down there and head back saturday so I can study for my last unit test. Then comes the final. I'm doing really well though I have a 93 in the class so I'm not too worried. Lol I just looked out the front door and someone else was getting a flier. I can't seem to keep that thing full either. Only two more weeks and I get to see my hubby. I can't wait. I'm missing him pretty badly. Lilly is too. At breakfast she kept asking about him. Oh and the little munchkin can count to three in chinese.. Yep you heard me right. She was lining up magnets on the fridge and said 123 in chinese. She watches niho kalan or whatever that little show is. Right now she is dancing in the living room to gaba gaba.. Funny girl.
Anyway I gotta get her and myself ready to leave the house. I'm really glad people are looking but its kind of a pain to keep leaving the house.. I won't complain if my house sells though.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

doing better

Today went a lot better. This morning meghan came over and we took a practice test on mental health. Then we took lilly to daycare and went to take our real test. I got two points again. Which is fine. I am going to my last lecture class tomorrow. I'm so excited to be done with that. We have a test on tuesday next week and then our finals are the next monday. Yeah!!! After the test meghan took me out to a late lunch. While we were there they called to show our house so we ran home and cleaned it up real fast. Then we picked up lilly and headed to the mall. I got my hair colored. It looks a lot cleaner and well kept now. Haha. Meghan just pushed lilly around the mall in the stroller. Then I went and bought a new outfit for interviewing in arizona. All my interview outfits were for cold weather so I got some very cute black capri dress pants and a nice colorful top to go with it. I don't know how our house showing went. I think jim tried to call but I wasn't home ye and he didn't leave a message. They did take a booklet from inside the house so maybe they liked it. No idea really. Maybe I will find out tomorrow. It does seem like the traffic is picking up. Maybe because its the last few days for the tax credit. Anyway I'm off to bed. Have a good night you all!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

And the poop hits the fan..

Or I'm up poop creek without a paddle.. Or the poop is getting deep.
What am I talking about? Well let me tell ya. So I have been studying my butt off for a test finishing delegations attending lectures, taking test, keeping the house clean, showing the house, giving baths to lilly and playing with her and well needless to say I haven't had an minute of personal quite adult time! So its wearing on me. My mom is gone to ky and megan is just as busy with me so my babysitters are few and far between right now. So tonight I hit bottom and was having a bit of a pity party for myself. I was talking with megan while giving lilly a bath. I was on the phone and telling her that I feel horrible cause I have such a great kid but I just want to get away from her right now. That I just really need a minute to relax. I feel horrible and like I'm a bad mom for needing time away from my kido. She isn't being bad just a normal two year old but I'm sick of being poked and prodded and jumped on and well you get the picture. She was assuring me that she thought I was super woman and wasn't sure how I was doing it on my own and volunteered to take lilly for a couple hours so I could go do something on my own. Her being nice made it evem worse and I was practically in tears. I think if someone was mean or telling me that I needed to deal with it I would of taken it better and stod up for myself.. Lol anyway so I was in tears and decided to just try and enjoy lilly. So she got out of the bath naked as a jaybird and I was drying her hair playing a game of chase with her.. She runs away from the hairdryer and then runs back.well she ran away for abput 5 seconds instead of 2 and so I put the dryer down and went to look for her... She had taken the biggest poop I had ever seen come out of her in the middle of our living room floor! I thought I was going to lose my mind!!! Furious instantly! I just yelled at her "lillllllllyyyyy" and she ran into the bathroom and I went in the kitchen to get the cleaning supplies. When I came back around the corner I found her with the toilet paper strung from the bathroom down the hall saying "sorry mama I clean it! " I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants and added to the mess in the floor. I love my child and I'm going to make it thru this tough time with or without help from anyone! Haha. I'm a great mom and totally normal! So this poop filled post is for all you great normal moms out there that could use a break like me!

Monday, April 26, 2010

We had another house showing. I don't think they were in there for longer than 5 minutes though so i'm not holding my breath. Our open house had three people stop by. two wanted to downsize and thought our house was still too big for them. The third one liked it alot but is waiting for her divorce to go thru before she buys. It should be done in a few weeks.. so maybe she will come back then.. who knows. Our fliers outside are disappearing like hotcakes though.
Lilly is down for a nap right now and i'm finishing some laundry. mom went to ky today and meghan is coming over to study tonight. sounds fun huh?
hoep everyone is haivng a nice monday!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

well i'm all cleaned up around here and ready for our open house however... it's snowing and i'm wondering if anyone will even show up in the snow. I wouldn't.. lol. FIGURES!! Mom took lilly so i could finish mopping and put out some balloons in the snow apparently. Mom leaves for ky tomorrow. She is going for a week. I have a big test next tuesday but i'm officially all done with delegation. That's a relief. So on to the last class test then finals the next week. Study central over here!

