Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Monday..

It doesn't really feel like a monday to me. I don't have class on monday's. I just go Tuesday, wed, and thursday. So today I went in to the lab anyway to practice IV's, pumps, and blood draws with another girl i know. I may go back tonight if i get a few minutes. I met allan for lunch after i did all my other school business( paid tuition, got a new student id, bought a lab kit, bought a new scrub top, filed my gi bill stuff, etc) Lilly was excited to see her daddy. It makes me so happy to see her love him. She is such a mama's girl but when allan is home a bunch she gets to be really happy playing with him. I think cause he takes time and wrestles with her and stuff. It's just blesses me to see both of them loving each other.
I came home after lunch and spent the afternoon cleaning up the house.. well not really cleaning just catching up on stuff. I had dishes to do and laundry. So lilly just woke up from her nap so i'll just end it here. We had a wonderful weekend with a nice fish fry at my friend tasha's house. Lots of fun. All of us girls got together and played bingo too.. fun fun. here comes the week now..

Saturday, August 29, 2009

allan's tattoo fix

he also got the cross on the the other arm fixed too. i didn't have an after picture for that though..

nursing girls putting in IV lines

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Babies beware!! lol

So i went back to school. Today was my second day. We jumped right in and started learning how to start IV lines. We also found out how to work the pumps and how to draw blood. Drawing blood seems to be easy enough. IV's are tough. I feel bad for everytime i gave a nurse the evil eye for having to try more than once. lol.
So referring back to the title of my post.. I found out where i'm going.. any idea's?? lol Yep I'm going to the pediactric/ OB floor. Maybe i'll get to see some babies born or take care of some mama's. I think the nursery is included in that floor too. I think that i will mainly be doing the kido's that come in till thanksgiving. Then i switch to surgery. From the surgery center i go to the new hospital to do a neuro rotation. I love the new hospital but i won't be there till next semester in the spring. From there i go to PCU. that stands for progressive care unit. They do alot of the heart stuff i guess. We get to do two days in the ICU while we are on this floor. Some people really wanted that rotation but i find it to be the one i'm least looking forward to. I hope it turns out to be a nice suprise. If it doesn't well... at least it's the last place i go. ;-) WE got put into new groups too. I have one person that is the same from my last group and about 6 or 7 new people. I know almost all of them so i think it will be just fine. I'm really having fun with it already. It is stressful and yes i already want to pull my hair out in the second day but i think that i will get a nice rounded rotation to a lot of different things and places. from babies to hearts and in between. I am a little dissapointed because the medical rotation i am missing goes to the ER in the hospital and i wanted to see that. I also miss the psych rotation at wyoming behavioral insitute. This suits me just fine because i am not interested in any of that. I think its an awful place. There are kids there that are only there because some adult made them this way and well i'm just glad i don't have to go do that. i dind't want to and now i don't have too!! yeah!!
so anyway hope everyone is having a good week. i'm going to lay down cause lilly is asleep and mama needs a nap too. This early morning business has caught us off guard. Lilly is enjoying staying with my mom but tomorrow she has to go to daycare. She is going to go every thursday for a couple of hours while i go to one short class and do some studying! see you all!

Monday, August 24, 2009

i just can't get use to it!!

School Bus Pictures, Images and Photos

School starts tomorrow which officially makes this a school night! yucko!! I just can't really believe that it is starting all over again. Buddy will i ever be glad to just get it done with. Of course even when it's done i'm going to have to study for the big NCLEX exam.. but that's in the distant future so i'm not going to worry about it now. I got online and looked at the microbiology class i am taking. That's about as far as i got tonight.

Lilly is in bed. She was acting a little sick again today so she went to bed early and i think i'm going to follow her there. Allan was out of town all day but is headed home now. Aaron is over visiting byron. Byron is headed out on wed or thursday.. back to kentucky! It's been a mostly good visit.. Little strange and had some ups and downs but all in all it was nice to see him.

Anyway, hope everyone had a nice monday today!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

really!!!??? i hate insurance company's...

