Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sick sick sick

Well I have had my hands full today and yesterday. Yesterday Allan came down with some sort of stomach bug. He ended up getting admitted to the hospital. He was put on isolation contact because they couldn't narrow down the cause and they knew he traveled to Africa. He ended up passing out in the ER driveway. Not fun trying to keep an unconscious 210 lb man in a wheelchair. Today Olivia has had diahrrea diapers and Lilly threw up twice. Apparently it's going around and I don't think it's from Africa cause there were about 20 other people that came in to the ER all complaining of stomach problems while we were in the ER. So anyway we hav been dealing with all of that. In the midst of it all I want to praise The Lord that we don't have chronic illness of any kind and that we are all generally healthy. Our tree is decorated and presents are under it already. I feel very blessed even with everything. So I'm giving thanks even when things aren't perfect. We have had a good thanksgiving with tons of friends and family around and I'm sure the Christmas season will be just as great if not better. I'm sad my husband won't be here for Christmas but we are gonna celebrate when he comes home too. I have sick kids on my hands right now so I'm cutting this short but ill try to post more often.