Wednesday, August 5, 2009

say a little prayer for us please..

please keep lilly in your prayers today. She isn't feeling well at all. I'm not sure what she has but it isn't her teeth like i first thought. She has a pretty temp and has had one since early yesterday. it was 100.5 at first but was 102 last night. She tossed and turned and wouldn't be comforted last night no matter what i did for her. i have been loading her up on motrin and she had a tiny dose of benadryl yesterday and another one this morning. i don't like benadryl simply because it is one of the drugs parents overdose their kids on so i'm paranoid to use it. However, it is one that works. Motrin was't doing anything for her runny nose so that's why i gave her the benadryl cause she gets ticked when her nose isnt doing good and i wanted her to be able to breath if she takes a nap today. I think the medicine is making it tolerable this morning. Anyway if she keeps it up tomorrow i'm taking her in or if this fever doesn't go away soon. I know kids fever's can be high ones and her's isn't that high comparatively but i don't think they are suppose to keep a fever longer than a few days. so.. please pray for lilly.
Oh yes and on a different note. Say a prayer for allan too. He has been really holding his breath and trying not to be too uptight waiting to hear about a certain piece of news. Well today has been two weeks and he still hasn't heard anything yet so i can tell he is getting anxious. So please pray for him too. I know our footsteps are guided and so i feel kinda peaceful about the whole thing now but in any case some news would be nice so we can get on with it or get on with it.. lol.
We went to the farmers market last night. lilly had had medicine and was doing pretty good so we snuck out for our scheduled date night. We didn't find anything good at the market. We were too late i think. So we had some mexican food downtown and went and saw the ugly truth. It was pretty funny, a little dirty mouthed but funny in general. i saw allan giggling from time to time to so its not totally a chick flick lol. I am working tonight and tomorrow night. i found some cute scrubs at med form though. i bought some capri ones because it's so hot in the nursing home right now. The residents stay cold so they don't turn the air on very much and sheww wee it's hot when you get moving. My mom is coming over to our house to wath lilly for a couple of hours so i can get a nap and a shower in peace. It's so nice to be able to call her and have help. I'm really glad that lilly has someone so close that loves her so much and would drop everything for her. ;-) lilly loves her alot too. i ask her if she wants to go see lala and she always squeals with delight.
Anyway i better go get to the dishes so something gets done. it on't be the painting or the laundry like i had planned but when you got a sick kid plans change huh..

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