Tuesday, February 28, 2012

calgon take me away..update on me and mom

i need a stress relief or break or something. I went to the Doc and they sure enough did say to poke myself 4 times a day for the rest of this week. I'm suppose to take it when i wake up ( fasting and it's suppose to be under 95 i think) then i take it two hours after each meal. So this morning mine was 102. Then after breakfast it was 95 and after lunch it was 85. they want it under 120 after 2 hours. So I'm fine with those. I haven't taken it yet for after dinner. Dinner will be the test cause i ate alot of carbs and other things and i tend to slow down after dinner time.( couch time or bathtub time etc). So we will see. So anyway after the doc apt my mom ended up going to the doc because she has had a foot that was numb over the weekend. When she went to the doctor they sent her straight to the ER to rule out a stroke. I met her at our hospital last night and sat with her for a while. They did a CT scan there and blood work and then eventually told her that those came back negative but they would like to admit her and transfer her to a different sister hospital across phoenix so that a neurologist could do a better work up. Our hospital out here is still pretty new. They have great reviews for delivering babies but They aren't set up with any specialty stuff really for Emergency things. So they ambulanced her over to Banner good sam at like midnight last night I think. Today she sat around in the hospital all day waiting for them to do a MRI. They pretty much have ruled out a stroke or heart issues. They are thinking possibly a disc or pinched something i guess that's why they are doing the MRI. They just took her back for a two hour MRI and it's 9 pm. My poor mama is so claustrophobic too so I talked with her nurse today and i told her that i know no one likes those machines and probably everyone says they are "claustrophobic" but my mother really is. So they gave her some " anti anxiety meds" before she went in there. I'm hoping it helps. So she is staying again tonight and probably tomorrow. I'm not sure when she will get discharged. Right now we don't know much about what is going on.
On a totally different subject I also have 5 people staying a the house right now. Lilly is totally occupied because most of them are kids. Our friend needed somewhere to stay while she had to get out of one house and into another so They are suppose to be staying with us for a week. needless to say Its a crazy busy freaked out week from me. I've called in work because my mom babysits Lilly and since she is out of commission I'm pretty much out of commission too. My job is understanding but they have two nurses on vacation next week so they are stressing out about that because they had planned on me taking some of those extra days. I would have but now I'm playing one day at a time.. So I need a bath and bed and to have some dreamless sleep cause with everything it's been an emotional roller coaster. Poor Allan is out on his rig but is having severe low back pain. Not that he or I need anything else to worry about right now but i do worry about him. He sees a chiropractor when he is in and usually it gets back in place but he still has three more weeks out there so I'm not sure what he is going to do at this point. I'm just praying for him. So keep us all in prayers please. It's been a rough week so far but I'm sure it will take a turn for the better soon.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday fun day...

So it's Sunday and so not a fun day. It's like 80 degrees out today. Perfect weather outside. Gorgeous! And I'm stuck inside working. Work isn't really bAd. It's quite boring actually. I hardly ever have relaxing work days so I should be enjoying it but it's so pretty outside and I think because nothing much is happening it is making it feel like its dragging by today. Tomorrow I have to go to the doctors for an apt about gestational diabetes. Im guessing they are going to tell me to start taking my blood sugars Ns recording what I et Nd the sugars a few times. Day. So I already strte today. I was at 99 this am about an hour and a half after I ate a bag of chips and drank a coke. Lol then I had lunch I had a subway 6 inch an a can of sprite and took my sugar an hour after that and it was 119. Your sugar peaks about an hour after a meal. So mine peaked to 119. I don't happen to think that is the end of the world myself but I guess I'm use to seeing diabetics with sugars in the 300 and 400s . I'm writing this on my iPhone that corrects the words automatically so if some of them dont make sense that's why! After the doctor tomorrow I'm suppose to meet. Work friend who has a ton of baby stuff in storage that she wants to I've me. I think it's stuff like bouncers and swings And things we don't have anymore so that should be fun. After that I have to go run and pick up our tax paperwork after everything we have to file by paper this year. It's a long story but I'll be able to get them in the mail hopefully tomorrow afternoon finally. I'll post about what the doctor says tomorrow. In the meantime I'm gonna try to find something to do for the feat of my shift.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Emma soccer pic

I forgot i took this the other day. Its blurry but they will get better ones from the professionals. I just took it using my phone from far off. Emma is in the line standing up. :0)

Update on baby and other stuff.

