Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday church day with the kido's

Today we woke up and decided to take the kids to church. We didn't have enough time to get ready so we decided to go to liz and nolan's church. I think they were suprised to see all of us this morning. HAha. Lilly was so good. I took her down to the nursery not really sure what she would do when we got down there. She was interested in all the toys and other kids, but she didn't want to go very far from me. I snuck out and they gave me a pager. I wondered how long it would be before they buzzed me. Well they never had too. She did excellent. Jake was in there too. I'm not sure if they played or not. I don't even know if they noticed each other with all the other kids around but she did fine anyway. When i went to pick her up she was riding on a toy and had another toy in her mouth. Emma went to her sunday school class that was for her age. Apparently she didn't have any problems either. She made some crafts and said that she liked it. We asked her if she would like to go back and she said yes. So we think that while emma is here we will probably go to their church so they can see their cousins. Allan and I went ot the normal service but liz and nolan are going to a parenting class so they weren't with us. It was nice we talked to quite a few people that were familiar.
The rest of the day we hung around the house. We came home and made grilled cheese sandwiches with emma's help. We started painting on the basement. Just putting on the primer. We didn't get very far with that. The kids played outside a bunch. I took emma to once upon a child for their annual sale and stocked up on some dresses for lilly and some more things for emma. I think they both have too many clothes now and i may need to weed thru the ones lilly doesn't wear anymore. Emma and I went to the mall and found her a pair of dress shoes to wear with her church dresses. This morning she wore a nice shirt and pants but didn't have any shoes to wear with any of her dresses. She needed some to wear with the dress she is going to wear to the wedding anyway.
At 430 allan took the girls out to get some dinner at KFC because emma has been asking for popcorn chicken. They ate and then headed to the park for some play time. Well allan got called out at about 6pm. So mom came home to help watch the girls because i have to work tonight and allan wont be home till probably tomorrow night.So mom had the night shift here at the house while i have the night shift at work. Emma is in her bed watching a movie on her portable dvd player and lilly is headed the same direction.. getting sleepy eyed right now.
oh funny story.. I gave emma a bowl of cereal as a snack at about 7. She was still hungry after her chicken apparently. Well it was cookie crisp cereal that has pretty large pieces. I gave it to her in a small bowl of lilly's since she didn't need much. she was eating away but taking along time to eat it. I thought maybe she wasn't really that hungry. Well about half way thru the bowl she said.. " i wish we had bigger spoons." I looked over to see what in the world she was talking about and i had given her one of lilly's baby spoons to eat with. I guess it was just habit. Poor girl was eating about one pice of cereal at a time cause that is all that would fit on her spoon. Mom started laughing at me and i got emma a regular spoon. Sorry emma we are just use to little kids around here. lol
Anyway I'm hopefully going to go catch an extra hour of sleep. I'm not really tired right now but i'm sure i will be at 3 am lol
see ya all!

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