Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sick sick sick

Well I have had my hands full today and yesterday. Yesterday Allan came down with some sort of stomach bug. He ended up getting admitted to the hospital. He was put on isolation contact because they couldn't narrow down the cause and they knew he traveled to Africa. He ended up passing out in the ER driveway. Not fun trying to keep an unconscious 210 lb man in a wheelchair. Today Olivia has had diahrrea diapers and Lilly threw up twice. Apparently it's going around and I don't think it's from Africa cause there were about 20 other people that came in to the ER all complaining of stomach problems while we were in the ER. So anyway we hav been dealing with all of that. In the midst of it all I want to praise The Lord that we don't have chronic illness of any kind and that we are all generally healthy. Our tree is decorated and presents are under it already. I feel very blessed even with everything. So I'm giving thanks even when things aren't perfect. We have had a good thanksgiving with tons of friends and family around and I'm sure the Christmas season will be just as great if not better. I'm sad my husband won't be here for Christmas but we are gonna celebrate when he comes home too. I have sick kids on my hands right now so I'm cutting this short but ill try to post more often.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Well it appears I'm still hit or miss on this blog. Lets see its been a whirlwind of a month. We went to Wyoming this month and let the kids visit their grandparents. I got to see a lot of my nursing school friends. It was a ton of fun to catch up with all of them. They all seem to be enjoying their new careers and stuff. It was cold and snowed the first day we got there. I think te kids enjoyed seeing snow. I don't think Lilly really remembered it from when she was little.
Allan left and went back out to the rigg. He got an offer from a different job but didn't take it. I did take a new position with my work. I am now a nursing manager for our assisted living. It's been an interesting first week. Its been strange trying to get use to working 5 days a week but its a nice schedule to have to get use to. I work 830-5 now. I get to have breakfast with my kids and be home for dinner. Allan hasn't been home since I started this new schedule thought so I'm sure tht will take some adjusting to a well.  But I lovey new job so far. . My boss is super nice and encouraging. She has given me free reign to change anything I want as long as we talk about it. So far she has taken all my suggestions and said yes. She isn't a nurse so she is very happy to have one on board! Olivia and Lilly both got sick this last week but they have recovered. Olivia has some congestion still but is back to her normal happy self. She is growing like a weed. She really is such a good baby though. Lilly is absolutely in love with her little sister too. She is always giving her hugs an kisses. It doesn't surprise me that try got sick at the same time. Well that's all for now.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Been about a month

Yes sadly my blog is just not top priority these days. If we are being honest it doesn't even rate in the top 10. I would tell you excuses that I'm super busy and that I have a new baby and my husband is home from Africa and I'm contemplating a new job and while all those things are true they aren't totally keeping me from blogging. I just haven't felt the drive to blog lately. I have plenty to say and tons of stuff is going on. I could make about ten blogs with just funny kid stories and pictures. Oh and I have cute videos to sometime post. I could also talk about how we are going they state survey again at work and how stressful that has been because a lot of my personal work is being looked at closely. Not cause of anything I did, I just have been asked to do a lot of stuff the bosses normally do and so now with date in their it's all getting looked at. I hear there hasn't been to many problems. Some stuff with docent action but no glaring problems I guess. We will see at the end of the week. I could also make a whole blog about the new job I might take but I'm still waiting for an offer and I won't get one while the state survey is going on. Allan also went to a job interview. He is suppose to hear from them next Tuesday I guess. Just a lot going on and a lot to think about. We are also driving in the car right now to Wyoming.  I'm super excited toady be get to see some old nursing school friends. The kids are gonna visit their grandparents and they are really happy about that. So life is good, just busy.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hit or miss but here are some pics!

 allan and I on a date night last month.
 We went to an italian steakhouse.. it was interesting i guess.
 The girls and I went and saw a movie yesterday. They had fun. It was 3d and lilly looked at me with her glasses on and said "wow mom you look kinda 3d" lol love those kids.
 before the movies at bahama bucks for a little shaved ice
 snuggling in at night. they both wanted to hold olivia.
lilly likes to snuggle close to olivia

 olivia at night
 olivia not so happy with her bath.. 3 months
I know i have been very hit or miss on my postings lately. We are just keeping real busy around here. I have been working a ton of hours at work and then spending time with the kids when i'm not working. I have tried to snap a few pictures here and there so I'm just going to post those right now. Maybe someday I can update this thing on everything that has been going on.. we won't hold our breath for now. lol..

