Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Done with the first week of work.

Well it wasn't a week it was 2 nights but it felt like a week. Tonight allan and I are goign to go see that movie the "hangover". It looks pretty funny. The part where Mike Tyson is singing cracks me up everytime i see it. I asked our friends muffy and jason if they would like to go with us and much to my suprise they were already planning to go to outback and then go see that movie. So we will meet up with them at the movies. Mom and I made homemade enchiladas for dinner. I made the chicken that go in them and she rolled them up.
Tomorrow i'm off early to go pick up emma at the airport. I have to drive to dnever to get her so i have to leave at like 7am even though she doesn't fly in till 1230. I want to have plenty of time to check in and get to her gate so i'm there when she comes off the plane. I have plenty of stuff for her to do on the way home. We may stop in and see her grandparents in wheatland on the way home too. It's a nice pit stop. Its 4 hours in the car and they are about an hour and a half from casper right on the way so it's a good little stretch the legs stop.
I'm excited to see emma and nervous about having two kido's this summer. I always get nervous right before she comes. I have the feeling like" life as i know it is about to stop" then after she gets here we always get into a very nice groove. She does pretty good adjusting to us. We always have some issues with different rules but all in all she does really well. Probably alot better than i would do. lol.
She has a closet full of new clothes to wear but i'm thinking they all may just get sent home with her cause i bought 6x and i think she is in a 5 still. Oh well she will have plenty to grow into for school next year. I'm hoping she can at least wear some of the shirts and dresses that i got. WE will see. Both girls have cute dresses to wear to the wedding in alabama. I know which one lilly is going to wear but Emma there is a toss up to what fits her. We will have to try some on and see.
Anyway i gotta go get ready for date night. I'm stoked to see this movie. I need a good laugh today!

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Anonymous said...

I am so nervous about her going! I know she is going to be fine. She is really excited to come :) I packed her suitcase with a few outfits...wanted to make sure there was room for what she brings home. I packed the extra bike helmet that we have for her to keep up there. What am I going to do with out a kid for 6 weeks???OMG LOL Hope I did not forget anything :)