Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Update

Well i was suppose to be studying my butt off this weekend but it just hasn't happpened. I did study and do all the math because i have a test in that first thing in the morning tomorrow. I haven't studied at all for my other big test which is at 9 tomorrow.. So that's what i'm planning on doing today. Cramming! not reccommended but you gotta do what you gotta do. lol. I went to rawlins to see allan on friday night. He needed some cheering up and was down there working so i came down and we had dinnner and stayed the night down there. I can say honestly that i wasn't missing much by never seeing rawlins till now. Haha. It's a tad bit ghetto down there. I have realized that i am getting to know people. Yep we have officialy made a ton of friends i think ( well i don't know about friends but we know alot of people know).. Yep rawlins is about 2 hours away and would you know i knew the girl that was checking us in to the hotel. lol.. weird.
Yesterday allan left for montana. He should be up there till tuesday night maybe longer. NOt really sure. He has alot to do on that rig so we will see when he comes home.
Lilly has her 9 month check up on thursday. It's okay though cause she doesn't have to get any shots this time. At least that is what the doc told me last time, i hope he meant it. Lilly is defiently teething now. I can feel one top tooth for sure but i think there are two. I'm hoping they come in a pair anyway. She doesn't want to sleep at all and is a bucket full of drool. poor girl. She will look so cute with top teeth though. lol
Mom gets a day of beauty for being such a great sitter for lilly. She has taken such good care of lilly. Lilly just loves grandma LALA. It's sweet. So I made mom an apt for a whole day of treatments. She gets her nails and toes done, and deep conditioning on her hair and it styled, and a facial.. i dont' know what else but they bring her lunch too from the cheese barrel which is a place i really like.
She was very excited and it gave her something fun to look forward to.
Aaron has been working hard still. Loving his pay days. lol.. He gives me 100 bucks a month. I wasn't really sure what to do with the money but i decided i was goign to put it in lilly's piggy bank. It's to help with her school or first car or i don't know just yet but something important later on. There is about 150 bucks so far from change but i figure aaron's monthly input will really make a difference there. So she has an educational fund i guess. lol
Lilly has been dancing everytime there is any music on. But you can tell which sons are her favorites. She likes aarons hip hop.
So here i go to do more laundry and hopefully start some studying. I think mom and aaron are going to take lilly out to lunch and to the mall today so i can get some hours in on the books.
Have a great rest of the weekend!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

up and at them

Yes it's 730 and lilly and i have been up for a while now. lol.. So i'm getting ready to jump in the shower and head out to school. I"m going into the lab to practice trach suctioning and do some online work. Mom is going to watch lilly. Allan is at work and Aaron has the day off so i'm not sure what he is going to do. We didn't do a whole lot last night. Everyone was just too tired. I was at school from 8-430ish and when i got home i wanted to melt into the couch. lol.. So we ordered pizza watched the chargers play and then i watched Heroes which is back on. I'm happy all the good shows are coming back on but it kinda stinks causei just don't have as much time to keep up with them like i use too. haha.
We also went down to the sports store. They are having a midnight sale this friday i think..Anyway allan was thinking about buying a gun from one of our friends buti think i got him talked out of it. I would just rather have him go thru the store than buy from this guy. Turned out i was right it wasn't a very good deal and he found guns in the store that he liked better anyway. So we might go look on friday at that sale. We will have to wait and see. He doesn't really need the gun cause he didn't get a tag for this year but he wants a rifle for next year i guess.
Anyway i'm off to jump in the shower and head to school.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I've been trying new things...

Yeah as you can see i've been working on my blog. Today i took off from studying. We had a very good time last night with some new friends. I have a lab partner named natasha and her husband was a marine for 12 years.. anyway we invited them over for dinner and a fire. It was alot of fun and i think the boys hit it off. Yeah! I'm always glad when allan likes the husbands of my friends. Besides natasha is my lab partner so we are going to be seeing alot of each other for the next two years. lol..
Lilly is worn out today. She is taking a little nap. She kept falling asleep in my lap while i was working on the blog so she finally got ot go to her bad and she was very happy to see it i think.
I feel in the fall mood today. I changed the things on my door and porch to atumn welcome signs and stuff. Allan went hunting with his dad and nolan this morning. They still aren't back yet. Mom is out shopping a little and aaron is playing his new playstation 3. So i'm having a quite moment which is rare around here. I guess i'm going to go enjoy it.

Friday, September 19, 2008

harvest blessings

Allan's job is still going really well. It's hard to adjust to his schedule (which is just on call all the time) but it's going good. Thank you lord! Aaron got a raise at menards already. It was a 50 cents raise but it sure made him happy. He also got his first pay check and it made the work feel worth it of course. Now on days when he is off he is wanting to be at work. Funny huh? I'm doing really good in my classes so far which is a bit amazing to me. I mean i study all the time andpractice alot but i really didn't know if i would make it past the first week and i'm starting week 4 so i'm staying positive. Lilly is still trying to well i'd say crawl but you can tell she just wants to walk. She puts her feet up so it's not on her elbows and knees it's more feet and hands. lol.. Mom woke up saying she just had a great feeling when she woke up that everything was going to be alright! Praise god. I feel like we just have so much to be thankful for right now. Oh and i took yesterday off from studying and went to bingo and won 150 dollars the neighbor that went with me won 125 too. So today i have a happy song in my heart and i'm really just praising the lord for so many wonderful blessings in my life right now. I encourage you all to stop and give thanks today for all your blessings and maybe put some up on your blogs if you want to share them.
Have a great day cause this is the day the lord has made!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Practice makes perfect!!!

