Saturday, December 14, 2013

At least it's not six months later

Trying to stay a bit more connected with blogger. I want to have a cute story book for the kids to look back on later. Anyway we are settled in for the holidays in our new home. The kids are loving it. I have been amazed with everything Lilly is learning in school here. Way better than Arizona. She comes home and tells us what the turkey flag looks like. She of course learns words and what not too but I thought it was crazy that my kindergartener knows the German and turkey flags... Me being a bit concerned about this asked her " what does the American flag look like" she knew so I guess our bases are covered . Lol 
I'm just really amazed at how well the kids adjusted to the move. I haven't heard any sadness in Lilly except that she misses Emma of course. But she loves our new house and her new school and hasn't complained at all about moving. Emma gets here in a few days and Lilly is so excited to see her and show her all the neat stuff in the neighborhood and yard. 
Olivia is doing great too. She loves the elf on the shelf. She is 19 months old and she doesn't say a lot of words yet. She understands everything though and boy does she get excited when they find the elf every morning. SHe just lights up and squeals and wants to be picked up to see it. She does say mama, daddy, baba for bottle, I've heard her try and say Lilly, La la, and uncle but she doesn't do it often. She says "oh no!" Sometimes too it's cute. She also makes pig noises, dog noises and says ho ho ho. She is my sweet pea. 
Allan is home right now and despite not being 110% sure on the choice of moving here, he seems to be sure now. He has found things in town that he loves and our last house was a model home and nothing ever needed to be fixed really.. This house is older and has a lot of fixing and updating to do. I thought Allan was getting tired of fixing stuff already but the other day he told me he was having fun and liked it. I can see visions of beautiful things in his head that he wants to create here like patios in the backyard and adding a bathroom instead of wet bar.. It's nice to see him alive and excited about stuff again. I'm so happy he isn't regretting or hating the decision we made. It's cold and rainy a lot here and we are still finding all the joys of being in a small town. Everyone has told is that this town is dead right now and in the summer it really comes to life because of the rivers and lakes.. Well we find it pretty awesome even now so we can't wait till summer . 
Ok so I talked about the kids and Allan so I'm the only one left.. I did receive two job offers and they are both right down the road like 10 mins. The first offer I got was the place I wanted to work but they offered me a really bad shift that I didn't think would be good with my family. The second job offered me a great shift and more pay but wasn't the job I really wanted. I really wanted to be in the specialty hospital to learn new stuff. I am kind of tired of skilled nursing to be honest. So I was nervous for two days trying to figure out what to do but I had my mom pray for me and I really believe that helped and I sat right down and decided that I believed "you have not because you ask not" so I asked the first job for what I wanted even though I knew they didn't have it and I knew it made no sense to train someone for so long just to be PRN. I asked though and the director of nursing said she appreciated my honesty and she said yes she would make room for me! So she is in the process of getting a position approved for me! So I have been giving thanks to god because I really felt his hand all over this. I know it might sound crazy to some of you but I just know The Lord has helped us get here and this is where we are suppose to be and if The Lord is for us then who should be against us? I am constantly reassured in the little things that only god could work out for us. 
Anyway I have a stinky diaper to go change so I better sign off! Sorry the ending to this note is so abrupt but that's how it is with kids in the house. They always come first! :0)