Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Babies beware!! lol

So i went back to school. Today was my second day. We jumped right in and started learning how to start IV lines. We also found out how to work the pumps and how to draw blood. Drawing blood seems to be easy enough. IV's are tough. I feel bad for everytime i gave a nurse the evil eye for having to try more than once. lol.
So referring back to the title of my post.. I found out where i'm going.. any idea's?? lol Yep I'm going to the pediactric/ OB floor. Maybe i'll get to see some babies born or take care of some mama's. I think the nursery is included in that floor too. I think that i will mainly be doing the kido's that come in till thanksgiving. Then i switch to surgery. From the surgery center i go to the new hospital to do a neuro rotation. I love the new hospital but i won't be there till next semester in the spring. From there i go to PCU. that stands for progressive care unit. They do alot of the heart stuff i guess. We get to do two days in the ICU while we are on this floor. Some people really wanted that rotation but i find it to be the one i'm least looking forward to. I hope it turns out to be a nice suprise. If it doesn't well... at least it's the last place i go. ;-) WE got put into new groups too. I have one person that is the same from my last group and about 6 or 7 new people. I know almost all of them so i think it will be just fine. I'm really having fun with it already. It is stressful and yes i already want to pull my hair out in the second day but i think that i will get a nice rounded rotation to a lot of different things and places. from babies to hearts and in between. I am a little dissapointed because the medical rotation i am missing goes to the ER in the hospital and i wanted to see that. I also miss the psych rotation at wyoming behavioral insitute. This suits me just fine because i am not interested in any of that. I think its an awful place. There are kids there that are only there because some adult made them this way and well i'm just glad i don't have to go do that. i dind't want to and now i don't have too!! yeah!!
so anyway hope everyone is having a good week. i'm going to lay down cause lilly is asleep and mama needs a nap too. This early morning business has caught us off guard. Lilly is enjoying staying with my mom but tomorrow she has to go to daycare. She is going to go every thursday for a couple of hours while i go to one short class and do some studying! see you all!

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