Friday, August 24, 2012

This child has grown horns!

My sweet baby olivia has turned into a monster! I'm pretty sure she is teething already. It seems super early but if I didn't know better I would say she is teething. She is a bucket full of drool. Today she had a low grade temp and has been cranky. She pooped twice so I don't think it's her belly and has is medicine isn't helping so  I'm kinda thinking she is teething already. We will see how long it takes for a tooth to pop thru though. I think I'm declining the job at work. They just aren't offering enough money for me to change so much in my life. I could work full time 3 days a week and make about the same so it isn't worth it just to say in the boss and get some experience. I like being at home with my fussy teething baby and her silly Lilly sister. There is another position but in not sure about it yet either. We will have to wait and see.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I know I've been horrible at blogging lately. I've just been busy and enjoying my husband being home.. I've been working a lot. I put my name in the pot for a supervisor role at work. We have a new boss and she needs an assistant. So I'm putting in my resume. It isn't that I really love or want the job that much but the hours would be better for me I think. Also, I need to do something new cause after a year and a half I'm ready to move on to something else. I don't know if I'll get the job. It the boss said even if I don't she wants the resume because she is going to start having some other nursing supervisor jobs coming up. So we will see how that goes.
So here is small update on family : Olivia is a total water baby. Loves to be in the tub or she even went in the pool. She smiles and kicks and splashes. Very cute. Lilly is doing good but wants to spend every waking moment with her grandma lala. Lately she has been talking a lot about her cousin Jane and how she misses him but she thinks she remembers him from school. She doesn't go to school so I don't know why she thinks that lol. What else.. Oh Allan is good. Enjoying his time off. He is golfing today. He leaves in a few more days. Ok I have to walk into work.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Olivia is two months old

Olivia is two months old now. I feel like I've said that a time or two already. I guess cause everyone is always asking how the baby is. She had her doctor apt today. She is in the fifty percentile for both height and weight. He weighed in at a whopping 11.7 and she is 22 3/4 inches long. We got her first shots and did fine with them. She screamed and then slept most of the day. She is growing and has a cute little personality. Se still grunts and makes funny faces and smiles. She has giggled a couple times too which is cute. I just live her so much already. I also really love my sweet Lilly bug. She has been pretty super having a little sister to adjust to. I asked her if she wanted to give Olivia back and she said "no never" ! Lilly is being a good helper too while her dad is gone. She restocks the diapers for me and gets clothes for Olivia. She always tries to dress her in funny things. I think cause she has a funny sense of style. The other day as decided to wear moms tank top as a dress. She said it was a pretty gown. Haha! Today I told her to go get dressed and she made a grand entrance down the stairs dressed in shorts and a tank but had put on a floppy hat, sunglasses and topped it all off with a scarf I had made her for Christmas. She wears this scarf all the time And dons a whole different personality to go with it. Lilly has quite the imagination and I'm always surprised when grown ups take such interest in her. They seem to think she is adorable and so funny cause no one ever knows what she is going to do or say next. My sweet funny girl. Emma has been over a few times too while Allan has been in Africa. She wants to hold Olivia a lot. I find this sweet and nerve racking all at the same time. Pretty sure she still wants nothing to do with a dirty diaper. Both kids act like the diaper might bite them even if it's wrapped up where nothing will get on them. Sometimes they ask if it's a poopy one or a pee one.. Not sure why.. They don't want poop or pee getting on them. Lol Allan gets home next week and I can't wait! E can't either. Today they served fish heads for lunch. Fish heads! Gross! So he is looking forward to some real food. I'm gonna have to break out my recipe book again. Anyway everyone have a great night!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Busy as a bumblebee

