Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hit or miss but here are some pics!

 allan and I on a date night last month.
 We went to an italian steakhouse.. it was interesting i guess.
 The girls and I went and saw a movie yesterday. They had fun. It was 3d and lilly looked at me with her glasses on and said "wow mom you look kinda 3d" lol love those kids.
 before the movies at bahama bucks for a little shaved ice
 snuggling in at night. they both wanted to hold olivia.
lilly likes to snuggle close to olivia

 olivia at night
 olivia not so happy with her bath.. 3 months
I know i have been very hit or miss on my postings lately. We are just keeping real busy around here. I have been working a ton of hours at work and then spending time with the kids when i'm not working. I have tried to snap a few pictures here and there so I'm just going to post those right now. Maybe someday I can update this thing on everything that has been going on.. we won't hold our breath for now. lol..

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Mirya Mason said...

The girls are so pretty. Y'all make beautiful girls! Daddy will have to get ready with his shotgun, when they become age to date. ;)

Love y'all!