Monday, June 1, 2009

So proud!

I'm giving a big round of applause to my mother today! She landed a job at Firerock. She has no waitressing experience at all and the still wanted her. She had to go thru 3 interviews and all three of the managers said yes to her. They usually couldn't agree on people but they all liked her! So way to go mamma! It can be really scary trying to reenter the workforce especially at 52. YIkes! but she is doing it! YOU GO GIRL!! She goes in wed for oreintation and then they will talk about scheduling her. Firerock is one of the nicest restaruants in town and it just went under new onwership and they did a huge remodel for those of you that aren't familiar with it. So keep mom in your prayers if you think about it. She is a little nervous but i think it's normal when you get a new job.

I put in an application at our nursing home in town. I called and they are going to call me back.I really just want a casual job where i can pick up shifts whenever it's convienent. I am going to have emma and lilly this summer so getting even a part time one would be complicated but i think that i can pick up shifts in the evening from time to time. It will keep me on my toes for school this fall and i'll make a little extra money. It's the highest paid CNA job in town but there is a reason for that.. they usually can't keep help. I guess i can understand. Nursing homes can be depressing. I did a rotation there for school and i didn't think it was horrible. The old people just need better care and that's all there is to it. I wish more familys would take part in their parents care or grandparents. It's a little sad what this country is coming to in this area.

We are getting all ready for emma. OUr basement is really coming along. I will post pictures of it soon. I haven't gotten down there to take any in a while. I'm looking forward to having an extra room to play in. We won't have the floor done but the walls will be done soon. We haven't decided on the flooring yet. Carpet? Tile? those lock in wood pieces? who knows. I"m going for whatever is the cheapest and looks the best. Allan thinks carpet cause it stays pretty cool down there. I guess we will save up some money and then figure it out.

Anyway i have my cpr class to get requalified at 2 today. It's just three hours. but it feels like i have so much to do this week. The truck going in and a doc apt. I still haven't been able to get to the post office to mail out my birthday cards for all the people that are having b-day's this week and next and one anniversary. shewww.. lol.

Anyway I'll post some more pictures when i get time. See ya!

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