Allan is on his final week out on the rig before he comes home for a month. We have been so busy lately. I went back to work after being off for about two months. It's nice to be back but a lot has changed. Some nurses quit and other people were let go. So I'm playing catch up a little. Olivia is two months old now and has earned her spot in the family haha. She switched over to formula now. We only made it 6 weeks for breastfeeding. The formula constipated her and everything I tried just hasn't helped but I think she might be adjusting now. She has had a few nights now of screaming fits. She has been great most of the time for babysitters. I seem to be the lucky one that has to endure her fury! Lilly loves Olivia but did ask me why I didn't love her so much and why I loved baby Olivia the other night. It broke my heart a little and I had to snuggle up with her and tell her I loved her soooo much and that she was my first special baby. We are all looking forward to dad getting home. I'll be able to give them both attention better hopefully when I have an extra set of hands around here. Othe than taking care of babies there isn't too much going on. We are having a hot summer but the last few days we have had monsoon weather. I love a good storm but our backyard was pretty flooded after three storms. Olivia gets her first set of shots this week. Wish us luck. Anyway I have been up since 4 am so I'm going to bed while I can. Goodnight! ;0)u

Friday, July 6, 2012

forth of july pics

 lilly and briana ( britata) before the fireworks
at the park with uncle

 some of the blow up water slides they had. That's lilly in her bathing suit running by happy as a little lark.
 she was very brave climbing up the slides. the line had 7 little boys in it and lilly was the only little girl standing there. I didn't know if she would be able to climb that ladder cause it was wet and slippery but she made me proud.
 in the bounce house. I had to drag her out. She is becoming such a big brave fearless little girl. No longer my little baby.
 briana and laura dancing to the band playing.
We had a blast at the park in florence( the next town down about 30 mins) they had so much stuff to do. It was great family fun. We went with karen and her kids and lilly had a blast running around with all of them. they had water slides, free watermelon, a band, bounce houses, mud volleyball, horse shoe tournament, basketball, skate park, and playgrounds among other stuff. It was a nice firework show too. We will be going next year again for sure!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fireworks, sleeping, and winning!

Random title to this post I know. Happy 4th of July! We are going to see some fireworks tonight. I'm just not sure where and who with yet. We went to the farm down the street last year. It was a fantastic show but traffic is horrible afterwards. I live 5 minutes from there and it took me over an hour to get home. It is fun though and some of our friends are going there tonight. Our other friends go to Florence every year and they want us to go with. They give out free watermelon to all the kids and I guess have a lot of things to do. So I kinda want to check it out. This family has lived here their whole life so I assume they know where to go for the most fun. So stay tuned I'll post pictures of the days fun! Sleeping or happy baby. We switched to full on formula now cause I'm going back to work and decided I wasn't going to keep pumping. This switch made Olivia very mad for a few days. She was having belly aches and just not happy. She cried so much that I eventually cried and mom cried the day I went to work. She was tough to handle. But we discovered this stuff called colic calm. It's homeopathic and it worked wonders! I gave her one dropper full and it was like I had a whole new baby. She has been happy since. Smiling even. She is sleeping pretty good now too . She still wakes up a Couple times a night but it's not for long now and she has decided that she likes her swing now too! Yeah! Winning- I went out with some friends last night to play bingo. It was the first one I went with these two ladies Cindy and genie. We had us h a good time. Allan use to work with both of their husbands at the steel mill. Anyway I won on the very last game. And I hit the moneyball. I had to split with another winner but I still walked away with 990 bucks. I'm on a winning streak I think. Anyway happy fourth of July I'm going back to bed to get a couple more hours of sleep!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The happenings

