Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fun weekend

Lilly and i hung out alot yesterday. We went out for lunch and to walmart and then we went tire shopping for the best prices. Then we went and visited with her cousins. Maddie had a special racecar event. I don't want to go into to many details because i'm sure liz will want to write and post pictures of it so we won't ruin that for her.. I'll just say that it was soooooo cute! and Maddie had a very very pretty car. Very creative and we don't know if she won a ribbon or not because we had to leave early but she should of!
Last night we had a babysitter so i could go play bingo with two friends. WE didn't win anything but a young girl like 18 or 19 did win 5000 bucks. She cried with excitement so i was glad she won.
Allan is still out of town. I don't know why but i didn't fall asleep till 4 am. I don't know if i just drank too much caffeine at bingo or what happened. I just laid there and laid there. I'd turn the t.v. on and off and on and off. Then i woke up at 830. So not too much sleep last night. My friend that went to bingo got about the same. Poor holly. She lives in midwest about 45 minutes from town. So she picked up her kids and headed homearound 11. She got into bed around 1am and then at 5am her dog was barking she got up and there was a man in her house. YEp.. she is a single mom and it really shook her up. She usually keeps guns in her home but this time they were at her mom's house. Luckily enough her 5 lbs dog made the man leave and he was already turning to leave when she saw him. She didn't make a sound and he left back out of the front door. She however didn't sleep anymore and is spending the day changing locks and going to go get her gun from her mom's house. Poor thing.
Anyway So i'm glad allan is coming home tonight. I just have come to the conclusion that i don't like it so much when he is gone. He use to be gone so much i was use to it but now he doesn't leave too much so when he does i don't like it anymore.
I put some more applications in for hospitals in somerset and lexington ky. My hometown hospital is hiring all kinds of spots but they pay pretty crappy. Well about 3 -4 bucks less than here. However that cost of living is just sooo much cheaper. here is alittle comparison that i took from the net..
Cost of Living Indexes Casper Somerset
Overall 90 79
Food 108 104
Housing 68 51
Utilities 107 79
Transportation 94 84
Health 98 94
Miscellaneous 100 101

So not tons cheaper by this comparison but genereally cheaper in every area. So it makes a big difference overall. Lexington which is a bigger city with more hospitals pays better. They start at a little bit more than here and the cost of living here is at a 90 and lexington is an 86. here is a picture of a random road, the lake and the hospital in somerset.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Okay yes i'm horrible..

I can't seem to find time for anything. lol little long blogging. I have soo soo much going on with classes. This semester is flying. I"m half way done with my first clinical rotation this semester. We only have two and a delegation week where we follow a nurse( well work with a nurse). In between classes i had to find time to do taxes and i have to go get tags for the truck. Allan was home tonight so he let me have time to study because i have my first test coming up tuesday. We are having a study group tomorrow and monday. I don't think it will be too bad we have covered thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal, putitary, and diabetes. Next chapters are all on cancer i think.. or autoimmune diseases. I had to find time to go check out a place to volunteer cause i have to have hours of volunteer work. I"m going to volunteer at the healthcare for homeless.It seems pretty interesting there.
LIlly is doing great. She loves playing with her grandmother on my school days. but my mom had to spank her for the first time ever.. yep lilly hit her in the face when she took something away from her. So my mom told her no hitting and then spanked her on the leg. ( not sure how that teaches her not to hit exactly.. lol) But lilly cried and said " I soooooo sorry" i've heard i'm sorry alot but never i sooo sorry. So i thought that was funny and i guess she meant it. She doesn't have any brother or sisters here to hit so the adults get the brunt of her frustrations.
Besides trying to keep up with everything going on and lilly i've been out of commision. I had the nasty sinus infection. I can still barely hear out of my left ear and only today did my taste start coming back. I still can't smell too much. I also pulled or twisted or something a muscle in my neck and shoulders so i could barely pick my arm up. NOt fun.
I had clinicals but got to go to the ER and OR. The ER was a blast and made me think it might be fun.. you just never know what's going to come in so it keeps you on your toes. I don't want towork in a major trauma hospital's ER but a small one might be fun. The OR was boring for me. I asked the other students how many surgeries they have seen and most of them said 3 or 4. I have seen 12. The last one was 4 hours long.. I don't do anything when i'm in there just observe and watch the surgeon. I put a catheter in too but that's pretty boring. The ER was much funner. Trying to guess what was wrong and seeing if there labs would come back to prove it.
Allan and I are still talking about staying or going and where exatly we want to go to.. lol. We will know when it's right. My brother Jeremy works at two hospitals in KY. One is UK they recieve all the major trauma's in the state.. dont' wanna work there. But the other is st. joesephs. It's smaller. He knows the ER manager really well so i put in an application just for the heck of it. Allan looked around too. Ky is beautiful. I never saw myself going back there but i have to say i love that you can grown all kinds of things, i love that it has four seasons, i love the lakes and the green, I love the fireflies, the wood burning stoves, the rainstorms on summer afternoons with lightening and thunder. There are some pretty awesome things there and it's dirt cheap. So it's horrible finding a job there but if we could land two jobs i bet we would go there. lol.. Allan seems excited about that prospect more than i would have thought. IN fact he is the one that first put in for a job in ky. i had told my friend that day there was no way i would think about ky. lol.. then allan mentioned it and it got me thinking. So yes the possibilities are endless and we are just keeping a very open mind. It will be interesting to see where we land or if we just stay right where we are. Hard to tell. Only the lord knows for sure i guess.
Anyway everyone is in bed but me so i better get there. I gotta a long day of studying ahead of me tomorrow. ONe thing at a time.. or one test at a time. lol
good night you all!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

