Friday, August 7, 2009

another small update.

Lilly is a little better but not much. She broke out in a rash but it's mostly gone except for on her face. She is asleep in the recliner right now. Allan found out this morning that he did not get the position he was waiting to hear about. I think he is a little bummed out but i know that it is all in god's hands. I wasn't really set on having to pick up and leave in the middle of my school year or having to go to wheatland either. Nothing is wrong with wheatland i just can't picture living there for any amount of time. We would have but it doesn't even have a walmart! lol. i love visiting allan's family down there but i like coming home when it's done. We were suppose to be heading down there tomorrow or tonight to visit but with lilly having strep throat it looks like we won't be making that trip either. What can you do? I'm getting nervous about school starting and then i'm excited on the other hand. I have a feeling that this year will fly by, probably not while i'm in the middle of it but i bet when it's close to the end i'll say " where did this year go?" I think the last class graduated with 38 and so far i have only heard of one girl that has had to take her NCLEX exam more than once. That is a little reassuring. Also all the girls that went on to be LPN's out of our class have passed their tests and are working as nurses now. So that tells me that we are right on track. Oh but the fun is about to start.. paying tuition and buying the books,.. woohoo. yuck!! lol
anyway that's my update for the day

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