Emma is here all week. She is going to camp at the YMCA. She seems to be enjoying it a lot. The fried an egg on the sidewalk today and yes it really did fry cause we live in Phoenix. She has also made slim an other activities and they take th summing and let them do the rock climbing wall for exercise so it sounds like it is fun for her. Lilly loves having Emma around. She really has so much fun playing with her. Olivia is growing more and more everyday. She weighed in at a whopping 9.15 at her one month check up. I had my 6 week check up and that went fine too. The doctor wrote me a note to go back to work in another couple weeks. She wouldn't let me go early. ( she knows I'm a nurse) we call Olivia the baby beast. She grunts and makes all sorts of funny noises so when Lilly and I are awake an Trying to be quiet we play a game and say " don't wake the baby beast" then Olivia grunts and I say" hurry kiss her so she will stay a princess" Lilly kisses her an Olivia grunts some more and I say" too late we have awoken the baby beast" I know it's silly but they seem to get a real tickle out of pretending she is a wild beast. Haha. What else? Oh I'm sick as a dog right now. It started with a nasty allergy day and now I think it might be a sinus infection. I have a mild temperature of 100.4 right now do I guess it's about to be NyQuil and bedtime for me. Till the next time....

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

i'm still here

I have been extremely bad about blogging lately. I'm sorry but i have just been so busy having a newborn around. My husband was home to so we have been just running nonstop even if it's just to get a bottle or a diaper.. lol Well allan left a couple days ago for africa. He made it there and texted  me that he is working days this time. I'm nervous for him this time because he has to stay there 5 weeks. Well and dayshift i harder than night shift and the company laid off alot of technical workers that helped him. So i'm hoping he can hang in there and doesn't get to stressed out this time. I've decided that i really like this job he has. I started encouraging him to keep it. Allan gets bored and wants to change jobs alot. I think it's the military remnants. Anyway, i love that every other month we can go on a vacation if we want to. I also love that we arent' stuck in phoenix if we don't want to be. WE could live anywhere. For right now we live here because emma is here but eventually we could move anywhere we want. Yes the month away from him is tough on me and the kids too but i think it makes our hearts grow fonder. WE are both so sweeter to each other when we are apart.  Not that we are mean when we are together  it just brings out our emotions a little more when we are apart i think. So anyway, I am liking his job as long as it's not to hard on him this month. Here are some pictures of the last month.
 my wonderful husband bought me a shadow box from my military days. He said he was proud of my8 years in the navy and wanted to have something to show on our walls for it. i love him!

our babysitter came over and took pictures of olivia in the outfit she made her. I thought this was a cute one.

My grandparents came to visit. There trip out was amazing. They are both
doing so well. I couldn't get my grandmother to put olivia down the entire time she was here. She would stop midsentence if olivia shifted or made a face to ohh and ahh over her. It was very cute. We had a wonderful wonderful time having them here.

I just thought this was a good saying that a church put up! How appropriate. I think people forget that everyone of us are sinners. None of us are better than the other we have all sinned. So before you start pointing out other peoples flaws and how they don't measure up or what you think they are doing wrong.. well we should all remember that we aren't perfect either.

another picture of the outfit lizzie made. it was the funniest little thing.

and this one is of my grandfather out in the pool. I think he enjoyed our pool. He would go out in the morning and do a little class of water aerobics all by himself and then he had some other participants join him a few times. It really was so nice having a sweet loving visit from good family. We miss them and wish we were closer to visit more often. Maybe we will plan something this fall. i am itching to do some traveling in our new suv just not yet. It's still a little rough right now with the baby so little and breastfeeding and dr apts and all that. But by fall I'm out of here. I would like to go visit my dad in cali soon too. He hasn's seen olivia and he is only a couple hours away. I feel bad that i don't get out there more. I know there are some of allan's family in Alabama that we would like to go visit too. maybe a roadtrip to Alabama with stopping in Texas would be fun in the fall. I have to go back to work though at some point. I think my leave is up Aug 10th. So after that i have to take days off but i don't have any vacation cause i had to use it all for the FMLA. So not sure how that will work out with my traveling plans. lol.. we will see i guess. Oh and emma goes back to school aug 8th so never sure on wether she will be able to go or not either. I think she gets a long break but i don't know if her dad will b home during it or not.. things to contemplate..

