Thursday, April 23, 2009

OUr barbque last night..

It went wonderful. Lets see we had 5 kids and 17 adults. I invited a lot more people and we had a few people that said maybe and then didn't make it. Everyone brought something which is crazy. It was really yummy. We just did hamburgers and hotdogs on the gril but someone made brocolli salad and someone brought beans and chips and desert dishes were in abundance. lol. We had a really good time. I didn't take any pictures but i should of. Lilly was funny. She let all the little boys pull her in the wagon. One little boy ( about 9 i think) tried to pick her up. Well i say tried but he did pick her up and carried her all the way to the swing and i think he wanted to give her a bottle and rock her. Well she let him carry her over there and as soon as he tried to get settled in and rock her she locked eyes with me with a look on her face that said "mom get me outta here".It was funny. I went and rescued her of course. She played outside so long yesterday with all the big kids that she was worn out by 730 and feel fast asleep across my lap. Everyone was outta here by 8 so we called it a night early. Allan just got called out for the next week. BOOO.. I'm glad for the overtime he may get but it stinks that he is going away for the next week. We are trying to get back down to the basement but it just isn't happening yet. I don't know when we are going to have a chance to ever finish that room down there. I finally ripped the paneling down in the kitchen but i still need to get the wood out and paint and that hasn't been done either.. With this gorgeous weather i don't think anything in the house is going to get done. lol

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