Thursday, April 30, 2009

AAron got his first truck..

Aaron has been looking for a vehicle of his own for a few months now. He has used our suburban to get to and from work but it's not liking having your own vehicle. So we finally found him a good deal on a truck. He was very excited about paying cash for it and having a nice vehicle. Here are some pictures of that.

Lilly the climber..

Yes lilly has hit the age! She has realized that she can climb on everything. I was using a chair to climb up on the cabinets because i'm painting the top of the walls where i ripped out the old paneling. Well she saw me and decided she could climb up on chairs too. She did!. So it started with just the kitchen table chairs because they have a little bar under them she can stand on to pull herself up. Today i gave her a bath and after it i let her run around naked while i finished cleaning up the bath tub and putting away her toys. This is where i found her when i came out not 3 minutes later. lol..

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Nursing School Disorder Pictures, Images and Photos

Can i do this??

So we are making final arrangments for emma to come this summer. It looks like she will be here from the 11th of june till the 28thish.. of July. That's 6 weeks of having two kidos... Can i be a mom of two? lol Jenn i may have to send lilly back with emma when it's all said and over with. I'm kidding. I'm excited about having her. I'm always happy to have the kids in the summer cause there is so much more for them to do. Emma is always happy to be outside and lilly cries if you try to bring her in so i'm glad that they love the outdoors so much. It makes taking care of them alot easier when they are content playing outside. Lilly just runs around and around the rock with so much work to do, moving rocks here and there, picking up all my garden stuff, chasing buddah, riding in her wagon when anyone will give her a ride. Oh and the park. LIlly has taken such a liking to the park. She doesn't play on anything except the swing. She loves and squeals with joy when someone pushes her on the swing. She doesn't do the slide but she loves to run in the grass. So i see a lot of parks and icecream in our near future. Should be good right? I get a little wonr out with two kids but i think it's because emma isn't here all the time and so it makes it a little difficult. Well i have to explain rules over and over. Then there is lilly that i can't really explain them to her i just tell her no and she never listens.. so.. okay lets just keep our thoughts on parks and ice cream.. lol

What else is going on.. hmm. My mom has been gone all the time. Yep she has been out on the town constantly. Which i'm happy that she is out doing stuff. I mean she was sad and down and i was really worried about her for a long time but she is finally looking like she got some life back into her. I'm glad that she is finding things and actually doing what makes her happy. She signed up for a dance class the other night, she loves to get together with her friend and watch dancing with the stars on monday and tuesday nights, there's just something like every night of the week. So yes i'm happy for her so why does it drive me crazy too..? i have no idea. It's totally her time to go out and have some fun. I agree with that whole heartedly and i can't think of anyone that deserves to have a good time more than her. She has taken care of all of us and deserves to have some fun. ... but ... i don't know. I guess i just wish it wasn't every night of the week. I would like to be able to go out too. Have fun.. or maybe not. I would like everyone to be around for dinner one night . It seems like we have very little family time anymore and i guess it just feels like everyone else around here would rather just dash off the minute i get home which leaves me to do chores, get groceries, and watch lilly and then if i do want to go out i'm in charge of finding a babysitter. I know this is what all mom's do. I'm just having a tough time with it right now i guess. so keep me in your prayers i guess.

lilly just woke up. time to go be a mom again.

Friday, April 24, 2009

scratch that itch..

So allan has broken out in a rash all over his body. He went to the doctor yesterday and they told him it might be fifth disease. I guess this is a illness that usually happens in kido's but adults can get it too. I was questioning the doctors call on this one because one sign of fifths is that the rash that comes after your contagious usually starts on the face. Allan doesn't have the rash on his face or hands or feet. So I'm not really sure about this. I tend to believe it's a reaction to some medicine he has taken. I dont' know what but i'm not a doctor. Anyway so the doctor has given him medicine to take and so far it hasn't helped. In fact allan says it's worse today. I'm a little concerned because he is out of town and i can't keep my eye on it. He is suppose to be out of town for five days but he may end up coming home tonight or tomorrow to get treated again. I'll keep you posted on it.