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

returning to normal.

yes life is slowly returning to a new normal. The baby isn't sleeping like the first week. She has opened her eyes and has started staying awake and wanting to look around alot. She also lost her umbilical cord " leftovers" last night. So she is officially a real girl. lol.. Emma is ovr here for a few days and her and lilly are playing alot. They need to get out of the house a bit because we have been cooped up. I'm thinkin a trip over to my mom's for an hour might help. Emma would like to go swimming but lilly is burned out on swimming and i still can't take a hot bath or go in a pool. Maybe next week?? hopefully. In the meantime we have been finishing little projects around the house. Getting things nice and neat around here for our company on sunday. I'm really excited to have my grandparents come stay with us. We love having visitors and family come. I'm so glad that they get to meet olivia even if she is tiny. Sometimes we go for a couple years without seeing my granparents so it's really awesome that they planned a trip out here right now. We don't travel when we have tiny babies so i'm glad they are coming here. They have never came and stayed with me before. Not in an apt or house or anywhere since i have been a grown adult. My grandfather did go on a tiger cruise with me when i was in the navy. IT was a very special time and a fun trip but since then we have always went and visited them. So now they will finally get to see a good glimpse into our household/lives.
Anyway, other than that we have been watching movies. Did anyone else watch the hatfields and mccoys on the history channel? it was a very good miniseries. Reminded me of watching lonesome dove when i was younger. We are going to watch the last episode of it tonight. I think it's a total of 6 hours and they broke it down to 2 hours for 3 nights.
I had my follow up apt with my doctor. I guess i do one at two weeks and then one last one at 6 weeks. She was suprised how well i'm looking and getting along. The scales say i'm only 4 lbs over what i originally started at " prebaby weight". so I've lost a total of 21 lbs in 13 days. Wish i could keep that rate going haha.. She said my incision looked good but she did ask me again how many more babies we were planning on having.. she said that i had alot of scar tissue from the first c section and that my uterine wall ws very thin when she was delivering olivia ( which is expected but she said it was a good thing we went ahead and had her when we did). I told her i ws ready to swim and take a hot bath and she told me " not yet" but was glad that i was feeling up to it. She asked about the breast feeding and I told her I wsn't making quite enough but she assured me that we were fine even though it seems like we are going bottle for bottle right now with olivia. I don't ever have enough to save and she keeps getting hungier and hungier but i guess as long as we are keeping up enough that is fine. We have had to supplement with formula like 3 times so far. OH well.. Anyway we are headed over to my moms now to get these girls out of the house. Hope everyone is having a good day.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Few more pics

 I love my new sweet baby olivia.
 Lilly wants to kiss her little sister alot. She is really liking being a BIG sister
 The girls have been doing so well with their new sister. They like helping out with her.
 I thought i would add this one.. I was soooo swollen at the hospital that i didn't even have ankles. I had cankles. My foot was huge actually mywhole leg was swolen all the way down but it was amazing to me that i couldn't even see veins in my foot or anything. The swelling has gone down now and i have ankles once again thank goodness!
 These are my friends karen and briana that came to see the baby at the hospital. Briana wasn't so sure about holding a newborn. She was afraid she would break it and i would have to make a new one.. lol. Her mom karen helped out. Karen loves babies that is probably why god gave her 6 kids. Briana is her eldest.
ignore lilly's hair in this picture we hadn't quite gotten to the hairbrush this morning. But i thought it was cute that she wanted to feed her sister so i let her try it for a second.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

We are making it..

