Friday, April 17, 2009

It was great..

PROP Pictures, Images and PhotosI had a wonderful birthday. On wed my birthday i went to the spa. It was fantastic. They always make it wonderful at bamboo. They really soil you there. I love it. I got a facial, massage, lunch, and a pedicure. It was nice to relax. I came home from the spa and mom watched lilly while allan and i went out to dinner at on the border. It was tasty as always. We met our friends muffy and jason there and tasha too. So we had some drinks and some good food. We then went to bingo. Just us girls. WE didn't win a thing.. go figure i can't win on my birthday but they did give me ten bucks off and sang happy bday to me there. lol. So on thrusday the girls in my class all got together cause it's like 4 more people's birthdays this week too. WE all went out to the wonderbar and then to the beacon. Lilly had a babysitter and she did good. It's our friends daughter. Well she did great except for when we left. she got so worked up when allan and I snuck out that she ended up puking. Jamie got her all cleaned up though and lilly ended up going to sleep on jamie before we even got home which i thought was amazing cause usually if she has a sitter or someone else is over she won't go to sleep at the right time. So they did good with each other. Jamie wants to come back and babysit again for us soon and i think we will let her. We like her and We like that her mom is only two doors down and her sister too so that if she does have any problemsthey can be right over to help in case it took us a little while to get back. It was nice to go out with friends. The girls in my class are a bit crazier than i am. Guess I just don't party like i use too. lol. I really have had about 3 or 4 drinks since i got pregnant with lilly so we are talking in the last 2 years. Well last night i think i did 6 shots and 4 drinks in like 2 hours.. They just kept buying shots for the whole table and everyone else was taking them sooo... peer pressure i guess. I was suprised cause i thought i was going to be in the bathroom hurling after the first 2 but i took all of them and i didn't feel that intoxicated when we were leaving. ( which was way earlier than the rest of them) lol. christine, buddy, and I all left at midnight. I had aaron come get us. So i ended up over sleeping and having to rush around this morning cause i had advising day. I had to go sign up for my fall classes with my advisor. I had like 10 minutes to get down there. It was rough. My Mom said she came in at 7am and woke me up. I don't remember this at all.. she said that i sat up and talked to her and told her i didn't have to go and to be quiet and not wake up lilly.. I was fast asleep. Apparently i talk in my sleep when i have been drinking. lol.. Anwyay so that is enough of that. Tonight we have to go to allan's works dinner. I'm not sure what time it is but i'm hoping they aren't serving any alcohol. lol.. I don't thinki can do anymore for another 2 years. lol

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