Friday, June 27, 2008

Getting Excited!!!

I'm trying hard not to get too excited. lol My parents are goign to be here in less than 3 weeks. It's almost down to 2 weeks. WOOHHOOO.. Mom and Byron are both coming. I wish I could see my brothers and sisters too cause they haven't met lilly yet but we just didn't have the time to go to Ky and to fly all of them here wold be crazy expensive. Have you seen the price in tickets going up? It has been. yuck... Anyway so i'm very excited that they are coming. We are in need of some good family time. Lilly needs to see some loving faces. ;-) My mom just goes nuts over her. Everytime she hears her squeal on the phone mom just ewwwss and awwws. It's quite cute. She said i don't care if i even go outside while i'm there i just want to stay inside with Lilly. lol. We have plans of goign up to see the Bear Trap music festival on the mountain and Byron wants to see the independence rock. We are also going to go see the concerts in the park. Fun Free stuff. Lots of barbq's.

Speaking of BAR-B-Q.. We went to the best place here in town. It's called fred's bar-b-q and it's delicious. It taste alot like southern bar-b-q and it's pretty much a little hole in the wall. I think one family runs its but it's soooo good. Allan had a pork and sausage plate which he liked and i had a pork sandwich that came in really good sauce and i had a wonderful corn bread muffin. yumm yumm. Makes me want to go there again today and it's only 8 am. lol.

We are screening a new babysitter today. I talked to her dad who seemed pretty normal and professional. She lives in a really nice neighborhood up by the mountain. Not that any of that stuff really matters but it makes me feel better for some reason. I talked to her and she has watched baby's before. She is 17. I really didn't want to go with teens watching lilly but there isn't many others that can. Actually both of my friends said they would take her this weekend so me and allan could go on a date if i didn't like the babysitter. So that is nice and I will probably take them up on it if she doesn't work out. I did talk to her though and she seemed pretty normal. She is coming over today so i can lay eyes on her and ask her a few more questions. I want to see how she is with lilly.

Oh so some other news.. Our computer completely died yesterday. It was a dell that we had over 6 years i think. We had put so much stuff on there. Pictures and blah blah blah. It was getting slower and slower by the day it seemed and i really think it got some kind of virus cause it was being downright weird the last few days. I decided maybe i should turn it off for a while while i was leaving... bad idea. lol it never really came back on. It would flash on but the screen wouldn't come on at all. It just wouldn't respond to anything. So we had been tlaking about buying a new computer for along time anyway so we went out and bought one. I told allan what happened and he has been rooting for new one for a long time so he said go get one today cause we have homework that we have to do and need the computer to do it on. So we bought a new one and i love it so far. It has so much cool stuff. We debated on notebooks but oth decided that we didn't really want one. They are just too little and not very easy to use we thought. We got an HP and its very nice. The only bad thing with all of this is we lost alot of files that we can't get off the old computer. We can get all the pics and stuff because they were saved on photosites and stuff but we can't really get any of our old papers that we have wrote for school or any of that kind of stuff. booo..

Anyway I'm going yardsaling now so i'll see you later

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Funny stories..

So yesterday I went outside to move the sprinkler and for those of you that don't know our neighboors have a pug dog that it older than buddah but they are the same color. I happened to glance over there and i saw Kool-Aid.. That is the dogs name. So i moved the sprinkler and i looked over again and that dog was moving pretty fast for old kool aid. I said.. "buddah" he looked up and came running back into the yard and up the steps into the house when i opened the door. We let buddah go in the back yard and hang out for hours sometimes. We never let him out front because he isn't smart enough not to chase people or run in front of cars. So we don't know exactly how it happened but he escaped from our yard. lol.. He has been back there for a year and sometimes you can leave the gate wide open and he won't even go anywhere cause he isn't smart enough to notice. lol.. Well nothing was open back there and somehow he got smart and escaped. We think that the only place he could have came out of would have put him in the back alley. If that was the case then he would of had to walk around the whole block to make it back home. I can't imagine him being smart enough to find his house. lol. Maybe he is though. The only other explanation that we could think of was that the kids next door have one piece of fence between our yards that is half missing. They stick their heads thru to talk to emma or whatever. They were playing out there so i though maybe one of them helped buddah up and thru the fence? I went next door and the kids said no that they didn't do that.. and the parents said that they think the kids would have been really excited if buddah came over and they would have heard something. lol.. I don't know but they said if they see him out they will grab him for us.