Friday, April 23, 2010

well maybe its a good thing..

So i found out today that the hospital has already called theri second round of graduate nurses to come in for interiews. I didn't apply there but one of my firends did and she is way smart and way professional and way pretty and has 10 years of experience as a medical assistant and.. no call from the hospital. They told her they weren't interviewing her. she didn't make the second list. the first list was of people that already worked at the hospital as cna's or lpn's. So i'm thinking that jobs are really going to be hard to find up here. I know a few girls that are having trouble finding anything other than the nursing home. So i may have trouble in phoenix because everything i see there says they want a year of experience but at least there are tons of hospitals and offices to look in to. !! please pray for myupcoming big test and my job hunt. I just want to find the job that i'm suppose to be at.
Allan is liking his job still. he keeps sending me pictures of all these fun places to eat and things to do.. I can't wait to be there. I'm a little lonely and trying to keep my head up. I have a to do list two miles long so really i don't have time to be lonely. I'm about to get online and book allans ticket back here and book a uhual for our move.
Anyway i guess i should do that while i have time. I need to get the house piicked up and laundry done. I have my last delegation day tomorrow and then i can burn my red and white scrubs!! woohoo. After that i have an open house on sunday. See a to do list a mile long and that doesn't even cover it. So you may not here from me till sunday night. see ya!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a short update.

Lilly is sitting on my lap coloring so i canbarely reach the keys to type so this will be short. My delegation is almost over i have one more shift on sat. it is going really well. i took four people and was still somewhat bored at times. lol.. so pretty good. Allan started his job and so far he really likes it. he says there is alot to learn about it butr likes it pretty good so far. I am taking lilly to daycare this afternoon cause i have a test to take and a meeting with one of my instructors that's over my delegation. We also have some errands to run this morning so we are headed out. I think we are goign to try and have an open house on sunday. HOpefully we will get some people in here. It's getting real close to that april 30th deadline for the 8K tax credit. Please pray it will sell soon. Thanks! have a great day everyone!

Monday, April 19, 2010

allan starts his job today.

Allan starts his job at the steel mill this morning. He said it took about twenty minutes to get there from the apartment without traffic.we are hopinh that he will find out his schedule today so we could start planning on when he is coming back up here to help me pack and go to graduation.
Yesterday I showed the house myself. Lol yep lilly waved at two men in a truck cause they were going really slow and they pulled over. We were outside on the step at about 1pm. Meghann was here too. They got out to get a flier and said they had seen it on the mls and were doing a drive by so I said want to look. They were suprised that I offered but took me up on it. They liked that there was parking on the side of the house cause the man had a lot of fourwheelers and stuff. I normally wouldn't have invited anyone in but it was the middle of the day and I had a friend here that could watch lilly and call the police if she needed too.. Haha.
We got the yard all mowed and weedeated too. It was so pretty out. I took lilly to the park and she had a blast. She swang and did the big slides. Allan sent me a picture on my phone last night and I showed lilly and she got the cutest big smile on her face. She wanted to "hug" my phone so I thought let see if she will talk to him then. So we called him and she had a whole little conversation with him. Told him "hi dad" and "love you dad" and told him about the cats we saw outside and that she was "going nite nite"! It was just so darn cute cause usually she never talks on the phone. We are going to make a trip to the post office later this morning and mail off a birthday present or two. Which reminds me.. Liz I got your phone call but it was after 8 which meant after 9 there so I didn't call back. Thank you for the birthday wishes. So besides the trip to the post office we aren't doing much today. Going to enjoy some more nice weather and hopefully get my arizona state board liscensing papers in today.
Have a good one you all!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

delegation is half way done!

Boy are these puppies tired! Yep my poor feet hurt but my spirits are high. I've been taking my own patients. Yep I had two the first day and ended up bored and helping the nurse a lot. Today I took three and was pretty busy but still had time to help other people out here and there. My nurse kept telling me what a great job I was doing and that she felt comfortable letting me do everything on my own. If I had questions I would go find her and ask but other than a little bit of computer charting that I didn't have acsess to I did it all. She told the instructor that she was amazed with how well I took charge and got things done! ;-) and that she didn't doubt that I could take her whole load by the fourth shift. The instructor told her I shouldn't have more than 4 patients at a time. They said nee grads usually only get two or three the first while anyway. So I feel good about it. I even talked to a bunch of doctors. They were really nice by half way thru the day people were calling my hospital phone to give me reports on my patients instaed of calling the nurse over me. :-) anyway so its going good. Lilly told me a whole story about stuff when I got home today. So we hung out.and she blabbed and blabbed. She just talks so much now. Allan had emma down in phoenix todaym they swam in the pool cause it was 95 or something ridiculous. They went to a bird sancutary and saw fish and turtles and who knows what. Then peter piper pizza for dinner and movies. He sounded like he was tired but having a blast with her. I'm beat so I'm going to curl up with lilly and go to bed! Good night everyone.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

he made it!

