Thursday, October 4, 2012

Been about a month

Yes sadly my blog is just not top priority these days. If we are being honest it doesn't even rate in the top 10. I would tell you excuses that I'm super busy and that I have a new baby and my husband is home from Africa and I'm contemplating a new job and while all those things are true they aren't totally keeping me from blogging. I just haven't felt the drive to blog lately. I have plenty to say and tons of stuff is going on. I could make about ten blogs with just funny kid stories and pictures. Oh and I have cute videos to sometime post. I could also talk about how we are going they state survey again at work and how stressful that has been because a lot of my personal work is being looked at closely. Not cause of anything I did, I just have been asked to do a lot of stuff the bosses normally do and so now with date in their it's all getting looked at. I hear there hasn't been to many problems. Some stuff with docent action but no glaring problems I guess. We will see at the end of the week. I could also make a whole blog about the new job I might take but I'm still waiting for an offer and I won't get one while the state survey is going on. Allan also went to a job interview. He is suppose to hear from them next Tuesday I guess. Just a lot going on and a lot to think about. We are also driving in the car right now to Wyoming.  I'm super excited toady be get to see some old nursing school friends. The kids are gonna visit their grandparents and they are really happy about that. So life is good, just busy.

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