Friday, August 7, 2009

who are you?? lol

I see that i have visitors from north dakota visiting my blog from time to time.. from beulah?? leave a comment so we can keep in better touch. lilly is doing much better tonight than today. She laid on me most of the day and cried on and off but this afternoon she turned around. She is having tons of fun because i have been letting her get away with things that i don't normally. Such as.. her bouncer is back in the living room even though she is way too big for it. she loves it and saw it in the garage and started crying for it so in it came. She has also takin a liking to my utensil jar. She has spoons spread from the living room to the bedrooms and has made her own little drumset. I can tell she is getting tired tonight cause she will be banging on her "drumset" and then she will just lay flat on the floor. she never really lays on the floor unless she is totally pooped! she has taken real joy in throwing and i mean full on chucking every spoon out of that jar! so right now its anything to bring a little smile to her face. i feel so bad for her. I have never had strep throat but i just imagine it is awful and well the little red dots all over her face right now just make her look sad. anyway, i have alot of spoons to pick up before i try to snuggle her into bed so i better get going.

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