Allan made it to phoenix. He sent me pictures of his drive and then sent me a picture of inn and out that he was having for dinner tonight. He says he loves the apartment place so far. That its very nice and clean and new looking. My friend from the navy lives close , john throop, so he came over and helped allan unload the big furniture. That was very nice! So allan is all set up. he will have cable on friday but other than that he has everything he needs. He is watching movies and getting settled in. I have been studying my butt off and wishing i was in phoenix. The house is so very quite with just me and lilly and seems lonely once all the girls i study with leave and go home. Lilly has been really funny lately. She learned to jump off things and say " tada" with her arms up like a gymnist. She was also playing hide and seek today with lala. she would go to a wall and count to 2 and then say here i come turn her head and say " i found you" . lol. Tomorrow i take a big neuro test. then i work friday and sat on my delegation rotation. i work two 12 hour shifts back to back. i haven't done that in a very long time. I'm looking forward to it but also hate living lilly for so long. She is a little sad. keeps asking for daddy even though she is a little twerp to him when he is here. Anyway i finally have her down so i'm going to get a hot bath and try to relax.. i say try cause i don't love the empty house feeling.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

my hubby is packing up

Today we packed up most everything that allan is taking with him to phoenix. it was gorgeous today like 75ish. between packing i took lilly outside a bunch. she had so much fun. we also went to the park and she is suck a big girl she even climbed up a ladder all by herself to get up to the slides. i was so nervous watching her but she made it up without any help. We are going to have a barbque over at my mom's house tomorrow for my birthday and for allan's last night here. he leaves tuesday morning to head down to arizona. i'm nervous about this next month. we haven't been apart for this long in quite some time. pluse finishing school with tests and finals and i i have do 4 twelve hour shifts with a nurse over the next two weeks. i don't know if i'm working days or nights.. it's tough. i'll be glad when it's all over with. We still havent' sold our house. so please keep us in your prayers. I have really cute pictures of lilly to put up soon. I just haven't had a chance to upload any onto the computer. i'm headed to bed.. it's 930 and i feel wiped out! sheesssh..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today was my last day of clinicals. Compared to yesterday it was so slow. I didn't do much of anything and that was just fine by me today. We have a buyer coming to look at our house tomorrow am. Two houses one street down sold. They were right across from each other and I don't think they were on the market even a week. So there's a lot of sold signs up in the neighborhood.. Hopefully we can put one on ours soon. Crossed fingers and say a prayer for us please.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

what a day.

well it's official today i was the angel of death... well that's what it felt like. I have had pretty healthy patients up to this point i guess. Well none of them were knockin on deaths door anyway. Today both of my patients passed away. One was already brain dead when i came onto the floor ..( i was in ICU) we had to talk to her family and they decided it was time to pull the plug. The other lady was stable when i got there and ended up crashing later that day. It was a tough one. the one lady had a 14 year old daughter there. Tough Tough some how i managed thru it and didn't cry like i baby liek i felt like doing. anyway that was my day. I have to go back to icu tomorrow so i'm hoping i don't have a sign on me that says please die while i'm here.. I can't handle much more of it this week.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

the only easter pics we have.. lol

What a wonderful Easter. hope everyone else had a great one. I woke up to the smell of toast and eggs and bacon.. yum ! My wonderful husband cooked me breakfast without even being asked. What a guy huh? lol We got cleaned up and went to church after breakfast. It was a pretty good service. We came home and decided to skip eggs since lilly has been hunting eggs for about 3 weeks now.. (thank you granma lala) So allan cleaned both of our cars out cause it was really pretty out. Lilly and i cleaned some and i painted some stuff around here. There's always an abundance of stuff that needs painted around here. We are planning on showing the house to someone tomorrow afternoon and cleaning out the garage. Then allan is going to drywall the rest of the stairs ( the backside). If he gets it all done then friday night we are going to go take a trip to thermompolis and maybe to the riverton casino. Or deadwood.. we haven't decided. lol. We are going on an overnight date cause allan leaves on the 13th. that's coming up soon..
anyway i think i need to go call it a night soon. WE had a big dinner of meatloaf mashed potatoes and macn cheese for lilly and i'm so full i could pop so time for the couch and soem movies.. or allan's homework yuck!!