Saturday, February 27, 2010

long day yesterday..

I completed most of my painting. I have two smaller walls to paint but i don't have the paint yet. Yesterday We hung out with maddie and jake for the day. I took the kids to mcdonalds. They were happy to play on the playground and then we went and saw alvin and the chipmunks. Maddie got a little scared in the theatre. The little ones were glued to the screen. It was cute. I took some pictures but i haven't downloaded them yet. We went and met up with nolan and liz and his parents at the hotel they were staying at and had pizza and took the kido's swimming later that night. All the kids were so tired. No one had a nap yesterday so they were just a little poppered out. So the thorsrud's are on their way to north dakota this morning. I guess it was a hectic day wrapping up their house and moving truck, but everything got taken care of so we are wishing them warm wishes on their new adventure. We hope they find a wonderful house to call a home soon and that nolan loves his new job. We will miss you guys but wish you all the best!

We still haven't heard from arizona yet. Allan has had some other jobs call him. One oil company in texas and east ky power in ky wanted him to come take a test. So we are still not sure what we are doing. In the meantime we are just getting the house in order slowly but surely so that we can put it on the market when we want to.

Lilly and I are having a girls day today. WE went to breakfast with my mom and then we made ranch snacks for allan so that he will have some snacks to eat when he comes home from montana. I think it's looking like he will be back on monday. Tonight holly might bring her boys over to hang out with lilly. I think we might look at some white nursing dresses for our pinning ceremony. I want to go ahead and order one so that i can try it on and have it all ready by may. My pinning ceremony is the 14th of may at 1pm. Sandy and Wade mark that on your calendar please!! lol. We hope that we can have our family's come Graduation is that night at 7 at the even center. I think i am going to walk in the cap and gown. My friends are giving me grief about it and my mom would like to see it. I never walked in my highschool one cause i graduated early and went on to the navy and whatnot.. so.. yeah i guess i'm goign to walk in it this time.

Anyway that's all the news i have for now. see you all later!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

eye opening experience today

We had a simulation in class today. They gave us groups of four and had two of us be nurses and two of us be CNA's. They had a dummy in the bed and told us a scenario. One was a person coming in on a stretcher that was in a car wreck. We had a whole list of doctor's orders we were suppose to get done in 20 minutes and the doctor was calling us and the family was ther going nuts too. Very nerve wracking! The other was a patient that just got back from surgery and the whole thing started over again. It was crazy. Made me question if I can handle nursing. Haha!
Anyway after school meghann came over and we started painting the walls. It looks good. Far from done but we knocked out some of it. I think that allan may be leaving for montana tomorrow. We aren't positive but he might have to for a few days. So hopefully i can get some more of the painting done while he is gone. My ear is still bothering me so i'm trying to take it easy. I think i have a sinus infection.. seriously that no good PA doesn't know a thing!! lol. she should of put me on some anitbiotics is my opionion. Yes i know they get over used these days but i can count on one hand how many times i've had them in my whole life so it wouldn't of killed me. what's killing me is my ear! lol well not killing me but it isn't comfortable at all.
Anyway allan and lilly are both in bed so i better head there myself. see you all later! ;-)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I did it!

I have been sooo sick. Like I thought I might have to go to the hospital the other night. I'm still not over it but its getting better I think. I did go to the doctor. I just couldn't swallow to save my life. It was excrutiating every time. I was spitting rather than swallowing my own spit it hurt so bad. Today its in my ears. I'm pretty sure it is a sinus infection but the doctors assistant that saw me ( some cute little young girl wearing a stethescope) didn't seem to think so. She gave me naproxen and cough syrup and sent me on my way. I have had sore throats before but this was way different. I didn't have a cough at all, in her defense I didn't really have pressure in my head or face either.. But I did have a headache a few days ago and my snot is bright green which makes me think infection!
Anyway I couldn't hear for half the night tonight. Yesterday I was crying on the couch my throat hurt so bad. Not raw it was more like swollen gland but they weren't swollen. Anyway I finally got enough energy and pulled myself together to try to study last night. I hung in cause study group was scheduled for my house and it was the night before the test. Anyway I can't believe it!! Today I took the test and meghann asked my questions in the car before it and I couldn't remember anything my head wasn't there at all. Anyway I went in took it and I "unofficially" got a 97. That's the raw score before the teacher throws out questions or what not. I did better than my friends for once. Lol I study with them cause they are smart cookies!! I hang out with them cause they are fun. I was astounded cause I got like a letter grade difference than most of them! Woohoo! Apparently I know infections and autoimmune and allergies and std's. Haha
Anyway lilly is doing great. Allan is home tonight we are trying to get some painting done around the house. I didn't have clinicals today. My instructor lost her home over the weekend. It was on the news ( the home explosion). I guess her husband or soon to be ex commited suicide and cut the gasline? Anyway needless to say she needs a few days off and they couldn't find a substitue for us so since we were just going to be getting the lay of things the first day they said not to worry About it. So I'm concentrating on getting over this sickness in the next few days. Hope everyone is having a good week so far.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