We are just getting in the stuff from when allan and emma both had to go to the hospital. It looks like allan will only have to pay 250 out of his 1300 bill. Emma however.. is a different story. We got one letter where they wanted me to verify her preexisting condition. PLEASSEEEE! she had the stomach flu there is no preexisting condition. I"m hoping when they get that back in the mail they will issue a payment for her's to and that her's will go down to 3 humdred or so too.. All in all i think that emergency room visit was a total of close to 3 thousand for what like 5 or 6 hours in there and two iv's.. makes me want to do my own iv's.. lol. WE probably will only have to pay 500 total of it which isn't that bad. Thank god we have insurance i suppose. We are close to meeting our whole family deductible for the year anyway.. so at least during cold season this winter we will have met it. lol. Lilly is at daycare for two hours. Still trying to get her use to it cause she is going to have to go every thursday. Mom will be watching her on tues and wed's but thursday i only have class for an hour or so. So lilly will be going to play and mingle with other kids. She is trying to talk more and more. She rattles stuff off. big long sentences of course it's all jibberish. But she is saying a few more words here and there. She knows everything you are talking about to. I'm ready for her to talk and tell me what is bothering her or what she thinks about stuff. lol.. then i will be wishing she couldn't talk again i'm sure.. HAHA. Anyway I gotta get some housework doen while lilly is out of the house. She is feeling alot better this morning so that's good. It's been one thing after another with her right now. ANyway, gotta run!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We have been super busy still. Lilly hasn't been feeling the hottest still. We went to glenrock the other day and checked out their town and parks. Lilly had fun throwing the ball into the creek and letting snickers (byron's dog) go fetch it in the water. She just squealed with pure delight. lol.
Yesterday we went to check out the shooting range and then on to alcova lake. Snickers did some more swimming and then we came back home stopped by the vegetable stand instead of going to the farmers market. Made some dinner then we went and visited mom for a bit and went and saw my friend carissa's house. She painted all of her rooms. Looked nice. Then came back home again. We have just been going and going it seems. I'm almost looking forward to school so that i don't have to go nearly as much. Yeah right.. lol
Today i'm cooking a red white and blue cake. We will see how it turns out before i post any recipes. It looked fun so we are trying it. We are having a little barbque tonight with just my family. MOm, aaron, byron, lilly, and i are cooking a pork loin, corn, beans, potatoes, and the cake is for desert. yummy. Lilly just needed to stay put today and get over whatever it is that she has gotten this time. It may just be another tooth this time. I think he bottom ones are coming up. the incisiors or whatever they are called.. the third ones out from the front?? anyone know what those are called.. lol
anyway hope everyone is having a nice week. we are!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Have you all checked out pandora music. I just googled it. It's really neat from what i have found. You can type in the name of an artist or just pick a certain type of musci and it will make play lists for you. So far i have liked all the songs on my made up play list. YOu all should check it out if you like listening to music. I love having music on myself. It keeps me going doing chores or what not.. lol. I think i might take byron out to the lake today. We were gonna head to thermopolis but lilly kept me up again all night. She was having a little trouble pooping yesterday and well that makes for a bad night. She is fine this morning though. So we may head to the lake instead cause it's closer and still fun. It's not scorching hot either so that is good. Last night i went to bingo and won 120 bucks. I cooked a good dinner for allan, aaron, and byron. The boys ate it up. We had a good salad with fresh cucumbers in it. I just love cucumbers chopped up in a salad. We had chicken and potatoes too but my salad was just awesome.. lol..Allan leaves today for houston. He comes home at lunch to grab his bag and go to the airport. he got some good painting done down stairs it isn't done but it's alot closer. I have no idea why this room is taking so long but i think it's just cause we are too busy. lol.. and it's summer.. what happens when school starts on tuesday next week. YIKEs.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

family everywhere

We have been so busy. Byron my step dad got into town on friday so we have been visiting with him a lot. Sandy and wade got here on friday but we didn't get to see them till today. Lilly and I met up with her cousins at the mall today to play. Allan worked all day in the basement finishing up the painting. It still isn't done but its a lot closer. We went over to liz and nolans tonight for jake's second birthday party! It was fun. I'm so proud of lilly. She has been a super kid lately. She just goes to anybody now. She use to run and hide behind me but she was even playing with byron today. I have also been working quite a bit lately. I have to work tomorrow 9 till 2 so not too long but because its sunday I get 4 more dollars an hour so that is pretty nice. :-) I'm thinking about taking byron to thermopolis cause he likes to get out and see stuff. I might do that on monday. Allan is going back to texas monday till thursday night again this week. Its just busy busy around here but lots of fun! I'm glad and sad that school is starting again so soon. I want to be done so badly. However summer is so nice and I know that once school is over ill have to be working for who knows how long.. The rest of my life lol. Anyway that is too much to think about right before bed. Poor allan got called out again tonight at 930 so he is working thru the night just to come home tomorrow and pack for texas. Poor fellow! That's another reason I need to finish school already. Allan needs a new job. This one is tough on him. Anyway goodnight fellow bloggers!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

look what i found!!