The next funny story was Lilly.. I don't know if i wrote about this before or not. Lilly is singing. When she hears music and it's close to her she sings. lol. If i'm putting her to bed I'll humm or sing in her ear sometimes and lately she will start making noises. LOOOONNNNNG noises. lol. When i stop to talk to someone else she stops. when i start she will start. It's not everytime but it's often enough. She also has a toy on her walker that makes musice when it's pushed. Well when we push it she sometimes sings to that too. It's really cute. She also sings alot when she feels vibrations. When I'm pushing her in the stroller she will sing sometimes. It's funny because people have to stop us in the store and look in there. You can see that they are goign to just pass us and then they hear her and have to take a peek. lol. My singing baby. Maybe it's normal and all babies do this but it just cracks me up.

Next random story... Is about me. Yesterday i was bored and had to go take backa pair of jeans to jcpenney's. Allan needed a longer size so i took them back and exchanged them. 15.99 for a pair of unionbay jeans that were originaly 50.00. woohoo. But anyways, we walked all over the mall again. It's exercise and I'm actually down a size in pants so i think emma being here and me having a cold is working for me.. lol. I'm almost down two sizes. yeah.. can't tell too much cause i have along way to go but its starting and that's something right? lol Anyway back tot the story.. I was bored and out of the blue decided that i really wanted to get the top of my ear pierced. I have always liked that and admired it on others. I don't like a lot of piercings but i like it when they have a tiny hoop up there or something really girly. Anyway i went to claires and aske dif they could do that and they said yes. 23 Bucks later and i had a piercing. The silly thing was that i got freaked out. I was really nervous. I don't know why. I have had all kinds of shots, I pierced my belly way back when and i've had both ears pierced twice. That was when i was 10 or so though. I remember being really nervous when i got it done at a claires when i was ten. I think it was a flashback and I felt those feelings all over again. It suprisingly didn't hurt a bit though. Even though it was cartilidge and a little tougher than earlobe. Still didn't hurt much at all. It's a little sore this morning after sleeping on it all night.
Okay this is long enough. Lilly is fussing in her play pen so I gotta run

Monday, June 23, 2008


Forgiving is hard but forgetting i think is nearly impossible. I guess anything worth doing is worth doing right though. Right? I think we are all trying to work hard on forgiving. It's a struggle so please pray that it can happen. We need to forgive in order to be forgiven of our own sins. I know i have sinned and i probably do so pretty much on an everyday basis. ;-( It's true I'm human. We all sin and fall short of the glory of god. But I'm trying and I encourage everyone that reads this to try and forgive someone that may not even know they hurt you. Try to just honestly forgive them. It feels good when you do. ;-)
I was encouraged from what i read on Mirya's blog. That's allan's aunt. She has a blog and this is what she posted there. I thought it was good so i'm stealing it and posting it here.














Well yesterday we didn't do too much. I have no idea how we made it thru the whole winter without a cold and then we got one on the first day of summer. lol. Lilly is still snotty. She is sleeping better. Last night she didn't sleep to good but it was my own fault. I let her sleep in bed with me cause allan wasn't home and at 330 buddah started being a reject. He had to go out or something. So i let him out but i started sneezing up a storm. I woke lilly up and she was ready to play cause she had already had 5 hours of sleep. boo. She went back to sleep at 530 and we slept till 8. She is about to go to sleep again right now. ;-)
Yesterday i was bored and went to the mall. I called friends but they were all busy with fiances or kids and husbands so.. Off i went to the mall with lilly. Lilly isn't very good at talking me out of buying stuff. I loaded her stroller up with all kinds of clothes. JCpenny's is having a storewide sale. Everything was just about 60% off. I bought allan two pairs of shorts and a pair of union bay jeans. I bought myself 2 pairs of jeans from maurices in the mall and i went to target and got odd and ends and got a pair of shorts from american eagle too. I only spent 130.00 bucks. Which is alot but when you think about it.. I got 3 pairs of jeans and 3 pairs of shorts plus stuff from target so i think i actually got a pretty good deals considering these days you could spend a humdred on a pair of jeans. Makes me sick .. lol. Allan is picky about clothes so we will see if any of these things are a winner. If not i kept the receipts and we will just have to go to the mall again.
Allan is still in Montana. I think that he is coming back today but i couldn't get him on the phone yet so I really don't know. So he had two full day's of over time again this pay period and the week is just starting. Yikes. I'm hoping he has the 4th off. We won't really know until it is closer to the time but i'm hoping he is off. The last 2 4th's i had emma and we went and saw the fireworks by ourselves. Well actually last year we were in Wheatland with Allan's mom and dad. I'm hoping i don't have to watch them with just lilly. I mean i have friends that are all going up to the event center to watch them there and they have lots of booths set up there for all kinds of stuff but i want someone to snuggle up to while i'm watching them .. hehe. ;-)
Anyway, I'm headed over to lynn's house for a bit today. I think i'm going to talk to her about watching lilly when school starts. I looked up stuff for the college childcare and it seems fine but I'm just not sure which way to go yet so i need to ask her a few questions to just make sure..
More later

