Thursday, January 26, 2012

my smiley girl..

I thought she was funny smiling at me the other day so i snapped a shot because the camera was right there. We were in the process of getting jammies on for bed. She had a crazy braid that ws falling out cause she had worn it all day. When she wears a braid she will swing it back and forth and play with it and tell me that she has a " pocahantas" lol. I probably spelled that wrong but for some reason that is what she relates to braids.
Today I have housecleaners here. I pick up all month and try to keep it decent around here but there are things that I just can't seem to do while i'm pregnant. So right before allan gets home I hire a housecleaner so that he gets to come home to a nice clean house instead of one that he might feel needs a little better cleaning. They are cleaning out my fridge and oven today. I just don't think smelling oven cleaner is too good for developing babies so I have put it off for too long. The pest guy is also scheduled to come by today. So i'm staying out of the way and letting everyone do their jobs around here. Lilly is at grammy's house. She loves going over there. She tells me as soon as we get there that i have to leave. She likes getting dropped off and lately she has been wanting to stay the night over there. She only has like maybe 2 times ever without me but apparently she had alot of fun the last time she did it and now wants to always stay the night. I hope she feels the same about school someday. lol.. somehow i doubt she will but i hope she can get used to being dropped off there and picked back up. I guess all kids do get use to it.
I have a to do list and finding lilly a preschool is on it. I need to really get with it but i haven't. I also need ot go talk with the school here and find out some info for when she is ready to go there. but that hasn't been done either. oh well.. rome wasn't built in a day I guess. MOm and aaron are going to come help me later today to clean up outside in the backyard. Rocky the wonderful dog he is not... destroyed some kind of trash and plastic thing and so I need to get out there and pick that up and sweep the porch. Also he has left numerous bombs out there and that is a job that bothers me cause of the smell so they volunteered to help with that. nice huh? lol. I did it when i was sick because i couldn't smell anything anyway. But i can smell now and I threw up this morning. Not really sure why. It just came up again. Haven't had any morning sickness in a while but this morning was an exception. booo..hisssss.
okay enough rambling. I have bills to be paid and other online work. Everyone have a good thursday! Allan comes home tomorrow!!! yeah

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hey hey hey.. lol i kinda feel like fat albert or santa. This belly is just sticking out far these days. there is definetly no sucking it in. anyway, today i went shopping at target for lillys bday party. i got her about 7 presents.. squinkies, zoobles, and other random small things. i had a 50 dollar gift card so i used it. i made a chicken tortilla casserole last night and a pineapple cake. the cake was great but the chicken casserole came out looking like mush when cut. it tasted great but looked like mush. we brought the dishes over to my moms house for a potluck. We had hotdogs and hamburgers on the grill and then our dishes and stuff. our friends came with 6 kids and so lilly had a blast like always with all the teenagers. they played soccer in the field and we had a fire in the pit. im still over here about to head homecause lilly has entered the exhausted mode where they hurt themselves at every turn and it takes 5 years to calm them down cause they are really just exhausted. i give her 5 minutes in the car before she is out like a light. anyway, hope everyones having a great week.

Friday, January 20, 2012

what a nice suprise

I went thrift store shopping today with mom and our babysitter linette and lilly. We all found stuff we liked. It was a fun outing. I basically got emma a whole summer wardrobe. Plus i found a dress and top for when it gets a little warmer and I'm still pregnant. It was a gorgeous day out today. So pretty. We rode around with the windows down and got slushes from sonic. :0)
Then I went and met up with my brother aaron at his house so lilly could visit with her uncle. While we were hanging out Aaron said that he was really craving some grilled food. I started thinking about it and we had plans last week to go to the terrace out here in queen creek. Well we got sick last week and didn't go. However we are all pretty much over the funk that had us last week so he called and made reservations for us all to go. It was sooo nice. It's outdoors but they have little heat lamps for if it's cold and misters if it's hot. THey had a nice band playing country songs we recognized and they had amazing bbq! they had ribs, chicken, pulled pork, or brisket to choose from or a little of two and then a ton of sides to include honey corn bread, beans, potatoes, cole slaw, and corn on the cob. It was all delicous. Well i wasn't a fan of their slaw but everything else was amazing. the patio which is one big long terrace had a very nice crowd. Mostly older that us but some yojnger families sprinkled in. I went and asked about making a tee time( yes it's on a golf course). So allan is going to have a tee time on a monday night because mondays they have the same kind of deal but they grill hamburgers and it's buy one get one. So we will try it and if he loves it then we will come back on friday for bbq. We may have found a new hang out. We will see if allan likes the golf there.
anyway, i have to work tomorrow so i better get off of here.
nighty nite

