Saturday, June 27, 2009

what a busy funfilled day!

We got up bright and early and headed out to the annual paradise valley yard sale. The whole neighborhood throws a big yardsale. It was alot of fun. I found a play house for the back yard for 10 bucks. It is a little dirty but not too bad. I also found the deal of the day a little kid rocking chair. Yeah i video taped lilly in it and will have to post that later. Allan got a set of golf clubs that he is going to cut down for the girls. We found lots of clothes for lilly that were in good shape from one of the nice houses out there. After the yard sale we came home and had lunch and took a little nap time. Then we headed out to the nic festival. It is festival downtown for the art museum. It was alot of fun too. Most of the stuff is expensive but they have face painting and fun food and a beer garden and bands. So we bought two new marshmallow pokers for the firepit. They were pretty neato. We ran into tons of friends down there too. We saw holly and tasha and matt and muffy and jason. Just a ton of people and their kids. We got invited to go to thermopolis to hang out with holly and her two kids for one of their birthdays. I think we may end up going to that too. I have never been but i guess they have hot springs and a bunch of other stuff. We aren't staying the night. It's about 2 hours away so we will just go stay all day then come back. Anyway i have to go into work tomorrow at 6 am till 2 pm so i'm going to go take a shower and get in bed. I'm tired and sunburned. lol..Hope everyone else's weekend is going well!

Friday, June 26, 2009

swimming pool bound

Today has been about relaxing mostly. Lots of hugging and snuggling. I did sneak out and take the girls to lime leaf for some soft noodles. Then we made a walmart run to get papertowells and q tips.. you know the basics. lol. Lilly is still not fully recovered but hopefully will be soon. She doesn't have much of a fever it was 99.2 We plan on taking the girls to swim with their cousins tonight from 445 till 6ish. I have to work tonight. They call me about everyday to see if i can pick up a shift. I have been saying no no no but i thought i better say yes sometime. so i said i would work just 4 hours tonight and then work on sunday 6-2. Lilly just got up here thinking she was going to help my type. now she is pulling out every pen i own out of the cup they go in. lol so i guess this post is getting cut short.. nevermind i'll try again later maybe.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


We went to the park yesterday. The kidos had so much fun. It was time for baths but i changed my mind and said let's go to the park instead! so off we went. Emma got all her pent up energy out and lilly just loved the swing and the slides. She gets crazy on them. She will go down face first or backwards and not care a bit. Half the time she doesn't get her legs both straightened out in front of her either. lol.. Here are some pictures of the park and other stuff. I posted more on the photosite.

Monday, June 22, 2009

well im exhausted again. lol

I worked last night and i'm back up after 4 hours of sleep. I work again tonight. The work is quite easy though because we are actually staffed correctly for once. lol Makes it better when there are more hands to help. Plus i really like the nurse that is on duty with me. Emma's friend came home today. Clara the neighbor and now they can't be seperated. I'm hoping they go play at her house soon. They have been swimming in the baby pool in our back yard for the last hour or two. I'm not in the mood for handling more than my own kids with only 4 hours of sleep in last two days. >>>> oh my prayers were just answered. As soon as i typed that clara and emma came in and said clara had to go home. lol.. i like clara alot and i'm glad that emma as someone i like to play with so close but today is rough enough with just two. oh emma just asked if she could go to kidswork. That's the drop in daycare we use while she is here. We don't use it often but it comes in handy sometimes. So i guess i'll go call kidsworks.

Leslie, Thank you for leaving a comment. I saw that you had looked at the page a couple of times. I'm glad you figured it out. lol. We do need a trip somewhere. We are going to alabama maybe you should drive up and meet me there for a day or so. lol Ill be there on the 16 thru the 21st. miss you girly!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

happy fathers day to all the wonderful dad's!

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I am wishing my husband a wonderful father's day. He is out working supporting all of us even today! Honey you do a wonderful job at everything you do. The girls love you and love spending time with you. Your a great dad and you don't care to get your hands dirty doing it.. lol love you!

Happye father's day to my two daddy's too! Byron thank you for being there for me all the years i was growing up. Mike thank you for being there for me when i needed you out in california. It was great to have family so close and be accepted instantly. You both mean the world to me! love you guys!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

i just want to see if i can get this to work

Well i guess i did it. it took forever to upload though.. hmm..and i can't figure out the editing thing to make certain ones shorter.. guess i'll keep working on it. see ya!

So much fun!