my new haircut!!

I"m not sure i love it yet and i may go with a different look altogether but i have to work into it so i got 7 inches cut off of it today.. and that's alot! i would like an a line bob with it kinda stacked in the back but i have to work into it like i said. what do you think?? i didn't really style it too much i just pulled it back cause that is how i'll wear it to clinicals. i'm sick of pulling it up in a bun and it was so long it would give me headaches at the end of the day. Sooooo..??

weekend fun

We had so much fun yesterday and today lilly is cracking me up. She was playing with the phone most of the morning and she called her grandma twice. I knew she was playing with it but she usually just pushes the off and on button a zillion times. I thought it was cute cause she was actually holding the phone up and saying hi dad! I guess she was calling her dad. He left for montana this morning by the way. Anyway, she called my mom and apparently chatted her up then hung up on her twice.
Yesterday I took lilly to the pool. She had a great time. She doesn't want to waste time on the little kid slide. All she wanted was to go down this huge yellow one. Jason and muffy came with their two year old jordan. So jason took turns taking each girl down the slide. I am notorious for drowning children when I try to take them down. Lol. I ended up taking her once and I think I kept her mostly out of the water at the end but I choked down some and cleared my sinuses. Haha. We went to old chicago for dinner. The food isn't my favorite and it was a long wait. However, I found out that they have the best cheesecake I have ever had in my life! It is soooo good! Melt in your mouth good! So I will probably go there for desert sometime. After dinner we went bowling with muffy and jason, and two other couples and a bunch of kidos. Lilly had a blast. She walked in there trying to grab all the balls and she acted like she knew just what to do with them. We put the bumpers up when it was the girls turn. They also turn off the lights and put on all the crazzy strobe lights and music. So the girls had a wonderful time dancing to the music. It was a very fun day.
Today I plan on watching the saints play this evening but other than that I have no plans. Hope everyone enjoys there last weekend day. I got lilly in big girl panties but she hates even sitting on the toilet right now so we are in trouble I think.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

To stay or to go?? job no job?

Allan and I keep chewing on all these ideas. We have put in for some jobs in texas too now. However we keep going back and forth on wether or not we should just wait another year and then figure it out. Everywhere i look wants a year of experience in a hospital setting. I"m pretty sure i could get hired at this hopsital right here. Allan has just started his classes and if we wait a year her could be doen with his degree which would make him a bit more marketable for the job search. Plus it would give us more time to really look and find something we like and more time to sell our house or at least more time to get it ready to sell. The idea of another winter here drives me nuts but it may be the smarter path to take. Plus if i do get a job we sure could save up some money if allan is keeping his too. That's always a plus!

Anyway today nolan is coming over to help allan start on the floor in the garage. They are cutting a big chunk out then going to poor a footer so they can build a new wall and finally attach our upstairs to the downstairs. I know this sounds weird for those of you that haven't been to our house. It is strange but we have to walk out to the garage to go downstairs. So we are enclosing the steps finally. WEll it's going to be a long process but it will get there. ;-)

Lilly and I are just hanging out today. Not doing much. I really wanted to take her swimming sometime this weekend but we may just wait on that too. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

school school school

Well school is back in full force that's why my blog has been a little neglected. I've been super busy with my clinicals. I like to do all the hard work in the begining and get it over with for the rest of my time there. I got home from the hospital at about 630 last night and I didn't get done with my homewrok till close till 10 went to bed and got up at 445 this morning and headed back. I have just class tomorrow so it should be downhill for the rest of the week.
We have still been looking out of state for jobs. We are putting for texas and arizona. No where else really. We want to move to warmer weather, cheaper houses, and where some family is close, not that we don't have family here but we don't have warm enough weather for sure. Lol. Allan got another call about a job in a small town in texas. It has a hospital there with new grad positions. So I put in my resume. Keep us in your prayers during the next few months though. I know the right doors will open for both of us. Patience is just a hard thing to master.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

its going great!

