Saturday, August 15, 2009

family everywhere

We have been so busy. Byron my step dad got into town on friday so we have been visiting with him a lot. Sandy and wade got here on friday but we didn't get to see them till today. Lilly and I met up with her cousins at the mall today to play. Allan worked all day in the basement finishing up the painting. It still isn't done but its a lot closer. We went over to liz and nolans tonight for jake's second birthday party! It was fun. I'm so proud of lilly. She has been a super kid lately. She just goes to anybody now. She use to run and hide behind me but she was even playing with byron today. I have also been working quite a bit lately. I have to work tomorrow 9 till 2 so not too long but because its sunday I get 4 more dollars an hour so that is pretty nice. :-) I'm thinking about taking byron to thermopolis cause he likes to get out and see stuff. I might do that on monday. Allan is going back to texas monday till thursday night again this week. Its just busy busy around here but lots of fun! I'm glad and sad that school is starting again so soon. I want to be done so badly. However summer is so nice and I know that once school is over ill have to be working for who knows how long.. The rest of my life lol. Anyway that is too much to think about right before bed. Poor allan got called out again tonight at 930 so he is working thru the night just to come home tomorrow and pack for texas. Poor fellow! That's another reason I need to finish school already. Allan needs a new job. This one is tough on him. Anyway goodnight fellow bloggers!

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