Yesterday we had such a busy day. We went over to aunt liz's house in the morning and hung out with the cousins. That is what the pictures below were from. Then home we went for nap time. Lilly was in desperate need of a nap. Later we went to the store and loaded up on all the nesseceties for our picnic this weekend for fathers day. That was an adventure. Emma is great help, lilly was a fart! So home we went to eat some dinner and then we went to DQ again. Emma has fallen inlove with the cherry dipped cones. She liked vanilla ones and of course i thought those were to boring so i talked her into gettin a cherry one and now she loves them and talks nonstop about them lol. We got Lilly a tiny cone too. When i handed it to her i realized it was her first real ice cone. She was hilarious with it. She just didn't quite know what to do with it. Eat it or paint with it?? lol
We went swimming last night too. I found out that they do have swim lessons starting in july. Liz has signed up maddie for the tot class and we got emma into the bigger kid class at the same pool at the same time. I think she will enjoy it. She will have to miss her last day because we leave for alabama. Oh well. Hopefully she will learn enough the first 7 days.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

heres some pics of what i was talking about

Sheww this girl is tired..

So i worked last night and i slept till about 1030 this morning. From 730 am till 1030am. Yep i'm running on 3 hours of sleep. It's weird cause i feel tired but pretty normal. Today i had a doctor apt at 1115 that's why i had to get back up. Once i was up i decided that i needed to stay up and get things done and hang out with the girls. So today we played outside like normal. We went to mcdonalds and took our dinner to the park. The girls were so cute at the park. Lilly loves the slides now and the swings are always her favorite. Emma was over at the bigger kid area and i was keeping an eye on her. Well she was talking to another little girl and here she came running to me. Before we got to the park i gae her a lecture on not talking to any weird strangers. I told her she could talk to kids her age but not any old ones and no adults that we didn't know. So when she ran up to me she started the conversation with.." this girl has the same birthday as me, june 3rd and she is 6. She likes to do the monkey bars, etc etc i mean it went on and on about everything about this other little girl. So then she asked if it was okay if she talked to her and told me that she was the same age and that she wasn't strange.. lol.. So my response was " that's fine emma what is her name?" she stopped in her tracks and said "i don't know i didn't ask her." Its funny how kids can talk and talk and a name is never important. So off she went to find out her name. She came crying back to me a few minutes later. I had told her to not climb the rock wall and not to do this other crazy tire swing kind of thing. I didn't think about the monkey bars. Isn't that what all kids get hurt on. She was holding her arm. she skinned her hand and said she hit her arm and neck. I checked her out and made her move everything. She is fine now. So we left the park and got ice cream and went home to play the wii. Lilly loves emma. She follows her around the house. She tried to crawl into the bathtub with emma tonight. Poor emma. lolEmma does really good with her though and hasn't lost patience with her yet. If emma is sitting in a chair lilly will climb up and snuggle with her. I'm a little sad cause it seems like i lost my snuggle buddy since emma got here. ;-(
I'm half watching dance the weight off. It looks really funny and cute. All these bigger people are going onto a show like dancing with the stars/ biggest loser. It's interesting if you like either one of those shows.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday church day with the kido's

Today we woke up and decided to take the kids to church. We didn't have enough time to get ready so we decided to go to liz and nolan's church. I think they were suprised to see all of us this morning. HAha. Lilly was so good. I took her down to the nursery not really sure what she would do when we got down there. She was interested in all the toys and other kids, but she didn't want to go very far from me. I snuck out and they gave me a pager. I wondered how long it would be before they buzzed me. Well they never had too. She did excellent. Jake was in there too. I'm not sure if they played or not. I don't even know if they noticed each other with all the other kids around but she did fine anyway. When i went to pick her up she was riding on a toy and had another toy in her mouth. Emma went to her sunday school class that was for her age. Apparently she didn't have any problems either. She made some crafts and said that she liked it. We asked her if she would like to go back and she said yes. So we think that while emma is here we will probably go to their church so they can see their cousins. Allan and I went ot the normal service but liz and nolan are going to a parenting class so they weren't with us. It was nice we talked to quite a few people that were familiar.
The rest of the day we hung around the house. We came home and made grilled cheese sandwiches with emma's help. We started painting on the basement. Just putting on the primer. We didn't get very far with that. The kids played outside a bunch. I took emma to once upon a child for their annual sale and stocked up on some dresses for lilly and some more things for emma. I think they both have too many clothes now and i may need to weed thru the ones lilly doesn't wear anymore. Emma and I went to the mall and found her a pair of dress shoes to wear with her church dresses. This morning she wore a nice shirt and pants but didn't have any shoes to wear with any of her dresses. She needed some to wear with the dress she is going to wear to the wedding anyway.
At 430 allan took the girls out to get some dinner at KFC because emma has been asking for popcorn chicken. They ate and then headed to the park for some play time. Well allan got called out at about 6pm. So mom came home to help watch the girls because i have to work tonight and allan wont be home till probably tomorrow night.So mom had the night shift here at the house while i have the night shift at work. Emma is in her bed watching a movie on her portable dvd player and lilly is headed the same direction.. getting sleepy eyed right now.
oh funny story.. I gave emma a bowl of cereal as a snack at about 7. She was still hungry after her chicken apparently. Well it was cookie crisp cereal that has pretty large pieces. I gave it to her in a small bowl of lilly's since she didn't need much. she was eating away but taking along time to eat it. I thought maybe she wasn't really that hungry. Well about half way thru the bowl she said.. " i wish we had bigger spoons." I looked over to see what in the world she was talking about and i had given her one of lilly's baby spoons to eat with. I guess it was just habit. Poor girl was eating about one pice of cereal at a time cause that is all that would fit on her spoon. Mom started laughing at me and i got emma a regular spoon. Sorry emma we are just use to little kids around here. lol
Anyway I'm hopefully going to go catch an extra hour of sleep. I'm not really tired right now but i'm sure i will be at 3 am lol
see ya all!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dinner at Liz's

