Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Officially a soccer mom

This first one is of her after she got the medal! She was so proud if herself! 
Lilly has started soccer this year. Yes this post is just to brag on my big girl! She is just an amazing little girl! She got the principals award this 9 weeks. They only give it to two students in a class each nine weeks so 8 students per year. She wasn't even there for the first 9 weeks of school so I am so proud that she has done so well and been such a good girl at school. She got it for being responsible, respectful, and safe. She also got her report card last week and she only had two things that weren't marked. They don't get the letter grades yet it just has marks for everything they are expected to learn before leaving kindergarten. The two things were : He (its a sight word) and she didnt know what a dime was. I laughed when I found out she didn't know the word HE because as long as I can remember she has always said him instead of using he in sentences. "Him went to the store" Or "him's outside" we have always thought it was cute. Guess she has to learn the word he though. She is reading me books now and can count way past 100. Such a smarty! 
And now she is an athletic smarty. She had her first practice today and two of the girls from her class are on her team. (Yes we moms may have had something to do with that) she seems to really like it so far. Boy did she fall right to sleep tonight. I guess it wore her right out. Anyway here are a few pictures of my cutie pie! 
Determined look in her eye huh? That's her game face! Opponents beware!