okay pro's and con's of possible move to arizona.. lol

Pictures included.. here is our trip.. thru my eyes.. A wonderful site.. it's called the sun. I forgot what sunshine felt like. lol It was setting when we got there but 75 degrees out. So nice definetly a pro! and then i turned around and saw why the car was slowing.. traffic. I hadn't seen traffic in a while either.. a con! then i saw ASU and thought what a wonderful place to get a bachelors degree. a pro! and then we ate dinner at our favorite burger joint in-n-out. yummy it was delicious as we remembered and brought back memories of san diego days. lol another pro.
we checked into our room and it was crazy. I thought for sure they had mistaken allan for someone else.. lol sorry allan. but we had a mini suite in a very nice hotel. it came with a huge swiveling lg flat screen lol. oh and there were palm trees outside so another plus
allan interviewed at the steel mill and we think it went great but we will wait for the written offer that will come in the mail in a few weeks. fingers crossed on everything... i think its a pro

the biggest pro was that we got to hang out with emma! :-) it was great to see her. we went swimming in an outdoor pool and had yummy mexican food. It was quite fun and i got my flip flop fix and bought two cute pairs! pro pro pro okay so here is a little con for all you smokers out there.. look at this closely..

Friday, February 19, 2010

its gorgeous!

We arrived in phoenix yesterday and it was 75 degrees out. We ate at allans favorite burger spot in-n-out. It was yummy like we remembered from san diego. They make it all fresh. I watched them cut all the tomatoes and lettuce for the burgers. We went and drove around looking at some houses and then did a test run from the hotel to the steel mill. That place looks big and a little intimidating to me but allan is there doing an interview this morning. I'm hoping it goes well but I'm just praying about it. People are wearing shorts and it feels great here. Our hotel is so pretty. Very fancy. We have a mini suite with a huge flat screen tv so we snuggled up and watched some olympics last night. I'm waiting for emma and jen to come get me to explore while allan is still at his interview. I think we are going to try and eat some mexican food for lunch with emma and jenn later when allan is done then take a break for me and allan to explore some more on our own then maybe meet back up for dinner with them again. We will have to see. Its such a short trip its hard to get evrything in that we want to see and do. Ill post some pics when I get home.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

we're off to see the wizard

Okay maybe not the wizard but we are off in the morning to see arizona again. I'm going to try not to like it.. Lol any place that is in the 70's right now is bound to look good though. I'm a little worried over allans interview. He is studying right now for it. I'm not sure if I'm scared that they will or won't like him. If they like him I'm scared he will want to go and then on the other hand I'm scared that he will feel rejected if they don't like him. Lol allan has nailed just about every interview he has ever done though...
While he is interviewing I'm going to meet up with jenn and emma and hang out. I think we are going to do some retail therapy. I want to get some good flip flops since our selection here is limited. We will probably meet up for dinner later on friday night too. We are going to check out some neighborhoods while we are there and I might look at some nursing homes or hospitals if we have time. Its a very short trip so we will have to see what we can fit in.
Anyway ill be back on saturday.
I practiced some iv's today. I got in the first try. It was fun but my hand hurts from letting my friend try on me. She did fine I just bruise easy. I also have pink eye so that's fun I look like a drug addict with my gross eye and track marks.. Lol
See you all on sat! Stay tuned!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

hmm i like to play with markers

last night lilly decided to play with her markers and colored a bit too much. She ran to me and got my attention and i said " oh my gosh" i gave her a baby wipe and told her to wipe off her face. She wiped her cheek which wasn't colored at all. So i took her upstairs and was kind of still laughing at her. She sat down with her baby wipe and decided to try to clean off her puzzle that also had marker on it. She would pick up a fish start wiping it off and she said " oh my gosh" then moved to the next one " oh my gosh".. and so on.. She is picking up everything. I was so glad that all i said was "oh my gosh" and not any other choice words. lol..