We are home and adjusting to life with another kid in it. It's strange to throw another kid in the mix. Lilly got sick the day after we got home from the hospital i think. She has been running a temp of 101 or so for the last day or two which stinks cause all she wants to do is love on the baby and i hate having to tell her to stay away cause she just doesn't understand germs. She still has a fever today but it has went down to 99.4 or so i'm hoping she is on the mend. She has a cough too and she keeps running out of the room to cough cause i told her not to cough near the baby. My poor sweet girl.

Olivia is doing great. She is an eater. Lilly never breastfed very well. This baby eats. We are pumping and breastfeeding and so far she takes both the bottle and boob but she does seem a little confused about which is which and what she needs to do but once she is on she is on. So that's good. We took her to the doctor already and he said she looks healthy. We have a two week check up coming up and she will get some labs drawn at that time. She passed her hearing screen. She has a bloodshot eye on the right side by her pupil. I asked the doctor and he didn't even look at it but told me it was normal. So if it isn't gone by her 2 week apt i'm going to bring it up again and make him look at it. She also sleeps thru everything. I seriously can yell down to lilly downstairs with the baby right by me and she doesn't even move. However watch out if you make her cold. She hates diaper changes and being uncovered. i loved this kid instantly and she makes me laugh just looking at all the tiny funn faces she makes. It's an adjustment taking care of two kids and i'm hoping i can do it when allan leaves. I mean i will do it cause i have to do it but i'm hoping it doesn't kill me. lol.. right now i have been taking the first half of the night (or first 2/3rds haha) from like midnight to 5 or 6 and then allan covers the morning shift so I can sleep in and boy have we been sleeping in till like 11 o clock. Even lilly has been sleeping in. It's so weird because we are totally morning people usually. I never sleep in past 8 usually. But she sleeps pretty good. The other night she went down at 1045 and woke up at 3 am for an hour and a half and then she woke up at 6 for an hour and a half too. So only twice a night isn't too bad. She is sleeping alot during the day too. She wakes up to eat and then sometimes hangs out looking around for a while.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

pictures from the hospital

Still in hospital

Yes Olivia and I are still at the hospital. Mom stayed with us last night so Allan could take Lilly home and have a good night sleep. So we had girl night at the hospital and watched movies and watched Olivia. I just forgot how little and cute babies are. Ok so details for Olivia. She was born on the 17th at 1213am. She weighed 7 lbs and 5 oz and was 21 inches long. It was an arrival all her own. We had planned the c section for the 23rd so that Allan would be home for it, well she had other plans. At 1030 that morning I was visiting mom and I told her I think I might be having some contractions. She got all nervous and excited and watched me the rest of the day. At like 230 I Valle the doctor office because I was pretty sure it was just Braxton hicks but since I was a a scheduled section I wanted to know when they did want me to come in if I was to start having real ones. The nurse asked me some questions and when I told her that they were a little painful and that they started in my back se told me that I had better just go in to the hospital cause they didn't wante to go into labor at home. Well the contractions were so far apart and not really hurting so bad that I just waited till about 7 pm before I decided to go in cause I knew they were gonna send me home. Mom went with me to the OB triage area and they hooked me up tithe monitor and said they could see some contractions but they were like 6-11 minutes apart and so after a while they decided to send me home but she said to come back if they got closer together or if my water broke etc. I went home at like 10 and I walked back in to the Er at around 1030pm I tried to take some Tylenol and a bath nothing helped and I was in severe pain by that point. When they got me hooked back up they saw that I was having contractions every 2 minutes and I was dilated to a 3 already within the 30 mins I was at home. So they called my doctor and I felt blessed because it was the only day this weeks actual doctor was on call. They gave me tributaline to try to at least slow down the contractions. They slowed but were still miserable so as soon as the anasteiologist was there we headed down to the or and I got a spinal block. Mom came in the Or with me and Lilly and uncle Aaron stayed in the waiting room also our friend Karen came by too. It all worked out and my mom was so touched to be so up close and involved in it all. She felt horrible that Allan was missing it but I could tell it made a deep impression and memory for her. She was stunned tht they handed Olivia to her to take to a recovery room. Lol. So that is how Olivia got here. She is doing well and eating well. Sleeping for hours at a time right now. I'm hoping that continues when we get home too. Lilly and Emma are happy to see their sister but I think they are ready for her to come home. Anyway I got to try to get a little more sleep while I can.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

She is here!