Saturday, June 21, 2008

more on photosite!

Nic festival downtown

cotton candy
WE went to the nic festival downtown yesterday before emma left. It was fun. They have lots of booths and food and fun things for kids to do. Bounch houses and face painting and lots of bands and musicians. Jennifer showed up pretty late last night. It was close to 11 when she picked up Emma. Their trip was a little longer than i guess they expected it to be and they ran into traffic. So we didn't hae a bar-b-q. They came back by this morning and picked up all of Emma's things. We sent her home with all her clothes and some school supplies and photo albums. She was very excited to see her mama. I'm suprised she slept at all last night. I met Jenn's granfather who was a very nice man. He calls people darling. I think that is very cute. ;-)

So Emma left and just about instantly I was wondering what i should do with myself today. I haven't had free time in a while. Allan had to go up to montana for today and tomorrow. Lots of overtime again this week i guess. He is making money hand over fist but we haven't got alot of free time together since he took this job. We are really hoping that they hire another electrician. Allan says he will keep doing it for another month or two but if they don't hire someone by the end of summer he is going to look for a new job again cause he can't do this all the time. He hasn't had a real whole day off since we picked up Emma really. He has been home and stuff but not a weekend day to sleep in and do what he wants for a long time. well going on a month and a half.

So Lilly and I went to the nic fest again today with our friend Muffy who has jordan who is 4 months oldre than Lilly. It's crazy. That little girl can drink out of a straw and she is starting to learn how to drink out of a sippy cup.. She is 10 months old maybe.. She can stand up holding on to stuff by herself. She is crawling all over and .. well i just can't get over her. I need muffy and her mom to teach lilly how to do those things. ahaha. I don't think lilly is going to be that advanced when she is 10 months but we can hope. :-) We had a good time at the festival. Lilly was singing to everyone. Just blabbering the whole time. Quite the talker. We met up with Muffy's husband Jason and went to lunch at sanfords. The new one by burger king. It has lots of stuff to look at. Muffy took lots of pictures with the girls together. She may forward some of them to me. We'll see. Lilly got pretty fussy in the restaraunt. I guess the festival wore her out. I knew she was tired and sure enough i put her back in her carseat and thought she is going to be out before we get home. She was out before her seat went in the car. lol. So we came home and took a 2 hour nap. I'm not sure that she will sleep tonight but i hope she does. She is still a runny mess of a nose and her eye is better but still a little gunky when she wakes up. Poor baby.
So I rented Oceans 13. I still haven't seen it. I've been doing the redbox rentals. I don't know if your all's grocery store has them or not but they are at our albertsons and it cost $1.00 to rent a movie for the night. It's due back by 9pm the next night. It's a pretty good deal i think. So we rented one last night and i decided I'd watch oceans 13 by myself tonight since allan won't be home anyway. I'm waiting till i can get lilly down for the night.
Anyway that's all that's going on around here. more later...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Emma leaves today..

Today Emma's mama is coming to get her. Jenn decided to be brave and drive from phoenix to casper so she thinks they will get here sometime between 6 and 7 pm. Emma is so excited to see her mom. Except, she over heard me and allan talking about her having to get some shots when she goes home so that she can go to school. Well she started whining and saying she didn't want to get shots. So instead of just telling her she didn't have to or she heard wrong.. I tried explaining to her. DUMB-Dumb... Yeah. I told her that all kids have to get at least one shot to get to go to school. I told her that they don't want kids to get sick and give it to one another that's why she needs one. She started crying. I told her not to worry that her mommy would be taking her and that it wasn't for a real long time. AFter her mommy came and got her and took her home.. She has completly forgotten about it till now. Yep now that her mom is on the way up here she is very excited to see her mom but the very next sentene everytime is i don't want to go get a shot though. poor thing. sorry jenn.