Lilly still loves her babysitter jaime. She is always happy to go play with her. It's really cute. I gave lilly pigtails today. I couldn't beleive she stayed still the first time to let me put them in and i also couldn't believe she didn't try to pull them out because she hates hats on her head so i figured she wouldn't like her hair up either. Lilly is still the most loving little thing. She keeps giving everyone kisses and she justs loves playing with people. I think she is going to be a social butterfly when she gets bigger. She has been trying to talk alot more. It's sounding a little bit more like words everyday. she says "all done" and she has started yelling for my mom "yaya" it was suppose to be lala but i think L's are too hard for kids sometimes. Aaron swears she has said "unc" for uncle to him. last night she got wired and stayed up till 3 am. I gave up at 1230 and went to bed cause i had class but mom stayed up with her. We don't really know why she wouldn't go to sleep. She cried and cried and we rocked and rocked.. then we gave up and played.. it went on and on. Ridiculous but i have to say she has been really mellow today and she only got an hour nap cause we AREN'T doing that again. lol..

I only have two more weeks of school.. !!!!! I'm so excited. I can not wait to be done with this year! I have made some great friends too. We are all busy but we like to get together from time to time and hang out away from class. They are helping keep my sane while i'm in these classes. lol.

Lets see what else has been going on around here. WE still haven't gotten to our projects yet. I may try to work on the kitchen this weekend but we will have to see. We have been doing paperwork stuff though. We got our wills filled out and notorized down at the courthouse. We also refinanced our house recently. It dropped our payment way down which is nice since we bought our new truck not long ago. We booked our trip to alabama for this summer. I'm thinking about making some more plans for when emma comes. A couple of camping trips or just some weekend trips to different parts of wyoming. We will have to see. I have been doing some yard work. My flowers are up but there aren't any blooms yet. I planted some grass seed in the front yard too. I like that this rain is keeping it wet for me. ;-)

Anyway I need to go lay down on the couch while lilly is busy playing with her toys in front of me. Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

OUr barbque last night..

It went wonderful. Lets see we had 5 kids and 17 adults. I invited a lot more people and we had a few people that said maybe and then didn't make it. Everyone brought something which is crazy. It was really yummy. We just did hamburgers and hotdogs on the gril but someone made brocolli salad and someone brought beans and chips and desert dishes were in abundance. lol. We had a really good time. I didn't take any pictures but i should of. Lilly was funny. She let all the little boys pull her in the wagon. One little boy ( about 9 i think) tried to pick her up. Well i say tried but he did pick her up and carried her all the way to the swing and i think he wanted to give her a bottle and rock her. Well she let him carry her over there and as soon as he tried to get settled in and rock her she locked eyes with me with a look on her face that said "mom get me outta here".It was funny. I went and rescued her of course. She played outside so long yesterday with all the big kids that she was worn out by 730 and feel fast asleep across my lap. Everyone was outta here by 8 so we called it a night early. Allan just got called out for the next week. BOOO.. I'm glad for the overtime he may get but it stinks that he is going away for the next week. We are trying to get back down to the basement but it just isn't happening yet. I don't know when we are going to have a chance to ever finish that room down there. I finally ripped the paneling down in the kitchen but i still need to get the wood out and paint and that hasn't been done either.. With this gorgeous weather i don't think anything in the house is going to get done. lol

Saturday, April 18, 2009

allan's company dinner was last night

Yes his company (SST energy) had a big dinner last night. We went and it ws fun for a while. We recieved a Garmin GPS when we came in the door. They had door prizes later and we won a $50 gift card to walmart too. So we made out. lol. Everyone got a GPS but not everyone won a door prize. We thought we mad eout till half way thru the night allan started getting really sick. We had to go home and needless to say he had it coming out both ends. YUCKO. I thought it might be something he ate. The food always looks pretty but it never is very good. Sure enough after a miserable night for allan and him telling me he might need to go to the hospital.. turns out 6 other people left with stomach problems too. Can we all say "food posioning?" Poor guy is still recvering today. His stomach is still hurting some. I told him to go take a nap. Lilly and Allan are both down for a nap so i'm suppose to be doing chores.. problem is i don't want to. The house is so nice and quite. Even buddah is gone to the groomers. They said it would be 3 or 4 hours till he was done cause he is getting a shed less treatment. I guess they just blow dry and brush him a gazillion times. It might help. The problem is we never have time to brush him or no one wants to take the time to do it. I guess we will more in the summer when we can do it outside. His hair goes everywhere. He doesn't seem to need it as much in the summer as he does in the winter though. It's an endless battle that we are tired of i guess. lol
Anyway i guess i should go check the laundry while i can. It certainly isn't going to do itself. Have a good weekend!

