Thursday, January 27, 2011

it's been a day or two..

a lot has happened in a day or two i suppose. Or maybe nothing has really happened. I did however go on a job interview. I have been trying not to write about it because i wanted to giv enotice at work and not wonder if they would find out any other way.
I will be a nurse at fountain hills, az now. Yes it is still an hour away but that is mainly cause we live on the outskirts of phoenix so everything is like an hour away. they offered me an awesome job. Would anyone like to guess how much money they offered me an hour? i'd love to know what people think nurses get paid. .. i'm jut curious. I had no idea really before i became a nurse. They offered me a dayshift job. mon tues and wed 12 hour shifts which the schedule alone is probably worth taking! however when i said i needed to know how much they paid well.. that did it! so i went from probably one of the lowest paid nurses in my graduating class to one of the top paid nurses in the class. ;-) I think that it is going to be more stressful but i'm hoping that i can keep up and learn alot and get some sort of routine down and get in a groove.
Allan is still doing really well. no problems with kidney stones now. Lilly is also doing really good. Did i tell the story of lilly and her polly pockets? I can't remeber. okay so lilly has a couple new polly pockets that she got for her birthday. one of them has a bathing suit covering up her " important parts" so lilly changes her clothes all the time and it's a two piece bathing suit painted on there. apparently they are worried about polly's indicency these days. Anyway i was laying around on the floor listening and playing with lilly. She was playing with polly and doing a fashion show of all the clothes that came with polly. Well as she was changing her she kept repeating " there's your bubbles and panties" and " bubbles and panties". it took me a second and then i realized that she was talking about " boobies". i suppose at some point i have said something about " boobies" to lilly. She picked up on that except thought i was saying " bubbles". lol. aren't kids funny. So it's been a running joke around her with anything dealing with the chest area and bubbles. It also made me think that her doll she named " bouncing bubbles" might need a name change now that we know what she thinks bubbles are. HAHA. sorry if you don't find this humorous. I know that my sense of humor is somewhat twisted at times but i laughed and laughed at my sweet little girl. Anyone else have any funny kid stories. I'd love to hear them.

well I work tomorrow. an 18 hour shift at my current job. Then my last day will be tuesday and I think that i'm starting oreintation for my new job on thursday and friday this coming week. I"m pretty nervous and excited all at the same time. They said they can't do anything till my drug test comes back. so i've been waiting to hear from them that they got it back. It's crazy what make syou nervous. I don't do any drugs of course. I can't even swallow pills which is another story entirely but i still get nervous thinking what if it came back bad.. how it would is beyond me. HAHA. but i think i'm just nervous cause i quit my job already. anyway i know it's silly. I'm just nervous that they will change their mind or say we made a mistake on the pay or something.. it all seems to good to be true so my human mind says there has to be something wrong. Guess i just need to celebrate that i have been given this great oppurtunity in today's tough job market. ;-)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hello All..

So i worked again last night. I worked an 18 hour shift but it isn't so bad only doing it twice a week. I run my tail off from 2pm till midnight then it's downhill from there. I have been gettting really good at IV starts. ;-) I figure if I can get a heroin users veins then i can get just about anyones. Speaking of getting someone's veins.. allan went to the emergency room while i was at work last night. We think he has some kidney stones. HE had one in the past about 4 years ago so he had about the same symptoms but went in to make sure. They gave him an IV and well allan has huge veins the kind you could turn out the lights and throw the needle from across the room and still hit one. They hit it of course but it looks like they did a crap job at that. lol. Next time I'm gonna keep him at home and do it myself i think. ;-) He is at work tonight and not in pain just has a headache. I think he may be a little dehydrated. So he is downing water and trying to take it easy as can.
Lilly is doing great at the potty still. I don't think we have had an accident in quite a while. This morning we took off her pullup and she was dry all night. So I'm not sure what is up with that but we will see if she keeps that up. That would be awesome.
Tonight allan is working but i made hamburgers and hotdogs on the grill and we invited britt the babysitter over. Her and aaron have been hanging out quite a bit. SHe did get her leave date for the airforce and it's in may so they are keeping it friendly. It's too bad we just love little brit. Especially lilly. Speaking of other people that lilly just loves. PAPA WADE if your reading this you should feel the love coming your way. I tucked lilly into bed tonight and let her watch her movie. Well about 10 minutes later she came down the steps saying she needed something.. I said what do you need lilly.. she said " i need papa wade" . She said it about 3 times. I'm not really sure what triggered all that but she does talk about you from time to time. I assured her that you were coming to see her in a " few" more days. So she went back to bed and is fast asleep knowing that papa wade is coming to see her in a while.
Anyway It's back to the homework for me. I'm trying to get caught up. I have a 98 and a 95 in the classes. ! woot woot go me. lol.. but i'm feeling burned out and when i have a good average it makes me want to skip a few assignments cause i know it wont make me fail. lol. yikes. so i'm forcing myself to get back to it. night ya'll.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

busy as a bee..