So I'm in a very good mood cause finally lilly slept from 830 pm till 8 this morning. well i heard her at 430am so i got up and gave her a little bit of bottle which was empty this morning so i'm guessing she sucked it down and went right back to sleep. ;-) I finally got some good sleep. Thank goodness! However, lilly woke up in a good mood and is still pretty happy but she is still snotty and now her eye looks like it had some drainage last night too. she's happy she just can't breathe real good.
more later

Thursday, June 19, 2008

A day of setbacks..

Yesterday was interesting.Not really. We started fine i guess. I was a bit tired cause lilly had gotten up every two hours like clockwork the night before. We did a few errands around town and now that i think about it i still need to get some things done. I have to go pick up stuff for a bar-b-q. Jenn if you read this let me know whta you and yoru grandfather would like to have. I might go to day to pick up stuff or i might go tomorrow. If i go today i'll call you before i head out if you haven't answered.
Anyway back to the story. Nothing has gotten done. I was waiting for allan to get home to try and get some homework that i really need to get done finished. Well he came home and we took the kids to the pool immediately. Then after and hour there we went to eat mongolian noodles. Emma calls them kung fu panda noodles. lol. She was excited to use her chopstix.
Then home we came. Lilly was mad all night before she went to bed. I guess this should have abeen a warning. I don't think i got one single hour of uninterupted sleep last night. I was losing my mind this morning when allan left for work. Luckily Lilly slept from about 630 till 830 so i feel a little more rested now. She is yawning in her chair right now too. I'm thinking she is going to need a big nap today.
So the other setback we had... Emma peed in her pants. I'm not sure what it is about our house or why everytime she comes she has to have at least one accident. She was outside playing with allan and then they both walked in and and she had a skirt on but it was a little wet in the front. Not soaked but the way she was walking told me her panties were. I asked what happened and apparently she tried to hold it to long or something. I'm not sure but she has to get that one under control before she goes to school. Yikes. Kids can be devastatingly cruel about that kind of thing. I didn't really get her in trouble i just said strip and lets go to the bathtub and then she said" and then i can play again?" I said no .. she was upset that she couldn't play but she didn't even seem to care that she had pissed herself. hmmm?? so we talked about how all the kids at school would think she was gross if she peed in her panties and picked her nose all the time. I think that made it thru a little bit but not too much.
Anyway so i'm one tired mom who still has a ton of homework to do and no time to get it done and if lilly goes to sleep i'm so goign to sleep and i don't even care!!!
Anyway i'm going to add more photo's to phanfare in a bit. I'm too tired to do it now but in a bit i will get to it. ;-)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hump Day

It's the middle of the week. I'm a tired girl. Last night lilly woke up every 2 hours. Little turd! She is a weird sleeper some nights she will sleep for 10 hours straight the other nights she will get up 10 times. It's annoying. Once Emma leaves we are goign to work a little bit on letting her cry i think. There isn't a real reason she should be getting up so much. She acts like she is starving but she takes her bottle and only drinks like an oz before she falls back asleep so she can't really be that hungry. Anyway Emma leaves on friday. Jennifer will be here to pick her up in the afternoon. I think we may have dinner together so Emma can see all of us getting along. I think it is something she needs to see. She still talks about how " her daddy made her mommy cry along time ago when they were married at her grandma's house." So i think she needs to see them getting along and being nice to each other instead of just switching her over for 5 minutes. It will be good for her. Plus I'd like jenn to meet buddah and lilly and see where it is exactly that Emma comes for the summer.
hot sunThe weather has been HOT! It was 88 yesterday. wheeeww. We tried to take the girls to the pool again but when we got there they had booked a party so they canceled family swim time. booo. WE went to the park instead and had some fun. Emma kept climbing this rock wall they have their. It's pretty high actually and she was really fast. Allan kept an eye on her but she didn't need any help. We also hit some golf balls around. It was fun. I think we are going to try to go back to the pool tonight. It depends on if allan gets off in time or not. He should be working in town today but you just never know really. Anyway, I'm off to make breakfast. ;-)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's day happenings