We had dinner with the cousins tonight. All the kids played really well. Lilly is little miss independent. She is a bit of a loner. She just hasn't ever had kids around to play with so she doesn't see the need in them really. I guess she still really likes to play with other kids toys just nto so much them really. Emma had a good time playing. Maddie was a bit shy at first but she came around. Jake was a typical boy beating up on the girls. Not intentionally but it was funny. It was fun to see them all interact. i posted all the pics on the photo site. Be sure to check there. Here are a couple though.

Lilly and Emma's first meet and greet.. lol

The girls have taken off quite nicely. Lilly follows emma around everywhere. I haven't heard one cry or scream from either one. Emma is very careful with lilly too. This morning we went threw all the clothes i had been buying for emma. about half of them fit.. well fit well enough to wear i guess. I got size 6x but it looks like she is still in a 5. So we have to go buy a jacket or sweatshirts and a couple pair of jeans. I just don't trust the weather up here and besides we will have fires outside so she will need them anyway. Anyway here are some pictures of the girls playing together.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Done with the first week of work.

Well it wasn't a week it was 2 nights but it felt like a week. Tonight allan and I are goign to go see that movie the "hangover". It looks pretty funny. The part where Mike Tyson is singing cracks me up everytime i see it. I asked our friends muffy and jason if they would like to go with us and much to my suprise they were already planning to go to outback and then go see that movie. So we will meet up with them at the movies. Mom and I made homemade enchiladas for dinner. I made the chicken that go in them and she rolled them up.
Tomorrow i'm off early to go pick up emma at the airport. I have to drive to dnever to get her so i have to leave at like 7am even though she doesn't fly in till 1230. I want to have plenty of time to check in and get to her gate so i'm there when she comes off the plane. I have plenty of stuff for her to do on the way home. We may stop in and see her grandparents in wheatland on the way home too. It's a nice pit stop. Its 4 hours in the car and they are about an hour and a half from casper right on the way so it's a good little stretch the legs stop.
I'm excited to see emma and nervous about having two kido's this summer. I always get nervous right before she comes. I have the feeling like" life as i know it is about to stop" then after she gets here we always get into a very nice groove. She does pretty good adjusting to us. We always have some issues with different rules but all in all she does really well. Probably alot better than i would do. lol.
She has a closet full of new clothes to wear but i'm thinking they all may just get sent home with her cause i bought 6x and i think she is in a 5 still. Oh well she will have plenty to grow into for school next year. I'm hoping she can at least wear some of the shirts and dresses that i got. WE will see. Both girls have cute dresses to wear to the wedding in alabama. I know which one lilly is going to wear but Emma there is a toss up to what fits her. We will have to try some on and see.
Anyway i gotta go get ready for date night. I'm stoked to see this movie. I need a good laugh today!

To mirya and Doug!

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Allan's aunt has been married to her husband 14 years today! Happy anniversary you guys!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Well i made it thru the night...