This is me in highschool. I found it on someone else's page on facebook. I don't have too many pictures of me in highschool. i wasn't big on pictures till i had lilly really. So from left to right is candice sparks, carrie gumm, me and then mackessa stickley. That's so funny. look at my stylish sweater!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Today was awesome!!

Lilly was my perfect girl again today. She did really good. We got to work on getting her crib out and her toddler bed in. She took a nap in it and when she woke up was happy and climbed right out and headed to the living room. We hung out and had lunch with mom again today. Then tonight was our barbque. Lilly was sweet to all the kids and had fun chasing everyone around the back yard.She even let some of my friends hold her. We made some good hamburgers on the grill. megan brought some really yummy baked beans that she made from her mother's recipe. We had chips and dip and potatoe salad. Most everyone showed up that was suppose to. WE made a fire with some of the wood that sandy and wade sent home with us. It's cottonwood so it burned really slow and didn't pop everywhere. Very nice wood. We made smores and then i remembered that the meteor shower was tonight. So we started watching for them. We did end up seeing about 5 of them. It was just a very fun relaxing night. Way cool. I really like this group of friends that i have made in the nursing program. There are some others that just can't have fun unless they are getting drunk in the bar but these aren't like that. We rocked the babies asleep in the swings and talked and laughed at the kids questions. One kid is 10 and he had tons of questions like " if you froze time and you were falling into lava would it still burn you?" lol.. see we had all kinds of fun with those silly questions. REally where do these kids get these questions. lol. I can't wait for lilly to talk more. I know they all talk at different times but every little word is so precious right now. She was telling people "no no no." and "all gone" and she was counting things. lol. My friends all got a kick out of her. They decided that with her pigtails tonight that she looked just like the little girl in monster's inc.. her name is boo. That was funny. They were all calling her boo tonight. Today was just perfect. I wish they were all like today. Now if only my husband was home to enjoy this with me it really would have been perfect. ;-)
goodnight. I"m one tired mama and my neck is a little stiff from staring at the stars tonight. So off to bed i go!

Monday, August 10, 2009

well it WAS going smoothly.. lol

well i was in the middle of an email to my grandparents and we had a crisis.. lol. I had been writing a few sentences and then rocking lilly and then writing a few more then laying her down on the couch.. anyway i was planning on writing more but i gave up cause she wouldn't stop getting up. So i was rocking her again and she started throwing a tantrum cause i wouldn't let her get down to run around.. so i spanked her and decided enough was enough . She was going to her crib and she could cry it out till she fell asleep. I put her in there and went back to just give up on the email and I heard a big thud in her room. I went running in there thinking that i had forgot to put up her rail. Nope the rail was up but she was on the floor. Apparently she had learned how to throw herself out of her crib tonight. She was crying and her mouth was bleeding and i got so scared i called mom instantly. She came driving up while i was getting lilly's mouth to stop bleeding. When she saw mom she cheered up and mom rocked her to sleep in about five minutes while i regained my composure. She scared the you know what outta me. She doesn't have any knots on her noggin and we looked her over carefully so she should be just fine but i guess i have a new job for tomorrow.. putting her toddler bed in her room and taking down that stinking crib. She has outgrown it and she let me know it tonight. I felt bad for calling mom over but right off i wasn't sure what was wrong and i kept thinking if she has a concussion i have to keep her up tonight and i didn't think i could do it by myself. She is sleeping soundly now if only i could chill out and lay down. Bi day of moving furniture around again tomorrow. LOL

Well today was much better than yesterday!