I have been back to school for two days and its going really well so far. I'm back at the new hospital which I love. The teacher is great so far. Very smart lady that takes the time to teach you. So I like it again. When you like the instructor your with its so much better! I took out about 20 staples down the front of this lady's belly today. That was interesting cause I had only done stiches before. They came out a lot easier than I thought they would. That was the only new thing I really did.
Allan is back on the road again. Which is fine he has been home since he took off for emma coming. I think that was around the 20th of december. So I think this was the longest he has been home in a long time.
Our local olive garden has opened up here and its calling my name. We are going to try to go with liz and nolan for his birthday this weekend. Should be fun. Anyway, that's all the news I have for now!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Projects projects..

Today we decided to get cracking on those projects that we have left behind.. ( mainly the bathroom) We started on it and quit. So allan started patching things and mudding things and sanding things and .. well on and on and it's going to have a coat of primer on there before we go to bed tonight. We also picked up some new laminate flooring stuff. We decided to try the peel and stick tiles. I'm not sure if that will be harder or easier than a whole sheet of the stuff. The people in the store swore by 'em so we will see.
So this weekend is the bathroom weekend. We have a major project out in the garage. We have to build a whole wall out there but there is some concrete work that has to be done first. We also have to frame in about 4 walls down in the basement bedrooms too.
I also want to move one cabinet in the kitchen and redo the flooring in there too. Oh and build a fence in the backyard this spring. can you see how this could go on forever? We just want to get it good enough to sell later and not spend a fortune. lol. wish us luck!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Okay quick catch up note.

I took lilly to her first movie yesterday. We went and saw princess and the frog. I don't recommend the movie if you have kids that get frightened easily. There was a voodoo guy in there that was a bit too scary for my liking. However lilly did great. She was so cute. She sat in my lap almost the entire movie but she would start daning in there were dancing parts and she was involved in the movie. She would say things like "oh no frogs." or "where did they go". For two years old she did fantastic. She sat thru the whoel thing barely moving. She did cover her head when the scary parts came up.
I've been baking some. Last night i made the cookies with the reese cups in the middle. THey are yummy and allan is eating all of them. I also used liz's manicotti recipe. It came out wonderful and fed an army. I took a pan over to my mom's and allan ate and meghan my friend had some and we still have left overs> meghann isn't a fan of manicotti but she even liked this one. So that was a hit. I also made chocolate pudding cake the other day which was not a hit over here, but the carmel rolls i made and served to about 4 girls were a big hit. I did look in the frozen bread aisle and they do have frozen cinammon rolls so i picked up some of those so i could do them again soon. So Yummy!!
I worked on my resume some. It's not too shabby for a soon to be graduate nurse. I'm thinking about sending it out soon. I heard wyoming medical center does interviews spring break week. So i might as well get it out there and see what bites i get. Allan got a call about a job in phoenix the other day. This has made us start thinking about that a bit. I found out that they have hospitals there that have graduate nurse programs that train you in a path for the ER, NICU, PICU, or ICU. They also pay 1200 if you use their moving company or 2000 if you use your own. I thought that was pretty interesting. I guess one of the hospitals sends a person up here for career day so i'm going to talk to them in feb. This would put us alot closer to emma which would be nice. We could do the every other weekend thing again. THat would be nice. I also happened to look at houses.. AMAZING!! phoenix apparently was hit pretty hard by the housing stuff. Houses are way cheap now for beuatiful homes. Which is great if your buying. !! Allan and I are keeping an open mind and trying to weigh all the options. This phoenix deal is the only thing that has made us both excited and talking about it alot. So we will wait and see what happens. There are alot of schools so allan could finish his degree there if he wanted to. Just keep praying for us so that we go where we are suppose to.thanks !!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

busy busy busy

I"ve been cleaning junk drawers and changing bathroom decor and going thru lilly's clothes and oh the list just goes on and on today. I"m pooped! lol. I have some reading i need to get done and a resume i need to write for school. Maybe someday i'll get it all done. I have to remind myself that i still have about 9 days before school starts again. I know this semester is going to start off fast and probably just fly by. Which is fine by me i guess. Allan and I have some big decisions coming up and we keep leaning back and forth between all kinds of options so please keep us in your prayers that we will be guided by the lord and that we will know which way to go for sure. We keep talking about our futures pretty seriously from everything like when we would like to try to have more babies to where we would like to live and what kind of jobs and schooling we would like to have and do. I know it will just all work out like it's suppose to so i'm not too worried and neither is her but it's still always stressful when you think about uprooting from what your comfortable with. Anyway i'm going to get back to the grindstone and get a few more things done around here. See ya later!