Olivia grace Keyes is here! I'll write more details about it all later after some sleep but yes she is here. Allan is not here. Poor dad. She came the day before he gets home.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Last night I picked up emma from school and we went to waste a little time. Her aunt autumn had a baby yesterday. She was very close to having it when i picked up emma from school so that is why we wasted time. Emma's mom jenn had been with her sister at the hospital nearly all day i think. So lilly emma and I went to good will and poked around for treasures then we went and had dinner at on the border. We got news that the baby was born so we waited a little while and headed over. The girls were so excited to see a baby. i watched the family's stuff while they all went back and then eventually when it cleared out autumn said to come on back again so lilly ran up to me and asked" mom i see the baby? you come with me?" She wanted to see that little baby so bad as was really trying to be patient but she just didn't understand that we weren't exactly family and I was trying to give the new mom room and space. lol.. Autumn was a very patient new mom thank goodness and let everyone see her new baby boy. HE weighed in at 7lbs and 8oz and was 21 inches long i think.
While i was in the waiting room watching the familys stuff a nurse came up and asked me if i needed help. She had been back in the back doing stuff and apparently thought i might be checking myself in because well I am due next week and i was sitting in the womens services dept.. I don't blame her for asking but it was slightly funny. I told her " no i'm fine this week but ask me next week." 
So this is the last week before olivia gets here. She has been very still again. Makes me nervous but i really think she is just  squished in there . So our plans for this last week.. House cleaners are coming today to help me get this house back in shape. it's not really bad but i haven't been able to vaccumm in a while and the trash has a huge watermelon in it so i can't take it out caus ei can't lift it.  Just random stuff needs to be cleaned like bathtubs scrubbed cause i can't bend down there for example.  Tomorrow allan is suppose to make it home. He is suppose to get in tomorrow night but he is having to take a boat instead of a helicoptor on his first leg of the trip so it's a toss up wether or not he will make his flight now so he could be delayed a day. Which stinks because well i want my husband home but also because i scheduled carpet cleaners to come in on friday morning. We haven't had our carpets cleaned since we lived here now for 2 years. We have done it but never had it done and well there are some spots i would like to see if they can get out. the stairs are showing alot of high traffic area spots too So i figure right before the baby gets here is a good time to get those carpets cleaned for little hands and legs to be crawling on soon. There is a company that doesn't use any harsh chemicals and people swear by it so we are trying them out. So i really kinda need allan to move some furniture but y friend karen has 3 boys that will come do it for me if allan doesn't get home. So we do have a back up plan, thank goodness for friends and family.  I scheduled saturday to be a relaxing day. I got massages scheduled for me and allan. His back is always so messed up when he gets home and well i'm pretty much just a twisted ball of nerves right now so that will be nice. I think mom will watch lilly and give us a date night that night too. We may see a movie or go out to eat. Something fun before we are stuck in the house with a new baby lol.. I haven't planned anything for the 20th-22nd yet.Well i do have scheduled doctor apts on thursday and monday. They are so part of my routine now i just seem to forget about them. The baby was measured monday and measured in at 7lbs and 15 oz and they measured the leg bone and said " oh you have a tall one in there"  I guess the leg was measuring over 40 or 41 weeks.  I may have already wrote about that but i don't think so. They said lilly would be 8 or 9 lbs but she was 6lbs 11 oz but this baby feels much bigger than lilly ever did in my belly so she may very well come out 8 or 9 lbs. Who knows.
   So we are heading down the homestretch. ONE MORE WEEK!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

happy mothers day to all you bloggers out there!

(okay i just thought that one was so funny who hasn't had to help their parents with new electronics???)