So today was off work and so i decided to get all the crud i was dreading over with. I'm sure we all have those days when you know your going to have to suck it up and do alot of running around and just do all the stuff you were dreading. So today I picked up my mom and poor thing had to do some running with me. My car had to go to volkswagon the other day which i think i wrote about that and taxes.. maybe maybe not i can't remember. Anyway the car went there the day before allan left and was done on monday but i worked tuesday and today i decided to go get it..( hence i needed mom to come with to drive it home).But before we got there i had to go sign papers at the tax office and get all the info which was long and drawn out and gave me a headache. This is the first year we have ever owed taxes. I was not very happy about it. I guess i should be happy that we have good jobs and make decent money but when your use to getting back 3 or 4 grand and they tell you owe 2 grand well.. kinda ruins my day. So needless to say not to happy about the taxes. But they also showed us what we needed to know about making quarterly payments for next year so that hopefully we won't owe, we may still owe next year but we won't have to pay any penalties. So after dealing with that I headed over to VW this is where i got the only good news at today and it still wasn't that great. They had told me the car was 650 to fix and not under warranty but when i got there the service guy was nice and went back and talked to the main supervisor and then came out and said that one part was covered under something the VW dealers did so i didn't have to pay for it only 300 for the cv boots or whatever. So half of what i thought i was going to have to pay. I was happy for like 5 seconds cause as i was walking out of the door with a smile on my face the phone rang and it was the nurse from the VA. blah blah blah...... anyway the Dr from the VA called later today and told me i failed the one hour sugar test i was in the 190's and they like 140's i guess. I'm not anemic though this time so that's good. And all my other tests were either neg or positive whichever they were suppose to be. So the doctor said he was scheduling my 3 hour sugar test. I have to either come in tomorrow or friday in order to have the results by my next OB appointment. So as fun as today has been paying bills and looking into tax crap.. Tomorrow is even funner. blah!! I guess i'm driving myself an hour away to the VA and going to let them poke me when i get there drink the crap and then get poked three more times. Fun. Oh and last time they made a huge blood bubble in my arm. So yeah i'm looking forward to it all. The babysitter is gonna come watch lilly in the am so i don't have to haul her down there for three hours of fun. But my mom has a toothache and I didn't have the heart to ask her to come with. I don't realy need someone I just get nervous because of recent close calls with fainting, i dont like to have to drive myself especially when i'm suppose to not eat and i give blood.. doesn't seem like it would make for a good situation. But i'm a trooper and well I just have to do things I don't like to do sometimes. SO another day of fun tomorrow! I think i'm going to treat myself to bingo tomorrow night if i feel up to it. But for now i'm going to wrap up this crummy day with folding a load of laundry and getting lilly to clean up her play room. Good night!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm very blessed!

5 gifts baskets

the top of the baby's basket

lillys basket.

Okay i know my blog is a mess.. no background etc. right now. But we have been busy. Today Is a prime example. We got up at butt crack of dawn to drive an hour away to the VA medical center. I had labs that i needed to complete and they were routine ones so i had to have them done at the VA instead of my OB doctors office ( standard procedure when the VA is paying the bills). So allan and lilly came with me because I was doing the glucose one hour test so I wasn't suppose to eat much before the test and because I have fainting issues from time to time.. Allan wanted to be there just in case to help drive home or whatever. it went fine though. I have no idea about the test results they aren't in yet and i probably wont hear anything till i go to the doctros in a a few weeks. I think I have an apt for an ultrasound on the 2nd. The baby is measuring 2 weeks ahead so they want to take a peek again. Anyway the other reason allan came was to help load gift baskets. They VA has a wonderful Womens program and they asked me a while back about the baby being due and if there was siblings etc. So they made us giftbaskets. I heard they did a pretty good job on these but i was still suprised and i'm sure i will be even more suprised when i start goign thru these baskets. One was for lilly and it had little toys in it. one was for emma and it had different things and some books, there were two for me/allan and one ws so heavy i could barely pick it up. Filled with everything from martinellis sparkling cider to bath items. lol.. Then there was a baby tote! the thing is huge and had like 6 packs of diapers in the bottom and then was stuffed with everything baby. blankets, booties, outfits, just everything. I guess people donate all this stuff and then they have volunteers that make the baskets for the female vets that are expecting. NICe huh? This is on top of giving us that 200 dollar breast pump that I got a few weeks back. I took a couple pictures of the load of gifts we carried in today. I was just so blessed by everything they have done. I know the VA doesn't always get the best wrap and I hate sending patients over there sometimes but today they did an amazing job and I wanted to share a good story about them.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