She has also been doctoring her cow which i posted a video on but here are some pictres of her trying to smile .. she is doing a dorky smile with her eyes closed now everytime you ask her to smile or say cheese.

well its done.

buddah is at his new home. He moved out to pathfinder ranch with our firend ann. There is a total of something like 274,000 acres. We drove around and looked at the billionares house for quite awhile. It was alot of fun. We saw the horses and cows and lilly had a really good time. Whenit was time to go lilly didn't seem to notice and she stll hasn't asked about buddah at all. He was very happy playing with the other dogs and ann gave us a report this morning that says he has made fast buddies with the chiwawa. I don't think he is sad at all. lol. He is going to have a much more enjoyable dog life now.
Last night allan and i went to firerock to eat . I twas very good. Then we bought each other new nike shox cause we both needed new tennis shoes. Then we went and watched when in rome. Allan tolerated it. He isn't much on gushy romantic comedies but tonight after chores we are going to rent the movei hurt locker which is more his type of movie. I guess its about a solidier who defuses bombs..?? i saw the preview and it looks intense. It has gotten alot of awards so if we get all of our stuff done tonight we will watch that. I"m making sloppy joes for dinner and we are going to take some loads of junk over to our storage unit that we rented. WE are decluttering our house and eventually we will sort thru the stuff and have a yardsale but fo rnow i't sjust gotta get out of the garage so we can start putting up a wall out there.
lilly had pink eye but it's getting much better without any meds. JUst an FYI.. YOu don't need to rush and get a doctors apt for pink eye. Yes it's yucky but there are many thins that can cause it and the only one they really treat for is the bacterial kind ( which should go away on its own within 3 or 4 days.) if it doesnt' go away or start to improve within 3 days then go see the doctor. YOu should always try to let your body heal itself on its own for a few days anyway. People way over due it with anitbiotics that is why we have things like MRSA now. Thats the superbug things that don't respond to the everyday antibiotics anymore. YUCK!!
anyway her eyes look much better still a little crusty but not draining anymore and not very pink either. I stuck in pictures of the ranch. but i also sent out an email with our photosite. Please let me know if you could view the pictures on the photosite. I havent been able to make my mind up about this new site.

Friday, February 12, 2010

My little nurse in action.

I"ve so been enjoying my munchkin!

Lilly got her first real purse today. It has frogs on it and is adorable. I filled it with odds and ends. One thing i put in there was an old pair of huge white sunglasses of mine. We got ready to go out tonight and she grabbed her little purse which was very dramatical. I put her in her seat in the truck and buckled her in. When i tunred around to glance at her a while later she had those huge glasse on and was dancing bobbing her head back and forth to music. It was the most adorable thing cause it was pitch black outside. haha. so i took a picture but then thought i have to get this on camera. I pulled over to tape her but as soon as the light in the truck came on she was fussing at me saying " no light". So i only have the video of her not agreeing with the light being on. my kid wears her sunglasses at night and that's how she rolls!

Tomorrow we are taking buddah to his new home. I"m happy that he is getting a good home where i can visit him or call and check on him but a little sad to be dropping him off. However he did poop in the house today and i stepped in it so that reinforced my decision pretty good.

Allan got called out again tonight so it's just me and lilly hanging out at home again. i'm hoping he gets home tomorrow in time for us to go on a date for the weekend. I really want to see that "valentines day" movie. it looks cute. anyway i gotta run and get miss priss in bed. see ya later.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