I'm working my first 18 hour shift today. I came in at 2pm and i work till 8 am. my first 10 hours are the tough ones then it's downhill. I got all my work done so now i'm jsut hanging out in the clinic by myself fighting off sleep. lol.. I'm blogging to keep my mind awake. I did some ridiculous amount of IV's tonight so i'm beat.. I was running running doing my own one man show till everyone went to bed around 11. Now it's quite and my paperwork is done and my filling is done and so here i am.
Allan is at home in bed. He hung up lilly's new swing after i left for work. I guess she really likes it. They also watched "the Town" with ben affleck. Everyone has said it's really good. I'm goign to try to watch it tomorrow maybe after i take a nap of course.
Emma is selling girlscout cookies for anyone interested that reads this. I'm putting in an order soon. mmmm.. can't wait.
I still have a dermatologist apt. I definetly have a cyst so I'm hoping that they will get rid of it on thursday. I can not wait. It's driving me nuts!!!!
I'm still ticking away at school work one assingment at a time. I have a 97 and a 93 in the classes which is really good.
Allans parents got their vacation time approved for march so we are getting excited to see them soon. It will be good to have some company. ;-)
anyway I guess i better get back to it. see you all.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Saturday Night Live 692 (Se 36 Ep 12) Gwyneth Paltrow - FOX News: Embrac...

did anyone see this on saturday night live. Apparently I haven't been watching fox news in a while. Are they trying to be more civil these days? you will have to turn off the music player in middle right of this page to be able to hear it, then push play on video. ;-)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

We are boring right now.

Not much to post about right now. We are just hanging out, working a ton, doing a crap ton of school work. Allan took this month off of school but he starts back up early feb i think. He has his last two classes to go. I think he is taking physics then he will be doing programming for his last class.
Oh i do have a little prayer request. My friend here lost a baby last night. Please keep her and her family in your prayers this week if you can. They had been trying really hard to even get pregnant and they were very happy to finally be pregnant. I think she had just made it into her second trimester so it was a pretty tough blow. Just pray for comfort or anyway you feel lead to pray.
What else.. umm lilly is still doing very well with her potty training. She is mostly in panties except for at night. Today we went to target and she was in her panties. She was playing in a rack of clothes and gave me the "oh no Mommy" look. She said " i pee" so i expected to see a puddle of pee under her but she stood up and there wasn't anything so i felt of her and her panties were just barely damp. I think she started to go and caught herself so we rushed to the bathroom and she peed and peed on the toilet. I kind of make a game of it and we " listen" for her pee. So she started and stopped her pee a whole bunch of times but i guess it teaches her good bladder control too so for now that is encouraging her. All other times she just goes into the toilet and goes by herself now but she still likes getting assistance to wipe. If you don't catch her in there it is a toss up if she comes out dressed or naked. I guess it just depends on if the outfit is easy or hard to put back on. lol..
I'm headed out to work now. I start doing some day shifts this week. I'm excited about that. It's long hours when i work but I'll get the experience I was looking for and I'll ge tto be with the doctors now some instead of always by myself. So I'm sure that i'm going to learn a ton.
ANything else.. Oh yeah i think i have a cyst. boo I have an apt with a dermatologist on thursday. I'm hoping they can get to the bottom of it and get it off me. boo.. any of you ever had a cyst removed or whatever? care to share your experience? I know i'm a nurse but i guess this is a chapter i missed in school cause i really don't know much about it. Yes i have tried heating pads to just get my body to reabsorb it. I have also tried putting vicks vapor rub on it.. i've also just tried cleaning it with alcohol a bunch. I have had this thing for about 8 years i would guess but in the last week it doubled in size and got tender so i think it got infected. booo.. anyway I"m off to work. hope you all have a good monday.

Friday, January 14, 2011

As promised..

Okay to finish up the post about lilly's birthday. It went really well. We had britt the sitter come, our friend searrah and payton, and then three mom's showed up and they all exchanged phone numbers with me to have play dates with lilly. There is one that Lilly really likes playing with her son. His name is chase and she follows him everywhere around the park and does everything he does. She did fight him for a ball though yesterday. lol. He is her age too. So she might have a new boy to hang out with. Chase has two brothers but they are smaller and lilly seems to think they are babies.
Anyway we had a very good party. Lilly was so happy with it. She told me this morning that she ate too much pizza. lol That's probably true.