We went to the Renaissance festival

it was so much fun. There was so much to look at and see. We didn't plan it we just kinda decided last minute to get in the car and go so we did. We walked around for 4 hours and i'm sure we still didn't see all of it. We didn't see hardly any of the shows either and some looked really neat like fireswords and bagpipes and belly dancers and well a whole array of stuff. Allan and emma did try to hit the guy above with tomatoes which was something you don't do everyday. lol.. The also all got to shoot bows and arrows. Emma went on a bunjee jumping ridething. We ate food. and i have to say the prices weren't horrible. the games generally costed about 2 bucks a peice and they would give you alot of trys not like one try for 2 bucks like a fair. We didn't have to pay for parking but their was an admission. lilly was free cause 5 and under are and emma was 12 bucks. Their was a coupon for today for buy one get one tickets so we all got in for like 34 bucks i think. Not that bad. It was worth it since we had never been, Allan even said eh would like to go again with some friends. People really get dressed up but of course we didn't. It was a good time and the kids had a lot of fun. Now it's time to finish the laundry and relax. We are making homemade pizza on my new stoneware from pampered chef. I finally broke down and bought two pieces of the stoneware stuff. I have admired it in other peoples kitchens forever so i bit the bullet and did it. So tonight sounds like a good a time as any to try some homemade pizzas with the girls. I think its anice way to wrap up such a busy fun weekend.


A 4 year olds bday party!

some of the cake layers

lilly blowing out her candles

emma taking a swing at the pinata

i thought she might need help with the candles..

the finished cake

picture of the inside of the cake.

lilly taking a swing at the pinata

before the party picture

wonder what she is thinking about here?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Goodnight moons weekly link up

okay i just really love that song. I mean you know your spouse so well right? And yet there are these parts to everyone that you never really know. I like to think that there is still magic in a relationship because you will never fully know the tiniest parts to the other person no matter how close you grow and so that always can give you room to keep growing together. Maybe i'm rambling and feeling a little romantic today. lol... either way enjoy the song!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tipsy Tuesday.. or something.

Well okay today hasn't been so bad and Its not the kind of tipsy some may think. I have been having little spells of being tipsy or faintissh.. i left work the other day cause i really did think i might pass out. Allan had to come pick me up cause i couldn't drive myself home. I rested and felt fine the next day. I called the dr offfice and they said go to ER if it didn't get better but i refused to go. The other day it came on again but not as bad. I think that perhaps i'm anemic. This is my sefl diagnosis.. remember I'm a nurse and we dont' realy daignose but we like to from time to time. Anyway i went in and saw my doctor and she said it was time to do labs anyway so next week i'm getting labs done and i'm going to do the sugar test. Last time with lilly we failed and i had to do the three hour and then i failed that one. So I'm hoping for better results this time. I have been looking at my sugar levels at work ocassionaly and it doesn't seem to be running high but who knows what it will be then. I know last time i didn't know anything about it and ate pizza the night before. Wont be doing that this time. lol.. Today i have felt okay not that tipsy just more tired than i have been. The baby is kicking constantly now but not hard kicks just little flutterful ones all the time. allan has felt it twice. Lilly really wants to feel the baby kick but hasn't managed to feel it yet. allan is still at school till friday. he ate some soul food the first day and has been regretting it since lol.. It was called "mama's soul food" and he said that apparently mama was an ederly asian woman.
anyway on that note i'm headed to bed. I"m workign my one day tomorrow so good night everyone.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

goodnight moons weekly song link up

Okay I just thought this was a pretty song. I love adele and hadn't heard this song as much as some of her other ones like rolling in the deep or someone like you. Enjoy!

soccer and new car

Lilly sitting on her perch for the scrimmage game.

Emma practicing her dribble down the field

daddy and lilly watching emma play

Stretching before the game.

and last but not least.. our new vehicle. We traded in allan's truck that was slowly having more and more issues and decided to just get a new suv. We want the warranty so when he isn't around i can just take it in and get whatever fixed without worrying about the cost. So we have a 100k bumper to bumper warranty. It seats 7 with plenty of room. I ths the same amount of room inside as a yukon. We got an execellent interest rate and well it's fun to drive and the kids love going places in it. It has fun things like back up camera and parking assist oh and bluetooth so now i can just talk on the phone all i want in the car cause there is no device i just talk and they hear me. pretty neat. lol.. Anyway we are hanging in there. Sorry for not posting much Ive been just enjoying having allan home safe and sound in the states and trying to get things down around here while i have the help. ;-)