Today was a very sweet father's day. We had a good time all day. We woke up and i made breakfast for the family. We had pancakes and bacon and eggs. yummy. Then we went to a few yard sales. Allan was excited about one cause it had a bunch of tools. They were picked thru but he found a set of wrenches that would have been a couple hundred bucks and he got them for 12.The guy was selling all kinds of snap on tools which a high quality i guess. They had mostly gone but he said in a few weeks he was going to be selling a whole trailer full of tools so we are going to keep an eye out for that. Emma got a cool fiber optic thing. I'm sure most of you probably had one when you were a kid. I did. They use to be made out of real glass sticks i guess and they use to break off little pieces and stab you. lol This one is better and doesn't break off pieces. She is waiting for it to be dark to watch it in her room. I let her take it in the closet for a bit today and she played in there for quite a while. I took some pics that i'll post later.
After the yardsales we went to walmart and bought allan his father's day present. A gas grill. He tried to put it together but it just took to long so we ended up cooking him a steak on the charcoal one. WE also went to the indoor pool today. It was a fun time. Dad's got in free today. Emma had a blast. She loves that pool. It has ton's of buckets and two huge indoor slides. I went down the slide with her this time and that thing goes fast. I couldn't do it last time cause i was pregnant. I sat in the hot tub too which i couldn't do last time either. Lilly had fun splashing in the water. She was kicking her legs trying to swim. lol. she kept putting her face in the water and would come up licking her lips.. silly girl. It was a very nice and quite fathers day. Allan is finishing up putting the grill together right now and then he is going to watch the golf game he recorded. Emma had her bath and is in our bed watching ice age. Lilly was tuckered out from her big swim so she is in her crib with a bottle fast asleep already. I'm a tired mama so i'm going to head for the bathtub when allan comes in and then when emma is done with her movie i'm headed to bed too.
I just want to say Thank you Allan for being an amazing husband. Just when i think i can't love you anymore you find a way to prove me wrong and show me how much more i can love you! Your an amazing husband and a really good dad. These girls are lucky to have such a wonderful daddy like you. Lilly lights up everytime you come home from work. She just looks and looks for where your voice is. ;-) Emma says " why does dad have to work so much?" She only wants to play with you all the time. She loves it when you have time to play kick ball with her out in the yard. So happy father's day to my sweetheart. My life wouldn't be complete without you in it.

happy fathers day

Happy Fathers Day

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pictures from sears..

Here are some that we didn't pick.. lol. Emma looks possessed in the back of one of these. Umm lilly and emma look pissed in one.. there are just tons of bad ones but i think we got a couple good one too so i'll add a couple of those.

Family pics and fire

Yeah i now know why we haven't done pictures before. lol. It was a disaster like expected. Lilly feel asleep on the way there and was mad when she got woken up. Sh wouldn't take any pictures with emma. She cried the whole time just about. I think we got one that we might buy but in it she looks like she is about to cry still. Emma decided that in every picture she either wanted to make her eyes bug out till she looked like a possessed kid or she wanted to try to tilt her head and put her cheek on her shoulder and do some fake dumb smile. It was exasperating to say the least. lol. We didn't like any of the pictures with the four of us so she took us back in there to reshoot and we don't know how that one came out yet cause something happened with the camera and we have to go back at 330 today to finally see the pictures again and reorder.
We did have a nice fire last night. After the pictures we were so hungry cause i didn't let the kids eat anything in their dresses and the pictures were at 6pm so we decided to take dad out to red lobster. Allan loves crab legs and doesn't get them ever cause they are so expensive so we took him and told him to order what he wanted. he ordered a 1 1/2 lb serving of king crab legs. Well half way thru the legs he spit one out and said he thought it had been sitting in water for 2 days. He had already ate a whole lot of them but he tried another piece and it was bad too. So we talked to the waiter and he talked to the manager and they agreed they had never seen anything like that soooo.. they brought him out a whole new dinner. another 1 1/2 lbs of crab legs.. He ate evey bit of that one so i think he ended up with probably 2 1/2 lbs of crab legs for the 25 bucks plus salad potatoe and rolls. ;-) After that we went home and had a fire. It was late probably 930 before we got the fire going. We did a quick fire and had some smores. There are more pictures on the photosite for you all to look at.;-)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Emma's Hairdo that she worked all night on

This weekends festivities..

