Sunday, February 14, 2010

well its done.

buddah is at his new home. He moved out to pathfinder ranch with our firend ann. There is a total of something like 274,000 acres. We drove around and looked at the billionares house for quite awhile. It was alot of fun. We saw the horses and cows and lilly had a really good time. Whenit was time to go lilly didn't seem to notice and she stll hasn't asked about buddah at all. He was very happy playing with the other dogs and ann gave us a report this morning that says he has made fast buddies with the chiwawa. I don't think he is sad at all. lol. He is going to have a much more enjoyable dog life now.
Last night allan and i went to firerock to eat . I twas very good. Then we bought each other new nike shox cause we both needed new tennis shoes. Then we went and watched when in rome. Allan tolerated it. He isn't much on gushy romantic comedies but tonight after chores we are going to rent the movei hurt locker which is more his type of movie. I guess its about a solidier who defuses bombs..?? i saw the preview and it looks intense. It has gotten alot of awards so if we get all of our stuff done tonight we will watch that. I"m making sloppy joes for dinner and we are going to take some loads of junk over to our storage unit that we rented. WE are decluttering our house and eventually we will sort thru the stuff and have a yardsale but fo rnow i't sjust gotta get out of the garage so we can start putting up a wall out there.
lilly had pink eye but it's getting much better without any meds. JUst an FYI.. YOu don't need to rush and get a doctors apt for pink eye. Yes it's yucky but there are many thins that can cause it and the only one they really treat for is the bacterial kind ( which should go away on its own within 3 or 4 days.) if it doesnt' go away or start to improve within 3 days then go see the doctor. YOu should always try to let your body heal itself on its own for a few days anyway. People way over due it with anitbiotics that is why we have things like MRSA now. Thats the superbug things that don't respond to the everyday antibiotics anymore. YUCK!!
anyway her eyes look much better still a little crusty but not draining anymore and not very pink either. I stuck in pictures of the ranch. but i also sent out an email with our photosite. Please let me know if you could view the pictures on the photosite. I havent been able to make my mind up about this new site.

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Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you about the meds! I could go on for hours about our pill popping society! Glad to hear buddah is a happy puppy in his new home :)