Sunday, November 30, 2008

winter wonderland

Road closed Pictures, Images and PhotosWell we got up this morning at 5 to take Emma to the airport in denver to go home. We discovered a winter wonderland. It really wasn't that bad and we planned ahead with plenty of time to go slowly. We made it 3 out of the 4 hour drive and then we ran into a closed interstate. I don't think the conditions were that bad. I think the colorado drivers were that bad. LOL.. Anyway after waiting a while it started snowing and we were scared that we would get stuck in the middle not being able to head north or south so we turned around and headed home. We rescheduled her flight for this thursday when i am out of school and the weather should be better then. We will keep our fingers crossed on that though. LOL. So Emma gets to stay a few more days than i thought she would. Which is fine by me cause her trip was really short anyway. Mom took emma out to the mall for an hour. I think she just wanted to pal around with her for a bit. HEHE.. So when she gets back I'm going to take her to bingo tonight. They let 5 year olds and up come in so I'm going to take her. However, I'm going prepared. She will have her coloring books, DVD player with new tinkerbell movie, and if all else fails they let the kids play kiddie bingo for prizes. I'm not sure if she could do her numbers but i think she could probably with some help. So wish me luck we are having a big girls night out. LOL.. Allan is going to stay at home and watch lilly and sunday night football.
Anyway hope everyone is doing well and recovering from all the turkey and shopping.. lol

Friday, November 28, 2008

Pictures are up!

Here are emma's favorite pictures from thanksgiving. I let her pick the ones for the blog. All the pictures are are posted on our photosite. ;-)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy thanksgiving

Hey everyone. Happy thanksgiving. We had a great one with Emma, lilly, allan, aaron, mom, me, Sandy, and wade. (oh and two dogs. We also founf out that there are going to be two more boys in the family. Liz and Mi are both having boys that will be one month apart if i'm right on the dates. CONGRAT'S!!! How fun to have them so close together!

I'll post pictures of thanksgiving soon but i'm going to do the black friday shopping tomorrow so i"m in need of some sleep. Target here i come at 6 am! whoohoo..!
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Sunday, November 23, 2008

christmas continued at our house..

Well i woke up in the christmas spirit again today. So i felt a little creative and i made some good old sgar cookies and decorated them. We had fun but it was sure hard to keep lilly away from them. I looked over at one point and she was covered in red icing. lol. She still has a little tint of pink but it's bath night so it's okay!
Here are some pictures of our creations.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Super Saturday

Christmas Tree 2 Pictures, Images and PhotosToday has been pretty slow. I went to the mall with lilly and bought a new top.Not sure if i even like it really. It's breaking out of my shell a little but when i put on my new outfit and came out and asked aaron how i looked he looked a little shocked and told me i looked "hip". I'm guessing i'm not cool in my 19 year old brothers eyes.. lol.. We all went and ate at perkins for lunch. It was good like usual. I had a delicous salad. Lilly had her favorite which is there chicken noodle soup.
Then i came home and mom decided to watch lilly for a while so i could go back out and have some free time. so i took her up on it and went back to the mall. I got a 20 minute massage from the asian people in the mall. They twisted me around like a pretzel and i guess that is a massage wherever they are from. lol
I met up with my friend clarissa and we got our hair cut and colored. Mine just looks more cleaned up. I didn't go all drastic. Clarissa got red and blonde put in her brown hair and it looked really good. Wish i could be braver. I'm just not.
I came home and played with lilly and mom went out to a church group she was interested in at the open bible church. She called and said it was really good. She wanted aaron to come down there but he was tired. I got a crazy hair up my behind and decided to put up our christmas tree. I think mom will be suprised when she gets home and see's a tree up. lol. Lilly wanted to attack the lights so bad but eventually got worn out from fighting me and fell asleep. So everything is quitehere and looking alot more like christmas. I usually put it up right after thanksgiving so it's really not that early. We have a fake little tree that looks like it needs to be tossed. I told allan it wasn't looking so good and he agrees it is tossed after this christmas. I"m hoping we get a real one next year. I love real trees. Anyway hope you all have a good rest of the weekend!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

my cousin matilde

This was recorded in tilde's living room. She has a myspace music page and she is really good. There is a long story about her dad but the basics are that he passesd away when she was very young. To young to really remember him and she didn't find out the whole story of his death till she was 16 i guess. It's a beautiful song that she wrote herself anyway. turn my music off and listen if you want! ;-)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It's only the middle of the week? It is surely suppose to be friday right? I have had such a busy week. Clinical and classes have been keeping me busy. I have an apt this afternoon with a womens clinic. Yeah.. fun huh? Tomorrow i have a resource commitee meeting in the afternoon for the college. Friday is my advising day to turn in my schedule for next semester. I"m taking 10 credits next semester and for not being considered full time it's a load I'm telling you. There is a ballet at a local school on sunday that i really want to go see but.. I don't know if i will have time. I have classes on monday and tuesday next week and then wed i pick up emma so sometime this weekend i need to get to the grocery store and pick up things for thanksgiving. Allan's parents are coming up here to have thanksgiving with us and see the girls. Emma is staying with us from wed till sunday. We have pictures on saturday. II'm doing my christmas shopping on black friday so yeah It's a little hectic around here for the next week or two. I'm hoping it all calms down so we can have a great thanksgiving with all the family. We are doing the traditional turkey dinner maybe a little ham and all the fixin's. lol. I'm getting hungry thinking about it. YUMMY!!
Anyway have a good rest of the week everyone!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Just some pictures of my little mermaid.. lol