Tonight we are going to go have family pictures taken. We never have so i think it's time. Plus i really want some cute ones taken of Lilly and Emma together. They have matching dresses. Well Emma's is blue with white polka dots and Lilly's is red and white stripped with a ladybug on it. I thought this would be very forth of julyish. So by the time we get teh pictures in hand and send them out to people it will be the right time.
Tonight after pictures i think we might attempt to have a fire in the firepit tonight. We will see. It's really pretty today and tomorrow and sunday are suppose to be even better. I'm so excited about some nice weather. Emma got her hair curled for pictures and she is sporting a huge mess of curls. It looks like she has an afro. lol..
Tomorrow Allan is suppose to go play just 9 holes with Jason. That is the one thing he wanted to do for fathers day so it's fine by me. Saturday night i got invited to go out with the girls for a night on the town. Muffy and a bunch of her friends are going out but i haven't decided if i'm going or not. I'd just as soon go play bingo than go drink. I'm really not much of a drinker and never really have been. I had enough to last when i was 21 or 22.
Sunday we are going to go to our new church again. Emma has been asking when it is going to be church day and today she said a little prayer that it could be church day so i feel very inclined to take her to church. I think she just wants to wear a pretty dress but whatever the reason if she wants to go i think she should. Then we are going to bar-b-que it up if it really is as pretty as it is suppose to be.
I'm excited about some smores tonight and to see how our pictures turn out. Our classes are going good. They are keeping us pretty busy but it's nice to get those paychecks from the GI bill so we will keep doing them. Allan has worked a ton this payday. I think this could be the biggest check he has ever gotten. We are hoping that they set up his child support payments like they were suppose to. He did like 50 hours of overtime just this pay period. That's basically an extra week of work. lol.
Lastnight we did make it to the mall and allan got his haircut by the lady he likes and we tried to find something for him for father's day but i really didn't see anything and he didn't really give me any ideas. I was thinking about buying him a gas grill. He say's he is tired of the charcoal one we have and i think i am too. It's kinda a pain to always try and remember charcoal and lighter fluid and if it goes out before everything is done then that stinks. So i'm thinking a gas one might be nice for him. He never really reads this blog so i'm not too worried about him seeing this. teehhee. It's really the ONLY idea i have had for him. Anyway Lilly is down for a nap so i need to go take one too if i can get away with it.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Emma did a little rain dance.

Emma decided to do a little rain dance with my new umbrella. It was only sprinkling when i took the pictures but it poured a little later and she was back out there in it. She was very cute out there dancing a jig all over the yard. I got some homework done today and started some more laundry and finsihed the dishes and went to walmart. wheeww no wonder i'm tired. I didn't think i did much until i started writing it down. HaHA. Allan's about ot come home and we are going out for mongolian noodles. Every since Emma saw kung Fu panda she has wanted some noodles and she wants to use chop stix. lol I'm going to indulge her tonight. We went once already me and her but she didn't know that they had chop stix until it was time to go. allan really loves mongolian so we are all going out tonight. First to the mall for a haircut for allan and then to the noodle store. lol.. I was suprised that she would even it them at all. She liked it just not the baby corn that i put in her bowl. oopss. Her's was pretty plain noodles sauce and some chicken. I could probably of given her ramen noodles and she would have been fine with it. haha
anyway I'm off to get ready. Allan should be home any minute. See ya later gator's. Oh i added new music..

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lastnight's Bar-b-Que

Last night we went to our friends jason and muffy's house for a bar-b-que. It was so good. They really out did themselves. They had huge steaks and salmon and hotdogs for the kids. They had family in from vegas and invited us to come over as well. We had a really good time. They had watermelon and mashed potatoes and broccoli and cheese, and salad, and oh i could just go on and on. IT was really all delicous. There were two other little girls Emma's age there so she had so much fun playing hide and seek and other numerous games. I've posted more pictures on the Photosite of the whole night. Jordan( muffy and jason's daughter) is so cute. She is 4 months older than Lilly. They look like they could be realted though. I guess it's the bald heads and big blue eyes. lol. Jordan is crawling all over the place. She wanted to get ahold of Lilly soooo bad. She crawled over and it was all i could do to keep her little hands off of lilly's face. lol Well she snatched Lilly's sock right off of her when i wasn't looking. It was really funny. Anyway, here are some pictures. Enjoy..

Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday Madness.

