Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Today was awesome!!

Lilly was my perfect girl again today. She did really good. We got to work on getting her crib out and her toddler bed in. She took a nap in it and when she woke up was happy and climbed right out and headed to the living room. We hung out and had lunch with mom again today. Then tonight was our barbque. Lilly was sweet to all the kids and had fun chasing everyone around the back yard.She even let some of my friends hold her. We made some good hamburgers on the grill. megan brought some really yummy baked beans that she made from her mother's recipe. We had chips and dip and potatoe salad. Most everyone showed up that was suppose to. WE made a fire with some of the wood that sandy and wade sent home with us. It's cottonwood so it burned really slow and didn't pop everywhere. Very nice wood. We made smores and then i remembered that the meteor shower was tonight. So we started watching for them. We did end up seeing about 5 of them. It was just a very fun relaxing night. Way cool. I really like this group of friends that i have made in the nursing program. There are some others that just can't have fun unless they are getting drunk in the bar but these aren't like that. We rocked the babies asleep in the swings and talked and laughed at the kids questions. One kid is 10 and he had tons of questions like " if you froze time and you were falling into lava would it still burn you?" lol.. see we had all kinds of fun with those silly questions. REally where do these kids get these questions. lol. I can't wait for lilly to talk more. I know they all talk at different times but every little word is so precious right now. She was telling people "no no no." and "all gone" and she was counting things. lol. My friends all got a kick out of her. They decided that with her pigtails tonight that she looked just like the little girl in monster's inc.. her name is boo. That was funny. They were all calling her boo tonight. Today was just perfect. I wish they were all like today. Now if only my husband was home to enjoy this with me it really would have been perfect. ;-)
goodnight. I"m one tired mama and my neck is a little stiff from staring at the stars tonight. So off to bed i go!

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Jennifer said...

I was going to stay up for the meteor shower but I did not make it LOL Sounds like you had a good time last night! I wish it would cool off here so we can have backyard get togethers again!