Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Busy bees

We have been so busy just living life. Allan is still gone a month home a month for his work but he switched jobs and is working for a company called Rowan. Right now he is in Norway at a class and then he will go to Korea. He should be back for te 4th of July but he doesn't have a return ticket just yet. So fingers crossed.
My job has been up and down lately. They offered me the job of adon for our skilled community but they didn't get it approved by one of the higher ups and that higher up who happens to be the Vice President of clinical operations for the company wants me to do a different job. I guess she thinks I would be good for a director spot at the newest community they are now managing. I'm not sure on that job. I said I would go look at it but I'm pretty sure I just want to be the adon at skilled if they will still let me. I'm pretty sure I will have some answers by the end of the day. Hope they are good ones. I know my foot steps are ordered by The Lord so I'm not too worried. Ill be where I'm suppose to be.
The girls are doing awesome. Lilly is so cute and funny still. I have her a donut the other day and he was so excited she said " mom its so good lookin".. Made me laugh and yes I guess it was a very handsome donut.
Olivia had one molar come in and is working on the second. She is still just a happy baby. Loves to be held but wants to get into everything right now. Perfectly normal little baby girl. She walks all over but she doesn't say many words. Mama and dada but that's pretty random still . She understands a lot more words than she says.
Other than that we haven't been up to much just living life. We are enjoying the pool quite often because its already 110 degrees out. We are looking forward to Allan getting back so we can go to the Texas beach and spend time with family jumping in the waves! Emma is going with us this time too so I think they will have fun. We are staying in a condo in the beach with my aunt and cousins then we are going to try to see my grandparents . The girls will love their house with the crab traps and kayaks. I think its right up Emma and Lilly's alley. So I'm ready for June to be done and come on July! Ready for my hubby to be back an vacation!