Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The happenings

Emma is here all week. She is going to camp at the YMCA. She seems to be enjoying it a lot. The fried an egg on the sidewalk today and yes it really did fry cause we live in Phoenix. She has also made slim an other activities and they take th summing and let them do the rock climbing wall for exercise so it sounds like it is fun for her. Lilly loves having Emma around. She really has so much fun playing with her. Olivia is growing more and more everyday. She weighed in at a whopping 9.15 at her one month check up. I had my 6 week check up and that went fine too. The doctor wrote me a note to go back to work in another couple weeks. She wouldn't let me go early. ( she knows I'm a nurse) we call Olivia the baby beast. She grunts and makes all sorts of funny noises so when Lilly and I are awake an Trying to be quiet we play a game and say " don't wake the baby beast" then Olivia grunts and I say" hurry kiss her so she will stay a princess" Lilly kisses her an Olivia grunts some more and I say" too late we have awoken the baby beast" I know it's silly but they seem to get a real tickle out of pretending she is a wild beast. Haha. What else? Oh I'm sick as a dog right now. It started with a nasty allergy day and now I think it might be a sinus infection. I have a mild temperature of 100.4 right now do I guess it's about to be NyQuil and bedtime for me. Till the next time....

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

i'm still here

I have been extremely bad about blogging lately. I'm sorry but i have just been so busy having a newborn around. My husband was home to so we have been just running nonstop even if it's just to get a bottle or a diaper.. lol Well allan left a couple days ago for africa. He made it there and texted  me that he is working days this time. I'm nervous for him this time because he has to stay there 5 weeks. Well and dayshift i harder than night shift and the company laid off alot of technical workers that helped him. So i'm hoping he can hang in there and doesn't get to stressed out this time. I've decided that i really like this job he has. I started encouraging him to keep it. Allan gets bored and wants to change jobs alot. I think it's the military remnants. Anyway, i love that every other month we can go on a vacation if we want to. I also love that we arent' stuck in phoenix if we don't want to be. WE could live anywhere. For right now we live here because emma is here but eventually we could move anywhere we want. Yes the month away from him is tough on me and the kids too but i think it makes our hearts grow fonder. WE are both so sweeter to each other when we are apart.  Not that we are mean when we are together  it just brings out our emotions a little more when we are apart i think. So anyway, I am liking his job as long as it's not to hard on him this month. Here are some pictures of the last month.
 my wonderful husband bought me a shadow box from my military days. He said he was proud of my8 years in the navy and wanted to have something to show on our walls for it. i love him!

our babysitter came over and took pictures of olivia in the outfit she made her. I thought this was a cute one.

My grandparents came to visit. There trip out was amazing. They are both
doing so well. I couldn't get my grandmother to put olivia down the entire time she was here. She would stop midsentence if olivia shifted or made a face to ohh and ahh over her. It was very cute. We had a wonderful wonderful time having them here.

I just thought this was a good saying that a church put up! How appropriate. I think people forget that everyone of us are sinners. None of us are better than the other we have all sinned. So before you start pointing out other peoples flaws and how they don't measure up or what you think they are doing wrong.. well we should all remember that we aren't perfect either.

another picture of the outfit lizzie made. it was the funniest little thing.

and this one is of my grandfather out in the pool. I think he enjoyed our pool. He would go out in the morning and do a little class of water aerobics all by himself and then he had some other participants join him a few times. It really was so nice having a sweet loving visit from good family. We miss them and wish we were closer to visit more often. Maybe we will plan something this fall. i am itching to do some traveling in our new suv just not yet. It's still a little rough right now with the baby so little and breastfeeding and dr apts and all that. But by fall I'm out of here. I would like to go visit my dad in cali soon too. He hasn's seen olivia and he is only a couple hours away. I feel bad that i don't get out there more. I know there are some of allan's family in Alabama that we would like to go visit too. maybe a roadtrip to Alabama with stopping in Texas would be fun in the fall. I have to go back to work though at some point. I think my leave is up Aug 10th. So after that i have to take days off but i don't have any vacation cause i had to use it all for the FMLA. So not sure how that will work out with my traveling plans. lol.. we will see i guess. Oh and emma goes back to school aug 8th so never sure on wether she will be able to go or not either. I think she gets a long break but i don't know if her dad will b home during it or not.. things to contemplate..