Friday, March 15, 2013

Long time no blog

I may have landed a new job! Allan did too! I won't comment on this subject too much just yet. I'm super excited but I won't know all te details for a couple months and Allan won't start his till then too. So anyways.. I have been MIA on the blog scene for a while. Working and keeping up with the kiddos is just about all I have time for these days. We did manage to sneak in a mini vacation last weekend. We want and saw my family in Cali. We had a very good time. We stayed in la Jolla a couple nights and I got to see my old friend from the navy Amy burch. The kids had fun seeing the sea lions on the beach. I have pics but they are on my phone and I don't think they can transfer to this blog from there.. If so I don't know how. Anyone know how to attach pics from an iPhone? I know I can send them to email or download to computer and attach them but who has time for that?  Lol.
Anyway hope everyone is doing great. We are alive and well in some nice 90 degree weather. Pool should be ready to swim in soon.