So here is the funny lilly story. Do your kids come up with names for their toys or babies? I'm sure that all kids do this but lilly just started. Before this every baby was just baby, and horses were horse, bears were bear... you get the idea. So anyway the other night she was in bed and not wanting to be so she got up and started wandering around and looking for something. I asked her what she was looking for and she said something that sounded alot like bouncy ball. So i started bringing her balls from around the house. She assured me she did not want any of the balls. She kept calling out " bouncy balls" finally after she said it a few more times it sounded alot like bouncing bubbles. So i asked her if she needed bouncing bubbles. She said " yes! bouncing bubbles" So i still wasn't sure what bouncing bubbles was. WE looked all around for whatever it might be. So finally she found her baby that she had named bouncing bubbles. After we got that baby she found another baby right beside it and wanted to bring that one up too. So i asked her what the second baby was named. She said " naughty" . So we have bouncing bubbles and naughty. She even told me that naughty needs a nap..( maybe that's why it's named naughty) plus she gives naughty a ton of spankings during the day. She comforts bubbles though and tells her mommy's here. lol..
so at her birthday she got a third little baby that is a bathtub baby from grandma lala. Last night she was trying to sleep with grandmama lala again and when i went in to see if she was awake or asleep and ready to be moved back to her bed.. she told me she needed her new baby. Her bathtub baby. So i went and found it gave it to her and left again. Apparently mom was asking her what this baby's name was. She looked up at mom and said " jesus". mom laughed so hard. Mom told her you cant name your baby jesus lilly and lilly said " yes baby jesus". We did convince her to name it something else today. Her newest baby is called " wash" or wash baby.

anyway I'd love to hear the names your kids have came up with. ;-)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

THat's right this is how we roll.. lol lilly's new scooter she got for christmas got loaded into the truck and i think her dad thought this was hilarious. It is a funny little sight.
My mom ( aka grandma lala) got her bike tire fixed finally. ( thank you allan) and so she came to the park on this ride.
Lilly decided to let other kids play with her scooter and opted for her newest ride which she got for her birthday. We have had a bouncing cow but both emma and lilly love these bouncing toys so we decided our house needed a new one to go with the cow.
She was so excited about playing in the park with friends.
This was her last night. When she poses for a picture she always turns her head and looks to the side. Not sure why but it was cute her playing in my shoes. i can remember doing this in anyone's closet that would let me.
Stay tuned for an update on our party and a cute lilly story. I'm going on 4 hours of sleep still so I"m headed to bed but i'll update tomorrow if i can.
Here is a link to our shared site. If you aren't a member and want to be just send me a request. ;-)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wow I really love our neighborhood

So i recently discovered that our neighborhood has a blog. Yes this is awesome! I posted something on there for lilly's bday. We posted that we want to meet people with young children and invited them all to come celebrate lilly's birthday( yes it was in dec but we didn't do the party yet) in the park with us tomorrow. We are getting a few of the 5 dollar pizza's from little ceasers and some cupcakes from the store because i have had to work the last three nights and don't get off till 9 am tomorrow morning. So I'm going to get a small nap in then head to the park and see who shows up. We already got a couple comments on that blog on our post. One lady wanted to come and has a three year old little girl too but has to work. She suggested that sometime we could have a potluck because they haven't been able to meet very many couples to hang out with either. I thought that was a nice idea so we might do that in the future. Tomorrow is the only day for a while that me, allan, and aaron all have off of work at the same time. I'm still holding my breath that my work schedule might change a little. I like my job alot but i want to be more involved in the patient care and working nights I'm not very involoved. I get the weird things that happen and get alot of people that can't sleep but thats about it. ;-)
So anyway I'll let you all know how our spontaneous birthday party goes tomorrow. I'm wondering who will show up. Kind of exciting to meet some new people. I'll take some pictures of the queen birthday girl. lol.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

tiny update..

tiny update.. hmm.. yes there isn't much to post about actually. We have jsut been working our tails off and doing errands when we aren't working. Emma went back to her mom's today and lilly didn't like that at all. However lilly got distracted by john and serrah's little girl Payton. She came over and visited awhile because her mom and dad are moving two miles down the street from us so we watched her for them today. Lilly wasn't cruel to her like always but wasn't the nicest either. She has alot to learn still. She didn't want to share anything which i guess comes from being the only child around most of the time. But she did try to kick the little girl a couple times too. I'm not sure why the kicking thing is coming out lately but i think it has to do with the dog because that is where it started. Her kicking the dog to defend herself from it's jumping and chewing. AHHHH this sweet child of mine. lol. Anyway she did tell me that she likes the baby and when payton cried fro her mom she tried to give her a bottle and got really happy when the baby didn't cry for a little bit and told me " she likes it mom" .. it was cute her trying to help.
But now i'm back at work tonight. I don't have to work tomorrow but i'll probably stay up late and sleep thru the day anyway cause i work 3 night shifts mon-wed. The one girl i worked with quit after an incident the other night so I'm not sure who i will be working with this week. Should be interesting.
My classes are going well still. I have to write a couple page paper every week for both classes and do journal enteries too so it's a little time consuming but I'm doing okay in both of them.
Anyway hope everyone is having a good week. I'll try to update when our life picks up a little or we have time off. whenever that will be.. lol.