Yes i went in early last night at 1015ish just to make sure i could find where i needed to be and get signed in right and blah blah.. Figure out what i was suppose to be doing. It seemed to go along fairly quickly till about 4am. That's when it hit me hard that i was tired. I only go ta two hour nap yesterday before i went in and today i got home at about 715 and went to bed close to 8am and i have been up since 1015 am.. So i'm going on another two hours of sleep. hmm.. I don't know about this whole deal. I'm going to bed as soon as allan gets home. Actually lilly just fell asleep in her jumper so i'm going to move her into her crib and see if i can get some shut eye. All in all it wasn't that bad. Stinky and gross.. definetly but it wasn't horrible and most of the residents were very nice. Some told me they loved me and then there were a few that i think would of liked to box or bite me if i got close enough. One chomped down on my thermometer so hard i thought it would for sure break and he was ticked when he did it too. lol.. I'd like to pick up a day shift so i could get to know them a litttle bit better. At night most of them are sleeping and dont' liek to be woke up.. Who can blame them. I had to get a lady up at 5 am for breakfast and she kept asking me the time.. I would tell her and then she finally said" why on heavens am i getting up this early?" I'm working on the alzheimers wing if i left that out. She gets up that early everyday but it just struck me as somewhat funny because really.. why are they getting up that early? is there any reason what so ever for them to be up that early? Oh well. So i'm off to close my eyes.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

here are some pictures of all the kids playing

I put some on the photosite. Here are a few to preview though. We had a good barbque with liz and her family. All the kids got to play together. Unfortunatly, lilly didn't have a nap before they came over so she was a grouch and then ended up falling asleep soon after they got here but she spunked back up after a short catnap. She just needed to go outside to be happy. So out we went after we ate. the kids had fun in the yard and i think we will have a fun summer outdoors with these kido's i think jake and lilly are little outdoor campers. Maddie likes it too as long as the dog is up. HAHA. Liz that was a wonderful salad you brought over. I don't know how nolan's mom makes it but it tasted yummy to me. In fact i'm sitting here wishing i had some more of it right now. lol.
I start my job tomorrow so don't expect many posts out of me. I'll post how it was but i have a feeling i'm going to be exhausted for a while. We will see.


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Friday, June 5, 2009

Got the Job!

I got the job. It pays close to 14 and hour! I am going to start on sunday thru tuesday for orientation. We will see how it goes. Wish me luck lol.. I have to go buy scrubs now because i only have the ones from school that i can't wear as a cna! lol See ya

i'M OFF..

Yep I'm off to an interview at Shepard. We will see how it goes. I have to tell them i need a week of vacation off the bat and that i can't work the shift they want me to when school starts so .. I guess they will either take what they can get or find someone else. lol. We will just have to wait and see. Carissa is coming over to watch lilly because today is also mine and mom's spa day. We didnt get to schedule together so her's was at 10 am and mine is at 2 pm.Mom finds out her schedule tomorrow so we will have to see how all this works out. I'm a little nervous about everyone of us having a job but i think it will be good if we can schedule it just right. lol.. I may end up having to take lilly with me to pick up emma at the airport. I wasn't really wanting to do this. The ride is 4 hours there and 4 hours back. That is a very long time to be in the car and it wouldn't be so bad if i had someone going with me but it's just me. On the way back the girls can play together but there might be hard. ..I may find a babysitter who knows. The girl down the street has watched lilly quite a bit and lilly really likes her so maybe if mom is working she wont' go in till the afternoon and then i can just get the girl to come over for a few hours in the afternoon. We will see i guess. I'll let you all know how the interview goes when i get back. See ya!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

well bad service..

So i guess i don't have to unplug the phone.. It doesn't even work. Our internet has been in and out all day but i didn't even think to check the phone. Well we finally needed to use it and when i tried there wasn't even a dial tone. Nothing. I guess that's why it hasn't rang all day long lol.. oh well. So I just called our phone company and they told me to hook it up to our modem. We did and all is fine now. However they said tough luck on why it doesn't work coming out of the wall anymore. I guess allan will have to investigate. I'm tired of the problems. Why can't things just work like they are suppose to??

Lilly getting stuck in my shoe.

She has started saying alot of words and like any true girl she says shoe.. well she says "ssshhhhh".. so she has that part right and we know what she is trying to say. she also says "all gone" "oh moe" for oh no! and "up" and "down". of course all of our names. Except she calls aaron unc and mom she says "yaya" instead of lala. My mom got to talk to emma on her birthday. Emma remembered her. It was cute. Well she said she did but i'm sure they will get to know each other a whole lot this summer. I got my interview at shepard of the valley tomorrow. I'm goign to work a couple graveyard shifts i guess. They needed someone for sunday and monday nights so we will see how it pans out tomorrow.
Tonight we plan on relaxing. Allan is going to the chiropractor today and i'm going to cook up some yummy porkchops, mashed potatoes, and corn for dinner. Have a nice night in. Watch some tv and relax!!!! I'm tempted to take the phone off the hook and go to bed at 8. lol


Here are some pics of the before..