took my first ATI test

So we have to schedule these ATI test for school. Every semester we have taken one. Well this last semester we have to take 4 and one more that is a an over all look at how you will do on your nclex. That is at the very end of the semester before we graduate. Today i took one on leadership. I got 2 points. I"m happy about that. I was very close to three points which is the best you can get. So I'm okay. I had to schedule the other three tests today so i scheduled them for the first 3 weds in april that i could get them. I'm more interested in how the overall comprehensive test will go. I feel like i have no time at all right now. I have to do volunteer hours for the other class i'm in so i have to sign up for some of those and i have to take a bunch of extra tests and then i'm telling you there is just something like every stinking day. I"m really having a hard time finding time to keep the house clean or to even go grocery shopping. I"m running on empty. There are so many people i'd like to hang out with and be able to help with things too . .. for example liz and nolan. We really want to get with you guys before you move and we would like to help out if we can at all but this is by far my busiest semester. my mom meet a student that was graduating last year and he told her that they were just killing him that it was hectic and fast and it was all he could do to keep up.. that's how i'm feeling. So i'm sorry if i'm slacking on posting or slacking on everything else.. It's just going to probably be this way till we get thru this and figure out where we are going or if we are staying or what the plan for us is. We just keep rethinking things. I know we will end up exactly where we are suppose to so i'm not getting overwhelmed with all that stuff just yet. I"m going to enjoy the free trip to phoenix next week. ;-) gotta try to get some dinner on and maybe a trip to the store if i can.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

OOOPsie I"m late! sorry

Happy anniversary Pictures, Images and Photos

Happy anniversary liz and nolan. Sorry i'm a day late!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

found a home already!

Yep i posted on facebook and my friend ann called me right up said she loved buddah and wants him . I told her i would call when we were ready to depart with him. I'm so happy that he gets to go to someone i know and she loves loves loves dogs. She has 3 already and they are her babies. she has one pug a very old bulldog that has to wear diapers cause she leaks, and she saved a chiwawa ( sp) from the pound a little while back. She moved out to the pathfinder ranch with her husband who helps run it i guess. So buddah will have other dogs to play with and lots of room to roam. I think it's great. Lilly will be sad and so will I when we actually have to give him up but I'm so so happy that it's to someone i know and like and i can check up on him from time to time. That's just a blessing!

football, massages, and new home for dog

Yes today is super bowl sunday! Can you believe it? I'm rooting for the saints. I'm still a littl sick over the chargers and I have been thinking of switching teams. I would have picked the saints cause of drew brees but I guess if they win the super bowl everyone will think I switched cause hey won. Oh well!! Lol
Tomorrow my friends carissa that finished massage school a while back is going to come give me and allan hot stone massages. I've never had a hot stone one before so I'm interested in that. Its my present for us for valentines day early. Hehe.
So we need to find a home for buddah. We are just not around enough to care for him like he needs it. He loves kids and is so good with lilly but we don't get to walk him hardly ever, if we move to arizona I don't think he could take it. He doesn't breath well in the summer cause he is a pug so he would have to stay in so much. That's just not nice for him. Plus I'm sick of dog hair. Its everywhere all the time. I know that sounds mean but its true and I think we would just wait a few years then maybe get a new dog when lilly is old enough to enjoy it more. She loves buddah but lately she just yells at him and she has even kicked at him a few times so yeah we are looking for a home for him. I posted on facebook to see if anyone I knew wanted him but I think if that doesn't work ill put an add and screen some familys if we get any takers.
Anyway hope eveyone is having a good super bowl sunday! I have to go start making nachos! Woohoo go saints!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

new oppurtunities!

We have been so busy around here. I have two more weeks at my current clinical site before going on to the progressive care unit at the hospital. (This will be my last spot)
LIllys apt went well. She was very upset with having to be in her diaper. But she is healthy and growing like she is suppose to. She weighs 25 lbs and is 35 inches tall. So that put her in the 75% for height and 25% for weight. This is where she has pretty much been everytime.
Allan did an interview at a steel mill in phoenix. It was a phone interview but they gave him a test over the phone and he got them correct so they have asked both of us to come to phoenix so he can do a face to face interview. It sounds like a pretty good job. Rotating shifts but the pay is the same as here pretty much. They have scheduled flights for us for the 18th-20th to come there. They also booked us a hotel room and rental car. Oh and we fly out of casper no denver so that is great! I'm excited to go. Allan has flew to different interviews before but this is the first one that they wanted me to come too. So its impressive. I think they will offer him the job as long as he doesn't bomb the interview. Hehe. So we will keep looking around for stuff in ky and if he is offered this job ill look more in az but graduating and getting our house on the market is the plan for the meantime.
I find out my first grade for the semester at lunchtime today so ill post on that later. Allan's classes are going well too. He is keeping up. He isn't ahead but he could be if he was at home more. The classes aren't bad its just time issues cause his job has picked up. Anyway ill post more later and a pic of lilly.