Friday, January 14, 2011

As promised..

Okay to finish up the post about lilly's birthday. It went really well. We had britt the sitter come, our friend searrah and payton, and then three mom's showed up and they all exchanged phone numbers with me to have play dates with lilly. There is one that Lilly really likes playing with her son. His name is chase and she follows him everywhere around the park and does everything he does. She did fight him for a ball though yesterday. lol. He is her age too. So she might have a new boy to hang out with. Chase has two brothers but they are smaller and lilly seems to think they are babies.
Anyway we had a very good party. Lilly was so happy with it. She told me this morning that she ate too much pizza. lol That's probably true.

So here is the funny lilly story. Do your kids come up with names for their toys or babies? I'm sure that all kids do this but lilly just started. Before this every baby was just baby, and horses were horse, bears were bear... you get the idea. So anyway the other night she was in bed and not wanting to be so she got up and started wandering around and looking for something. I asked her what she was looking for and she said something that sounded alot like bouncy ball. So i started bringing her balls from around the house. She assured me she did not want any of the balls. She kept calling out " bouncy balls" finally after she said it a few more times it sounded alot like bouncing bubbles. So i asked her if she needed bouncing bubbles. She said " yes! bouncing bubbles" So i still wasn't sure what bouncing bubbles was. WE looked all around for whatever it might be. So finally she found her baby that she had named bouncing bubbles. After we got that baby she found another baby right beside it and wanted to bring that one up too. So i asked her what the second baby was named. She said " naughty" . So we have bouncing bubbles and naughty. She even told me that naughty needs a nap..( maybe that's why it's named naughty) plus she gives naughty a ton of spankings during the day. She comforts bubbles though and tells her mommy's here. lol..
so at her birthday she got a third little baby that is a bathtub baby from grandma lala. Last night she was trying to sleep with grandmama lala again and when i went in to see if she was awake or asleep and ready to be moved back to her bed.. she told me she needed her new baby. Her bathtub baby. So i went and found it gave it to her and left again. Apparently mom was asking her what this baby's name was. She looked up at mom and said " jesus". mom laughed so hard. Mom told her you cant name your baby jesus lilly and lilly said " yes baby jesus". We did convince her to name it something else today. Her newest baby is called " wash" or wash baby.

anyway I'd love to hear the names your kids have came up with. ;-)

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