Thursday, November 13, 2008

yummy cookies

I found a recipe on the back of a bag of reese peanut butter pieces for some chocolate cookies with peanut butter drops in them I made a big batch of them today and they are wonderful. If your in the grocery store and want some good cookies pick up a bag of the drops and use that recipe. There are a few ingredients so i'm not going to write out the whole recipe here but they are good cookies. I think my date with maddie is getting canceled cause liz is pretty sick today and doesn't know if maddie is sick or not. Pray for liz. She was throwing up i guess this morning and that is never really fun when you are pregnant.
So i'm baking away. i have those chocoalte/pb cookies done and some regular old chocolate chip cookies done. I may start a batch of sugar cookies but maybe not. I need to do some math homework so i think i might start that instead. The house smells wonderful. I just love the smell of fresh baked cookies. yumm yumm!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Does anyone else feel the holidays coming on.

Yes i have started wanting to bake stuff. I'm going to start baking cookies soon. I have different recipes and I'm going to make alot of sugar cookies and decorate them. I have a few plastic cute christmas containers to put them in. So some people will be getting baked goods as presents. I think i may send some home with maddie tomorrow night for Liz and nolan. I know their family is keen on cookies and liz has made so much biscotti for everyone she could probably use someone making things for her once in a while. LOL. So i'm going to spend tomorrow cooking cookies and then pick up miss maddie to go see Madagscar 2. Should be fun.
I joined a gym and i haven't been to it once yet. I just never have anytime and well to be honest cooking cookies sounds funner than sweating. lol. I think i might go tonight. I want to swim or sit in the hottub for a few minutes. Allan and Aaron have the same gym now so they have plans to go play racketball sometime soon. Allan is of course out of town working again but should be home tomorrow. Lilly is still having a tough time with her teeth and now has a runny nose to go with it. YUCK!
Mom has Elaine( sandy's friend) picking her up on friday to go do something. So that's whats going on around here.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy b-day aaron

We celebrated aaron's 19th birthday this weekend. We cooked a bunch of crabs, crab cakes, shrimp scampi, etc and had some presents and a cake. Liz and NOlan came over with the kids to celebrate. It was fun to see them all. Maddie and I are going for a girl day on thrusday next week. We are going to try and watch madagascar 2. I say "try" because maddie hasn't really been to a theater yet. So we will see how it goes and if it doesn't go well we are going to make some cookies instead. ;-) I miss her and she wanted to come to my house the other day so i think she missed me too. hehe.
Anyway here are some pictures of today.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

busy busy busy

It seems to still be going a 100 miles per hour around here. I've been going to my clinicals. They have been very interesting. It's fun to finally help people and to actually get to give meds and do stuff on real people. lol..Elkhorm Rehab center is a really nice place. Everything is so clean and nice there. It was opened in jan so that is probably why.
Lilly is finally getting those teeth in. I don't know if you all have been keeping up with this but it seems like she started teething months ago. Then stopped and then started on and on.. Anyway one of the big front ones is almost thru and i can see 2 of her side ones coming in too. I don't see the other front one though.. It's strange. I have no idea how long it will take for all of them to get thru but it looks like she has a good start on 3 at least. The bottom two have been up for a long time. She has started saying dad-deeee. It's random and not really too allan. He will be in the bedroom and she will yell it. It's cute. She waves at people now too. I've caught her three times today sticking her nose and mouth against the glass on the front door. It's hilarious to see her nose all scrunched up. I can't get the camera up there in time to see it but it's so funny.
I did some christmas wrapping. I'm all done with the kido's here and need to start on the adults but i think i'm going to wait till black friday. Aaron's birthday is coming up. I got him a couple presents and i'm going to cook him a crab dinner sometime this weekend i think. He was so excited cause he got to go to the buckcherry concert lastnight with his girlfriend. She got two free tickets and he found out last minute that he could be off work in time to go. So They had a ton of fun. ;-)
Allan came home tonight and his friend Nate Petron(sp) called and said that he is in town for a week so I guess they are going to hang out if they get a chance this weekend maybe. Lilly has a flu shot this weekend. Poor thing. I have one math test to study for on monday but that's it so it should be a relaxing weekend hopefully.
I baked a pumpkin pie. I think i'm just getting in the mood for the holidays. Thanksgiving is right around the corner.
Hope the rest of the week is good for everyone!
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

vote today!

I Just went and voted!!! hope you all did as well! i can't wait to see what happens tonight. The polls were pretty busy when i went but not a huge line or anything.
I've been in my clinicals yesterday and today so i have been super busy. Alan got called out to a rig this morning so i don't think he will be voting today. It's a bummer cause i think he wanted to...?? S o mom and i voted today. if aaron gets off in time he may go vote too.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nice halloween

We had a nice halloween. Liz and nolan stopped by to let the kids see each other. They were all so cute. We went to a few different friends house to trick or treat then we had dinner at perkins. Today we cleaned up the leaves and put the hoses away and took a big load to the dump. Stuff we needed to get rid of like the old kitchen sink. We alos went to the Super Flea market that happens once a year at the fairgrounds. We picked up some christmas presents. Tonight is Date night!!!! We are going to the rodeo and the chris ledoux tribute concert. That should be fun. Mom is going to watch lilly who is sleeping peacfully after playing all afternoon on her new rocking horse we picked up at the flea market for a dollar.

halloween pics are up on photosite