Friday, April 17, 2009

It was great..

PROP Pictures, Images and PhotosI had a wonderful birthday. On wed my birthday i went to the spa. It was fantastic. They always make it wonderful at bamboo. They really soil you there. I love it. I got a facial, massage, lunch, and a pedicure. It was nice to relax. I came home from the spa and mom watched lilly while allan and i went out to dinner at on the border. It was tasty as always. We met our friends muffy and jason there and tasha too. So we had some drinks and some good food. We then went to bingo. Just us girls. WE didn't win a thing.. go figure i can't win on my birthday but they did give me ten bucks off and sang happy bday to me there. lol. So on thrusday the girls in my class all got together cause it's like 4 more people's birthdays this week too. WE all went out to the wonderbar and then to the beacon. Lilly had a babysitter and she did good. It's our friends daughter. Well she did great except for when we left. she got so worked up when allan and I snuck out that she ended up puking. Jamie got her all cleaned up though and lilly ended up going to sleep on jamie before we even got home which i thought was amazing cause usually if she has a sitter or someone else is over she won't go to sleep at the right time. So they did good with each other. Jamie wants to come back and babysit again for us soon and i think we will let her. We like her and We like that her mom is only two doors down and her sister too so that if she does have any problemsthey can be right over to help in case it took us a little while to get back. It was nice to go out with friends. The girls in my class are a bit crazier than i am. Guess I just don't party like i use too. lol. I really have had about 3 or 4 drinks since i got pregnant with lilly so we are talking in the last 2 years. Well last night i think i did 6 shots and 4 drinks in like 2 hours.. They just kept buying shots for the whole table and everyone else was taking them sooo... peer pressure i guess. I was suprised cause i thought i was going to be in the bathroom hurling after the first 2 but i took all of them and i didn't feel that intoxicated when we were leaving. ( which was way earlier than the rest of them) lol. christine, buddy, and I all left at midnight. I had aaron come get us. So i ended up over sleeping and having to rush around this morning cause i had advising day. I had to go sign up for my fall classes with my advisor. I had like 10 minutes to get down there. It was rough. My Mom said she came in at 7am and woke me up. I don't remember this at all.. she said that i sat up and talked to her and told her i didn't have to go and to be quiet and not wake up lilly.. I was fast asleep. Apparently i talk in my sleep when i have been drinking. lol.. Anwyay so that is enough of that. Tonight we have to go to allan's works dinner. I'm not sure what time it is but i'm hoping they aren't serving any alcohol. lol.. I don't thinki can do anymore for another 2 years. lol

Thursday, April 9, 2009

here's pics of lilly practicing today.

Lilly's appointment today.

Lilly is still doing good. She weighed in at a whooping 21 and 1/2 lbs and she was 31 and a half inches tall. They said she was in the 75-95% for height and 25-50% for weight. Good girl! ;-) She did really good at the doctor's office. She wasn't much for the shot and she didn't really like him using his stethoscope on her but other than that she was all giggles and smiles. She has has a cold for the last couple of weeks. Just really nasty congestion and so the doctor said it was going around and it lasts for about 3 weeks. He said to go ahead and give here 1/2 a teaspoon of childrens benadryl. So we are going to try that later if she gets nasty again. I was suprised that he said go ahead because they have been talking about changing all this kids medicine to 5 years old instead of 2.
Anyway she did really well and we have been practicing hunting eggs and using her easter basket that we got at the store today. Allan and I are having a date night friday. I can't wait. We need some adult time. We are going over to liz's house for easter sunday. Lilly's ready to find some eggs. ;-)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

been busy around here..