Friday, January 7, 2011

here are a few new pictures

I think it's neat that they have decorated orange trees for chirstmas. lol..
Feedin the chickens and ducks with Anne

painting pinecones with hannah

hannah and her rooster. Ive never seen such a calm rooster. he fell asleep getting petted.

emma liked feeding them corn chips and parts of oranges from the trees.

mom and anne posing for a picture. I think they could be pretty instant friends. ;-)

hannah getting bombarded with animals and children. she is such a good sport. She i s 12 but very mature and the girls just loved her.

I think lilly was trying to pull this goats tail. later she said something smelled like goat's tail. I imagine it was pretty bad. lol.

WE went and had a wonderful time with Anne at her house in chandler. THis house is in the middle of town but it has a huge yard and is zoned for horses and stuff. It's alot like being at a farm but still in the middle of the city. The girls loved having a picnic over there and they played and played with all the animals and then painted acorns or coconuts ( aka pinecones) .

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

work work work

I've been working my tail off and that's why i haven't posted. Lilly regressed on her potty training while i have been at work. Not sure why she does that but i've been noticing the trend. Emma is here with us now. The girls are having a good time playing together. allan is off too, so he is enjoying taking them to the park and finding activities to do with them to keep them quiet while i sleep during the day. I have to work one more night and then i'm off thrusday and friday then back to work on sat night. i plan on taking them to my friends house who has goats,chickens, ducks, and rabbits and a few dogs and cats also. I think they are going to enjoy having a picnic over there. They are such farm girls at heart I think. ;-) or tomboys. I started my classes for my RN to BSN program. They are goign well I got an 85 and a 95 on my first two assignments and I have the same instructor for both classes. I feel pretty good getting it done because the other people in my class are both in their 50's so woot woot for me for knocking it out now. lol.. Anyway that's all the update i have for now.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

ok i'm bragging a little.. but it's deserved.

Yes i just have to bragg on my little one this morning. She turned three on the 29th as most of you know cause i blogged about that too. Well we have tried off and on with potty training for months now. I blame myself mostly for it not working just because I have given up and said " she will get it when she is ready" or " all kids do it in their own time" .. yeah I"m thinking those are just excuses lazy moms tell themselves. LOL. sorry.. I know that they are partly true but in my case i think lilly has been ready for a while and maybe she just needed extra attention from me on it. So here is what happened. She has for the most part been able to use the potty if i let her run around naked all day. She will go on the toilet everytime if she is naked. However if she has panties or training pants on the % of times on the potty will drop to like 50%. Sometimes she will and sometimes she wont then i become frustrated and tired of cleaning poo out of training pants which is really no fun. So i put her back in her pull ups which the percentage goes down to 0% if she is in a diaper or pullups. She will not take those off because she knowsit's okay to pee in them.
OJkay so here is what happened. About a week ago Lilly woke up and i was getting her out of her sopping wet diaper (she always pees a ton at night) I noticed that she had a rash on both sides of her hips. This is weird because she has only had one case of buttrash in her whole 3 years. She has always used the same brand of diapers for the most part but when we have borrowed one or whatever of a different brand it had never bothered her before. Well we still had the same brand but we had went up in size which i didn't think would even make a difference but i guess it did. So i decided to stop being lazy and have her wear panties for the day. So that day I asked her every hour or so if she needed to pee pee. Well that day she ketp her panties dry all day. I haven't been able to put her in panties at night and that might not come for a while because she still soaks her diaper at night and doesn't wake up. But the next day we did panties again. I had to sleep this day so my mom did the panties with her and well I'm nto sure if lilly took advantage of this or if mom didn't ask her but she had two accidents. The next few days she did fine with no accidents. We have taken her to the park and for bike rides with no problems. We have only braved one store though. BUt she has went everytime in the toilet. Last night i ws getting her ready for bed and she begged me not to put on a diaper. She really didn't want one but i really didn't want to clean up pee off her new bunkbed at 2 am so we went with the diaper. ( probably being lazy again) Anyway she was watching her little movie in her bed and then she ran in my room totally naked. She had taken off her pj's and diaper. She told me she had to pee so i got up and went with her. She pee'd on the pot and then we diapered back up. I felt her diaper and it was totally dry. She had taken off a perfectly good diaper to go pee in the pot!

So i'm braggin a bit because I'm so excited that she is well on her way to being pottytrained now. She has got it during the day time and that's the important time to me! woohoo! so excited!