Yesterday was just one of those days but today went pretty smoothly. I got alot accomplished. I did the first coat on the two remaining walls in the basement and if lilly goes down early enough i might get the secon coat put on too. I also got some laundry done, had lunch with mom, switched the play room and the guest bedrooms around..( that was some furniture moving). Lilly threw a couple tantrums but all in all has been pretty sweet. We headed over to suprise my mom with some dinner and flowers. So we were all sitting out in the back yard and saw nolan and liz walking by pushing a ton of strollers.. lol. so i went out and said hello to all the kido's. I found a sitter for thursday night so i think i'm going to go into work and try to pick up a shift before allan gets home on thursday. what else?? oh we are having a barbque tomorrow. yum. I'm doing hamburgers but everyone else is bringing something. It's a whole group of girls from my nursing class. That sould be lots of fun. OH and i went to bingo last night for a break. I won 240 bucks and muffy went with me and she won 254 bucks so we were winners. always more fun when you win!! Oh and my step dad is coming in to town on friday or saturday. That should be fun to see him some more.
So i'm feeling tons better and up to getting stuff done and taking on the world. haha.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

do you ever just have one of those days..

what i mean is do you ever have one of those days where you just might throttle your child? today was mine! Lilly has been sick as i have mentioned in the previous posts. Well after about 5 days of her whinning and crying she is better. Except she is not better.. she is a brat. She has gotten use to me letting her do whatever to make her happy and getting her way on everything. She has been quite the pill today. I was at the end of my rope with her today so thank God that allan was home today because i just think that i would have been commited to an instution if he was not. i must have spanked lilly like 10 times today. She would lay down and throw a fit like no other over everything.It was happening like every 10 minutes i think. So I'm giving thanks today that god knows our limits. That he doesn't give us anything that we can't really handle. She has been testing me to my limits and maybe god is teaching me patience because it's been trying for sure! So if you have any stories about when you have reached your limits please share because i would like to feel like i'm not the only mom in the world that just gets to that point. ;-)

Friday, August 7, 2009

who are you?? lol

I see that i have visitors from north dakota visiting my blog from time to time.. from beulah?? leave a comment so we can keep in better touch. lilly is doing much better tonight than today. She laid on me most of the day and cried on and off but this afternoon she turned around. She is having tons of fun because i have been letting her get away with things that i don't normally. Such as.. her bouncer is back in the living room even though she is way too big for it. she loves it and saw it in the garage and started crying for it so in it came. She has also takin a liking to my utensil jar. She has spoons spread from the living room to the bedrooms and has made her own little drumset. I can tell she is getting tired tonight cause she will be banging on her "drumset" and then she will just lay flat on the floor. she never really lays on the floor unless she is totally pooped! she has taken real joy in throwing and i mean full on chucking every spoon out of that jar! so right now its anything to bring a little smile to her face. i feel so bad for her. I have never had strep throat but i just imagine it is awful and well the little red dots all over her face right now just make her look sad. anyway, i have alot of spoons to pick up before i try to snuggle her into bed so i better get going.

another small update.

Lilly is a little better but not much. She broke out in a rash but it's mostly gone except for on her face. She is asleep in the recliner right now. Allan found out this morning that he did not get the position he was waiting to hear about. I think he is a little bummed out but i know that it is all in god's hands. I wasn't really set on having to pick up and leave in the middle of my school year or having to go to wheatland either. Nothing is wrong with wheatland i just can't picture living there for any amount of time. We would have but it doesn't even have a walmart! lol. i love visiting allan's family down there but i like coming home when it's done. We were suppose to be heading down there tomorrow or tonight to visit but with lilly having strep throat it looks like we won't be making that trip either. What can you do? I'm getting nervous about school starting and then i'm excited on the other hand. I have a feeling that this year will fly by, probably not while i'm in the middle of it but i bet when it's close to the end i'll say " where did this year go?" I think the last class graduated with 38 and so far i have only heard of one girl that has had to take her NCLEX exam more than once. That is a little reassuring. Also all the girls that went on to be LPN's out of our class have passed their tests and are working as nurses now. So that tells me that we are right on track. Oh but the fun is about to start.. paying tuition and buying the books,.. woohoo. yuck!! lol
anyway that's my update for the day

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

quick update..

