Thursday, February 16, 2012

I'm very blessed!

5 gifts baskets

the top of the baby's basket

lillys basket.

Okay i know my blog is a mess.. no background etc. right now. But we have been busy. Today Is a prime example. We got up at butt crack of dawn to drive an hour away to the VA medical center. I had labs that i needed to complete and they were routine ones so i had to have them done at the VA instead of my OB doctors office ( standard procedure when the VA is paying the bills). So allan and lilly came with me because I was doing the glucose one hour test so I wasn't suppose to eat much before the test and because I have fainting issues from time to time.. Allan wanted to be there just in case to help drive home or whatever. it went fine though. I have no idea about the test results they aren't in yet and i probably wont hear anything till i go to the doctros in a a few weeks. I think I have an apt for an ultrasound on the 2nd. The baby is measuring 2 weeks ahead so they want to take a peek again. Anyway the other reason allan came was to help load gift baskets. They VA has a wonderful Womens program and they asked me a while back about the baby being due and if there was siblings etc. So they made us giftbaskets. I heard they did a pretty good job on these but i was still suprised and i'm sure i will be even more suprised when i start goign thru these baskets. One was for lilly and it had little toys in it. one was for emma and it had different things and some books, there were two for me/allan and one ws so heavy i could barely pick it up. Filled with everything from martinellis sparkling cider to bath items. lol.. Then there was a baby tote! the thing is huge and had like 6 packs of diapers in the bottom and then was stuffed with everything baby. blankets, booties, outfits, just everything. I guess people donate all this stuff and then they have volunteers that make the baskets for the female vets that are expecting. NICe huh? This is on top of giving us that 200 dollar breast pump that I got a few weeks back. I took a couple pictures of the load of gifts we carried in today. I was just so blessed by everything they have done. I know the VA doesn't always get the best wrap and I hate sending patients over there sometimes but today they did an amazing job and I wanted to share a good story about them.

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Nicolle said...

That is wonderful, so happy for you. What a blessing to receive all of those gifts! Everything looks so cute. I love that little doll, and it looks like you got some amazing things for the new baby. :)