Here are some work in progress pictures. It's coming along really nice i think!

Tomorrow we plan on putting on the texture. Just a real basic one to hide bumps and bruises. lol. then the fun starts of finding the right color. I'm going with something bland. lol. Yes i like nuetrals. I think the houses sell better with neutral paints too and you just never know how long we will be here so i don't want to have to paint again in a year or two. I'm going to try to decorate down there with some wyoming flare though. Rustic.. i guess is the word i'm looking for. maybe cowboyish.. lol

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Not really posting anything today.. maybe tomorrow?

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Is it nap time yet?

The last day or two i have been so tired. I don't know what has gotten into me. Yesterday i took a nap with lilly which is pretty rare for me cause usually i use that time for myself or to get things done around here. I don't know why i'm so tired though. Lilly went back into her crib. I think i wrote a post about that.. not sure but anyway we went back to her crib cause we couldn't get her to stay in her toddler bed at all. It as been great since she is back in her crib. the last two nights she slept the whole night thru which is very rare for her. She almost always wakes up at least once. The phone rang at 2am about 4 times. I mean four seperate calls. Allan's boss called twice and a toolpusher from the rig called twice and lilly slept thru all of that even. I didn't maybe that's why i'm tired. lol. He got called out at 2am last night so yeah for the overtime hours but shewww poor allan. He had to get up and drive 5 hours away i think. He was tired before bed too so i felt really bad for him. He is going to come in today and sleep from like 7 when he gets home till tomorrow i think. Anyway back to lilly, she has been so good on sleeping now. I had to go in there after the phone rang last night just to check on her. She stirred alittle when i touched her so i knew she was okay but she didn't get up till 730 this morning. We have been laughing too cause she keeps sleeping in. 730 is early for her now. She likes to sleep till 830 or even 9 if you let her. HAHA!. I had to check on her last night because at about 730pm she fell off of her slide which i had brought in for her to play on. Well she tried to climb it with three shoes in her hand. she made it to the top but then leaned back and fell off of it. She banged her head pretty good. Allan thought her body got the brunt of the fall but it worried me because she started throwing up everywhere pretty fast. We went ot the tub to try to clean her off and she wasn't having any of it and she wouldn't let me touch her head to wash it. So i was worried about a head thing of course. She went to sleep fine but it was the waking up part i was worried about. She woke up fine this morning and has been totally happy. She is taking a little nap right now but she is fine.

I went to jc penney's and bought two dresses for the wedding. I couldn't decide on just one. LOL. I think i have a favorite though. So i'm glad that i found a couple. They were both 70 dollars a piece but they were both marked down so much i ended up spending only 62 for both of them. YEAH! I needed a couple of nice summery dresses. I have some winter ones but mostly just sundresses for summer. Nothing nice enough to wear to a wedding. So problem solved. Now i need to get shoes for emma and possibly another dress. We will see. She has acouple of really nice ones but i don't know how they will fit. I hear she doens't like wearing dresses anymore so i'm going to have to play up the whole fancy wedding stuff. lol

So i read about your blog on finding a necklace for katie. I have wanted to get lilly and emma both a piece of jewelry and so today i was looking at the childrens necklaces at jcpenney's.. OH MY GOSH! I had no idea. lol. I picke dout 4 for the lady to price for me and the cheapest one was 70 bucks. The other ones were all 130ish. I couldn't believe it. one was a tinkerbell and one was a princess golden necklace. The other two were a locket and a little diamond heart. None were worth the 130 bucks they wanted. So good score if you found a pretty one for under 50 dollars. lol I think we will go look at claires or icing when it gets closer and forget jewelry till they get a little older. lol.

Mom is gone to her first day at firerock. She is just in oreintation but i could tell she was nervous when she left. She looked real snazzy though. I'm sure she will do fine.
I still haven't gotten pictures of the basement. By the time i get down there to do something besides laundry It is going to be done and i'll only have pictures of the after. lol. The walls are all drywalled and we started the mudd. Not too much farther to go.
Anyway I may go try to squeeze in a few minutes of shut eye before rowdy girl gets up again. See Ya!

Happy Birthday to our sweet Emma!

Happy Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

These were just a few of my favorite pictures of emma. WE can't wait to see you next week! Yeah it's getting closer. YOur sister can't wait to play with you. Last time you were here she couldn't even walk yet but this time she will be ready to play outside and run in the back yard! Hope you have a wonderful birthday party! We sent you a card but we will keep your present here for when you get here! love you miss emma!