Well i put a few new pictures up on the photosite. Emma had a busy day today. It was another "best day ever!" day. lol.. We started out going to the park with jackson and joey and then we went to mcdonalds for another kung fu panda toy. She also got an icecream there so that made her happy and then we went to once upon a child and they all played in the play area while we mom's shopped. I found really cute dresses for her and lilly to get some pictures in so i have to schedule a time with sears hopefully. Then we came home and weeded my garden and played on the new toy she got. It was one of those toys you sit on and turn with your hands and it spins you. I'm sure alot of you had them as kids. i did. Then we did the sprinkler and when allan got home we went out for pizza at pizza hut. So all in all she had a very busy active day and so did I. I'm a sleepy girl. Allan got invited out for a poker night at jason and muffy's house. So i told him to go cause he needs time off too. Everynight he has here at home he has hung out with us or watched the girls so i could get stuff done or go to bingo so i figured it was his turn. They are only playing one game for 20 bucks so it shouldn't last long. He has a long day of work tomorrow in wamsutter. YUCK! Our classes have started. I'm scared to start. I can't really afford not to get started though. Emma is here for 2 more weeks and they are only 8 week classes so i just have to dive in there. It's rough though cause allan has classes too and we really want to spend this coming weekend doing fun stuff with Emma cause it's her last one here. I think we might do a bar-b-que with our friends or.. not really sure. I didn't take her to the science zone today so i might do that with her tomorrow. Not sure yet.

anyway more later.

Monday already...

Well it just doesn't feel like it could possibly be monday already. I'ts 3 am and i'm up again with lilly. I think she has been having belly aches again. I'm not really sure but allan said she didn't go to bed till like almost 10 last night and here she is up at 3 still.
Allan got called in this weekend. We were going to go to glenrock but right before we left town on sat he got called in and had to go to montana. He didn't get back till yesterday at about 3pm. It's nice that he is getting so much overtime but a little frustrating also cause i'm getting overtime with the kido's and he really needs to spend time with emma before she leaves. They played in the yard for a while yesterday and he took her to the park just the two of them to fly kites for a while before supper. He is going to talk to his boss and tell him that he can't do calls this weekend cause it's her last real weekend here. Her mom picks her up sometime the next weekend. Besides it's Father's day weekend and besides that he has put in almost 70 hours this last week. He was gone mon-wed and got like 19 hours of overtime then working down in utah and then when he left sat he got even more hours for that day.
Oh on a different note i seem to be making friends whereever i go.. lol. I went to a christmas luncheon for the women in liz's church a while back. Well, I also took this class a few semester's ago at the college. There was a girl in my class that i really liked we talked aquite a bit in class and i have ran into her only once since then. Anyway i ran into her at the kung fu panda movie and she said " i can't believe i'm running into you again!" I was just talking about you with my sister in law and she knows you. I had now idea who her sister in law was. lol Well turns out she was the girl i sat across from at the table at that christmas luncheon. She was pregnant and so was i and we had a great time chatting it up. Her name is racheal miller. I really liked her and apparently she remembered me too. So the girl from my class got my number to give to her cause she thought racheal would really like to hang out with me especially since she is getting ready to have a little baby boy . I think when you have new kids for the first time you need some new friends that have new babies also. lol.. okay anyway enough on my chance encounters. It was just nice to know that people do like me for me and that i'm memorable even after only one meeting.. hehe ;-)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu PandaTonight i braved the movies with a 5 year old and a 5 month old. Yep.. it was scaty but we made it thru. We saw kung fu panda. It was pretty funny. Lilly was asleep till the movie came on and then you could tell she was wondering where in the world she was now. lol. I took her out of her stroller and she did really good. She sat on my lap most of the movie. She jumped a little when it got loud but she ended up falling back asleep for the last 30 minutes of the movie. Emma had fun and we topped it off with mcdonalds for dinner. McDonalds apparently has kung fu panda action figures in the happy meals so she was stoked when she got the panda in it. She said "this day is AWESOME!" poor thing has been cooped up inside so much cause it has been rainy or cold and windy. She has asked numerous times to go to kidsworks. That is the daycare that i have let her go to about 3 times since she has been here. She loves that place but there is ton's to do there even when it's rainy and she thinks it is school. It's funny. I told her she can't go everyday and she wanted to know why. hhaha. So i don't feel bad about taking her anymore since she loves it. I actually got motivated and cleaned the house like i was suppose to do every day and just didn't get to it. We still have about every piece of clothing we own to wash tomorrow and the floors to do but everything else is done. Buddah is back to his normal self. Running and jumping off the couches. I've been letting him sleep in his cage at night in the bedroom instead of in the bed cause i'm afraid he will jump off our bed and it's pretty high. He seems to like his carrier though. He just goes right in there and i leave the door open and he doesn't come out till i call him in the morning. GOOD BOY! Anyway it's my time to unwind so I'm off to watch some t.v. and relax.

