Monday, August 10, 2009

well it WAS going smoothly.. lol

well i was in the middle of an email to my grandparents and we had a crisis.. lol. I had been writing a few sentences and then rocking lilly and then writing a few more then laying her down on the couch.. anyway i was planning on writing more but i gave up cause she wouldn't stop getting up. So i was rocking her again and she started throwing a tantrum cause i wouldn't let her get down to run around.. so i spanked her and decided enough was enough . She was going to her crib and she could cry it out till she fell asleep. I put her in there and went back to just give up on the email and I heard a big thud in her room. I went running in there thinking that i had forgot to put up her rail. Nope the rail was up but she was on the floor. Apparently she had learned how to throw herself out of her crib tonight. She was crying and her mouth was bleeding and i got so scared i called mom instantly. She came driving up while i was getting lilly's mouth to stop bleeding. When she saw mom she cheered up and mom rocked her to sleep in about five minutes while i regained my composure. She scared the you know what outta me. She doesn't have any knots on her noggin and we looked her over carefully so she should be just fine but i guess i have a new job for tomorrow.. putting her toddler bed in her room and taking down that stinking crib. She has outgrown it and she let me know it tonight. I felt bad for calling mom over but right off i wasn't sure what was wrong and i kept thinking if she has a concussion i have to keep her up tonight and i didn't think i could do it by myself. She is sleeping soundly now if only i could chill out and lay down. Bi day of moving furniture around again tomorrow. LOL

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