lilly ended up throwing up and her temp stayed above 102 so i decided it was best to take her in. I didn't want to because her regular doctor is gone all week so i knew we were gonna have to see a fill in. We ended up having doc green. He was a very nice older pediatrician. I thought he did wonderfully.he said her ears were fine but when he looked at her throat it looked to red.. so rapid strep test. Turns out she has strep throat. This amazes me because i have never had this. Neither has allan or liz i was informed. So poor thing got it somewhere and i'm starting to see a trend.. i'm thinking it was daycare but not 100% on that. Jacob was also sick over here on saturday. he said he was freezing which makes me think he had a fever so i'm now wondering what his other symtoms were.. hmm gonna have to call holly and find out. Anyway allan is picking up her antibiotics right now and i'm hoping she can perk up in the nxt 24 hours. we will see i guess. keep her in your prayers if you think about her! ;-)

say a little prayer for us please..

please keep lilly in your prayers today. She isn't feeling well at all. I'm not sure what she has but it isn't her teeth like i first thought. She has a pretty temp and has had one since early yesterday. it was 100.5 at first but was 102 last night. She tossed and turned and wouldn't be comforted last night no matter what i did for her. i have been loading her up on motrin and she had a tiny dose of benadryl yesterday and another one this morning. i don't like benadryl simply because it is one of the drugs parents overdose their kids on so i'm paranoid to use it. However, it is one that works. Motrin was't doing anything for her runny nose so that's why i gave her the benadryl cause she gets ticked when her nose isnt doing good and i wanted her to be able to breath if she takes a nap today. I think the medicine is making it tolerable this morning. Anyway if she keeps it up tomorrow i'm taking her in or if this fever doesn't go away soon. I know kids fever's can be high ones and her's isn't that high comparatively but i don't think they are suppose to keep a fever longer than a few days. so.. please pray for lilly.
Oh yes and on a different note. Say a prayer for allan too. He has been really holding his breath and trying not to be too uptight waiting to hear about a certain piece of news. Well today has been two weeks and he still hasn't heard anything yet so i can tell he is getting anxious. So please pray for him too. I know our footsteps are guided and so i feel kinda peaceful about the whole thing now but in any case some news would be nice so we can get on with it or get on with it.. lol.
We went to the farmers market last night. lilly had had medicine and was doing pretty good so we snuck out for our scheduled date night. We didn't find anything good at the market. We were too late i think. So we had some mexican food downtown and went and saw the ugly truth. It was pretty funny, a little dirty mouthed but funny in general. i saw allan giggling from time to time to so its not totally a chick flick lol. I am working tonight and tomorrow night. i found some cute scrubs at med form though. i bought some capri ones because it's so hot in the nursing home right now. The residents stay cold so they don't turn the air on very much and sheww wee it's hot when you get moving. My mom is coming over to our house to wath lilly for a couple of hours so i can get a nap and a shower in peace. It's so nice to be able to call her and have help. I'm really glad that lilly has someone so close that loves her so much and would drop everything for her. ;-) lilly loves her alot too. i ask her if she wants to go see lala and she always squeals with delight.
Anyway i better go get to the dishes so something gets done. it on't be the painting or the laundry like i had planned but when you got a sick kid plans change huh..

Sunday, August 2, 2009

it never slows down..

Well we had a yardsale on saturday. Sheww i forgot how much work is put into one of these things. It's tough! lol. We did pretty good getting rid of all the junk around here. Anything we didn't sell went over to muffy's for her yardsale on friday. Our babysitter is back in town so i signed up to work some shifts at work. I actually get to work with some girls i know so that will be fun. I"m working monday, wed and thursday. Gotta earn some extra money for our vegas trip, or carpet, or tuition lol. I was so tired after the yardsale. I think the heat just did me in. So i sat at home with lilly last night and watched two movies. I was tempted to make myself a tall stiff drink, but i knew it would [ut me right to sleep and little lilly wasn't tired at all so movies it was. lol. i found out in alabama that i liked to drink malibu and pineapple. it's pretty yummy! ( for those of you that are worried right now you should know that i can count on one had how many times i drink in a year lol) Anyway, today i thought i would still be recovering from the yardsale but i actually woke up energetic and so i started painting in the basement again. two walls now have color on them and the ceiling is done. I'm not the best painter so allan will have to fix my mess ups but it's moving along again which is good. i may go back down there when lilly takes her nap. Mom came and watched her this morning so i could go down and paint . lilly is looking sleepy right now so i may be headed back down there sooner than later.
I went to lunch with mom and kim. Lilly had alot of fun playing with everyone's drinking straw. we went to lime leaf. It was way spicy today though. my lips were burning lol. Okay i have to go move lilly to her crib. See you!