Friday, June 6, 2008

HAHAHA I feel like i could conquer the world!

Yes that's right ladies.. I feel as if i conquered the world. haha. I mowed our yard. Don't laugh. I have never mowed in my life. Growing up that was a job that only the boys did so i have never done it. Once i was in my own place i lived in apartments and they had people that mowed the grass. It wasn't until we moved into our first house that i even really thought about it. Allan has always done it but i got inspired today cause i was driving thru town and there was an elderly lady mowing her lwan so i figured it couldn't be that hard. I decided to jump right in there. Allan has been really busy at work and it has been raining so much when he is home that he hasn't had a chance to mow and it was looking like a jungle. I only did our front yard and i can say it was quite a work out. Maybe cause it was high enough you needed a hatchet to get to the front door. lol Or maybe caus ei had to run in every few minutes to make sure both girls were still sleeping. Boy Emma just fights naps but she gets so tired. Once she figures she can't win she will fall asleep pretty easy and stays out for an hour or two at least. I took the girls over to my friend Lynn's house today and we loaded up her two boys and all went to the park. It was alot of fun. It was so windy out today so we flew kites. The kids of course got there's tangled up all three kites but it was fun for the first 5 minutes watching emma run with hers. She got two presents in the mail today. Thank you all. One was from Grandma Lou and the other from Grandma LaLa ( that's my mom). Emma loved the doll Lou sent and wanted to leave everything else in the back pack so that she could take it home with her. haha. My mom sent movies and sunglasses that are gold. So emma rocked those today like a movie star. I didn't have the camera with me to take any pictures of that or the kite flying but tomorrow we are going to glenrock to do all the fun kid stuff so we will take more pics there.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


happy birthday

happy birthday Emma Keyes! your 5 years old. Your an old woman now! lol

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Super Sunday

Well lilly isn't sleeping thru the nights right now. She is up and down. she wakes up and thinks it is time to play. I'm not sure what is going on with her but yesterday we decided to keep her up as long as we could and then see if she would sleep all night. Instead of her regular bedtime of 8 or 830pm she stayed up till 945pm. She was so tired. Rubbing her eyes and just not knowing what to do with herself. Do you think it worked? nope.. little punk got up in the middle of the night anyway. I'm thinking she is going thru a little growing spurt right now cause she is eating like a horse. I'm feeding her the #2 babyfoods and she eats every bit of one in a sitting. She gets 3 a day. Yesterday or the day before she got her first biter biscuit. It was funny to watch. I think she is still a little to young for those. She found her mouth with it a couple of times but sometimes she would yell cause she would try to put it in sideways. lol. She is just growing up so fast right now though. While leslie has been here she has taught lilly something. Lilly won't do it everytime but when she tries to it's hilarious. Leslie taught her how to raspberry. We will do our tongues and she will smile and laugh then you can see her start thinking and her little tongue starts moving everywhere in her mouth and then sometimes she starts to get real mad and stomp her foot and then out comes a "plllltttttt." lol. It's hilarious. I asked leslie why she couldn't teach her something useful like her name or my name or how to sit up .. yep no raspberries are what she wanted to teach her. haha.

Emma had a pretty good day yesterday. She opened her presents and she got some cool stuff to play with. She got a lite bright. She loves that thing but after she spilled the pieces for the 4th time with me telling her if she spilled again i would have to put it up. .. Well she spilled and i asked her if she spilled. She was under the table picking up all the pieces and i asked if she spilled and the lil turkey said "no". So i asked again. "no!" so she got to go to her room for lying. I would have let the spill slide but the lying.. not so much. Today we are going to make necklaces and bracelettes. We got beads and everything for it.

Allan is going golfing this morning. The weather is so nice. He is going to go early this am and try to be home by lunch time. He was suppose to go with some guys but they flaked out. He looked really bummed so Emma told him that she would go with him. lol. She is missing her chance though. She is still in bed and he is getting ready to head over there.

More later..