I had a couple of tests this week for school. I can feel summer sneaking up. Not that the weather is any indication but the feel at school seems to be like it's coming. I've been super busy with my clinical rotations I was up on tuesday at 445am and spent all day at the new hospital again till 430 then was home for an hour before i left for a study group. the study group went from 6 till 10pm. I crawled into bed that night and got up today to go take my test. I did okay on it. It was all the respiratory stuff. I made an 87 which is okay.
Lilly has stopped giving the big open mouth kisses. she now just makes the sound. She will run by you and "smack". it's kinda like drive by kisses. lol. it's just a little click of the tongue. If you tell her to give you a kiss she will just "smack" and keep on going with what she was doing. It's pretty funny. She is really crazy lately. Wanting to climb on everything and just wont sit still for anything. She has shots tomorrow morning. Lucky me.. well Lucky her too i guess.
Anyway I'm off to bed I'm really tired tonight.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

allan and his newest gun...

couple pictures over the last few days..

The last couple are of lilly trying to eat her yogurt all by herself. We gave her the whole cup and a spoon and she loved it but oh boy it was straight to the bath after that.
We haven't been up to much except working in the basement. I think we are officially ready to drywall. YUCKO. We have been looking at some tile for the flooring down there. Carpet is hard to keep clean with kido's and we just like the look of tile. We want the bigger tiles. So we are keeping our eyes open for a good deal and talking to some friends we know about borrowing a tile saw or something.. we will see what turns out from that. The snow is slwoly melting here.

Anyway allan is saying he needs to disconnet stuff so i better sign off of here before this is all lost.. lol

Thursday, April 2, 2009

sooo I've been a big winner!

Yes i went to bingo last week and i won 200 bucks. I went back this week and i won 100. So i think I" m going to go back tonight and see if i can't win again. It's not bad being on a roll like this. lol.
I"m still totally set on OR so far. I just loved being in there and i'm really looking forward to my next clincal day on tuesday. I haven't felt this way about any part of nursing yet. I did the rehabilitation center here in town and it was a really nice facility but I just wasn't that into it. I did the medical unit in the old hospital here in town and it was OKAY... not my favorite but i didn't love the instructor at that one either. Then i just did the nursing home and that really wasn't my cup of tea. I'm so glad there are good nurses that want to do that but it wasn't right up my alley if you know what i mean. I didn't think i was bad at any of it i just didn't fall in love with it. I fell in love with the OR the minute i stepped in there. I don't know if this feeling will last but I hope it does.
I also have a new blackberry that i fell in love with too. lol I don't know why i didn't get one of these forever ago. I mean you know when you get something new and you start thinking how did i live without this before? i have that feeling. It is way handy to be able to look up medical stuff anywhere i am. It's great. I'm looking for some good applications for it. I want one that has all the normal labs and medicines. HOpefully I will have a good grasp on labs by the time i'm done with this clinical rotation cause the teacher really stresses them and she is a great source of info. She seems alot more like a doctor in the amount of knowledge she has but her husband is a cardiologist at the hospital and she use to work in ICU so i imagine she does know a thing or two about a thing or two. lol
Lilly is doing good. Busy busy busy as usual. She has been trying to get rid of a cold for a week at least if not two. It's sounding alot better than a few days ago. She wasn't sleeping very well cause the congestion was in her chest and making her cough a bunch. Last night she slept from 9pm till 630am so maybe we will be on the healing track now. Allan and I have alot of work to do in the next week or two. We are going to have to straighten out all the dirt we dumped in the front yard so we can plant the grass. WE also have to get back down to the basement and get that going again. We are almost ready to drywall. I really want the basement semi done before emma comes this summer so that we will have an extra family room. Anyway, I have to get to cleaning up around here. Allan is on his way home and the house is a mess from little lilly's toys everywhere and i think i smell a very stinky diaper.. thank you lilly!
Hoope everyone has a great weekend!