Okay i haven't written in a long while. lol.. I've been super busy practicing all my nursing stuff and doing homework. I'm doing pretty good. I have made 100's on my first two checkouts with the instructor. So i can do a physical assesment and i can put in a nasalgrastic tube perfectly. lol.. I am the only one that made a 100 on either one so far. I took my first math test and freaked out because i thought it was super easy and then i got my grade an had made a 70%.. 80 is what you have to have to pass in nursing school... SOOOO... i studied alot and took my second one today which was harder and i made a 100. woohoo! So i'm okay with it now!
I took my first test in the nursing process class which is our big lecture class and i'm still waiting for the results. I didn't make a 100 but i'm expecting a high b if not A. So all in all it's going real well but it's very time consuming and i have to just put away a day to do what i want to do or i get totally burned out. Having mom here is such a blessing and i really don't think i could be doing it without here.
Lilly is a crawler! Yep she has taken a few little crawling steps. She doesn't full on go but if there is something she wants to get to she will get up on all fours and lunge for it a few times till she gets there. lol.. So i expect in the next month she will be full out crawling probably. When she is trying to crawl she puts her foot down straight like she is trying to stand up on it. So we will see how longshe crawls but i think it could be a quick transition to walking.
I'm learning how to give medicine this week. How to pass narcotics and basically just how to give shots and all the different kinds of shots i can give.. intramuscular, subcuntaneous, oral meds, blah blah blah. lol.. I'm excited about it.
I'll try to write more soon but i'm a tired mama right now. Hope everyone is doing well.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Lilly's new hat!

Lilly got a new hat today! I thought she was so cute. I made her wear it in the store and people were stopping to check her out and making cute comments about it. So we bought it and she went for a stroller ride in it. I thought it was so cute so here are a couple pics of her in it!

Friday, September 5, 2008

busy weekend plans

I made it thru the second week of nursing school. Next week i have to do my first check off( that's where i have to perform the skills in front of an instructor). WE have alot going on this weekend. Allanhas to go to utah for a week on sunday. boo.. Then when he comes back it's time for him to go to the football game with the boys. Yeah!
Lilly is trying to crawl. She scoots on her belly around the floor. mostly backwards and not to much forwards. She gets really happy about it though. So it should be any old day now when she takes off crawling. I have a picture that i'll try to post tomorrow.It's of mom sitting on the floor and lilly started by her and you can see where she ended up. lol.. I'm super tired or i would download it tonight and post it. I"m off to bed though cause i have to practice practice practice this weekend. We also have a birthday party to go to. Jordan is turning 1 year old.
oh lilly is stirring,,,,

okay it's morning and i'm editing this post to include the pics of lilly scooting. here they are!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

classes classes classes

Well i'm into my second week of nursing school. It is going really well now. I went in today and learned how to do a physical assesment. From head to toe. There were 30 some pages of check offs but we got it down to 3 pages and by the end of class i think i have a good hang of it. I haven't practiced on the sim doll they have. It breaths, has stomach sounds, has a blood pressure.. you can imagine. lol I practiced on some other girls in the lab and got it down pretty good for the first day. They give us two weeks to check off on this first thing. I"m going to try to check off by the end of the week cause next week we start learning a whole new skill. YIkes. I think it's the NG tubing.(nose tubes)..

Tonight i'm going over to muffy and jason's to babysit jordan. They have never asked me to babysit and i'm not sure why they asked this time. I think they both have to do something tonight but usually they have an overabundance of sitters. I said yes cause allan is out of town and i don't have any homework other than reading or practicing my stuff.

I went to the farmers market again and picked up some corn and yummy bread. I also found a nice consignment store. Some of the other girls in the nursing program wanted to go check it out so we went and had lunch at johnny j's and then checked out the two tymers store here in town. I found a couple of nice sweaters. I don't have enough. All the ones i had were prego ones including my coat. So i have to get prepared again for winter.

Allan had to go out of town till probably thursday and then leave again on friday i guess till next friday. I'm hoping they give him enough time to get back to casper cause Sat. morning allan, nolan, and wade are suppose to go to the wy vs north dakota state game. I know allan is really looking forward to this game. I'm excited for him to get to go..

Anyway I'm going to go lay down for five seconds before i have baby duty tonight! OH Lilly has been loving her play pen. We took the high part off and now she can just sit inside it and has a bunch of toys and she stands up and holds on to the sides. She loves it.!! I feel a little like i'm putting her in a dog cage or something but she just loves it. lol..