Sunday, January 15, 2012

xbox kinect.. first night

I know that you can't really get the whole idea but i'm telling you that we have the wii which we got first and we never play.. or rarely play. Allan has the ps3 and does play but only his war marine killing games basically. We recently went to a friends house and were introduced to the xbox kinect. This is now the one i recommend to any familys out there getting a game system. It is so fun. THey have a game called fruit ninja that the girls played tonight. They loved it. They also really enjoyed the adventure game that came with it. It uses your body to control the thing no remote. It's pretty awesome! Oh and i am told that they have ufc trainer type game for working out and a zumba dance one too. I may have to look into those especially after the baby is born. I tried to participate tonight and did okay i guess but it wore me out. It's just awesome cause they really had to be pretty active to do these games. I loved that they could stay inside and get a little work out and have fun. So it is getting a 5 stars from me so far. It was not the easiest to startup but once in there it was pretty neat. I found that target had the same price as walmart but target gives you a 50 dollar gift card to go with it so that is a plus to me. Anyway this video wasn't hte best but they were just getting the hang of it and i had to tell them to jum p and move and stuff. emma is pretty good but lilly needs a little coaching. lol

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I have the best hubby in the world!

okay. I uploaded the pictures backwards but today I am still sick. Would you know that I got a knock on the door while my mom was over here bringing us food again and reminding me to lay low and not forget to eat. It was flowers. Gorgeous uge bouquet from my husband who is in africa. He knew I was sick and sent me flowers. HE also said they were for finishing my BSN degree. I got my grade and passed my last class so I am done. Have to submit my paperwork from my diploma but done is done! no more classes! woohoo. so back to the sweet man i'm maried to. He included a big bear for lilly. She was so tickled when i told her that her dad sent her a present. She came running downstairs and grabbed the bag it came in and started digging. Then she smiled really big and hugged it and felt it's soft fur. Then she wanted to take it up to meet her other bears and watch mario with her. So that is the first picture. the middle brown bear is the new one.

snuggling it up.

a picture of the bear and flowers.. so prettty it has huge blooms so i'm sure it is going to be coming out with even prettier flowers in the next few days too. I see lillies in there.

pretty huh? yep he is amazing man that ALLAN KEYES. We miss you come home. Oh and we did get his flight details. He will be back on the evening of the 27th. ;-)

This last picture is the only picture I got of my friends and I while they were here. It's not the most attractive one ever but I was happy to have one. I haven't seen them in 5 years so it was good to get a picture just in case it turns out to be another 5 years. lol.. I dont think it will though. THey are in san diego and I'm in phoenix now so it's alot closer these days. Miss you all. !

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This is a picture of what i've been up to..

yep i've been sick as a dog today. Started at 2 am last night. Sore Throat, runny nose, feel like poopy. Yep that's been my day. I've been having hot and cold flashes and my back is now aching from laying on the couch most of the day. I haven't got out of my jammies all day and neither has lilly. Mom brought us breakfast and picked up a bnch of cold medicine and cough drops for me. Uncle aaron came back over tonight so that he could play video games with lilly while i took a hot shower and a nap if i wanted. I napped all day so i decided to blog a bit and sit up straight in this chair. Pretty sure I have went thru a whole box of tissue today. YUCK! anyway on a different not sick note.. i also worked on the baby's room a bit the other night before I got sick. I got the crib up ( mostly.. allan will have to check it when he gets back) . since this photo i added a futon in the room and some fun pillows. I still want a rocking recliner and the tv set up in there for late nights. Plus a changing station. Everything else can go down stairs like swing and playpen.. etc. It's getting cute in there. No i need a baby to put in there.. but i'm happy it's not today cause i'm miserably sick right now. booo..

Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend review and what not..

Well this weekend started with an ultrasound on friday. No Placenta Previa thank you god! Thank you also to anyone who said a prayer for us. I knew before the doctor told me cause during the ultrasound i could see that it was very high now and not down low at all. It was still good to hear the doctor sayeverything is well. I don't have to go back for a month. The baby is shy. Wont hardly give a profile picture at all. We did get one but it wasn't the best one ever. All the baby's anatomy looks fine they said. Perfect little four chamber heart and all.
After the ultrasound my two navy friends came over from san diego. I hadn't seen either one since i got out of the navy. It was so good to catch up with amy greer and jenn macaya. Jenn is still in and working at the cal lab where i use to work. Amy is out and starting nursing school this month and she has recently gotten married so it was fun to chat and catch up. We went to san tan flats a bar/grill we have out here. They got a steak dinner and we had fun watching the band and people dance. The next day jenn made us breakfast. She went to culinary school and loves to cook so she loved my kitchen cause it had a gas stove and she went to cooking heaven. No one complained. lol.. WE went to the olive mill that afternoon for a light lunch. they also had a band in the olive grove and we had a wonderful meat and cheese tray and some fancy spancy desert that I don't even know the name of. It was fun. That evening we went to bingo. none of us won but we all had fun and stayed out way to late. Sunday we had breakfast and they headed back to SD. I took lilly and we went to serrah and johns house so i could finishe uploading and scanning some documents ( we don't have a scanner anymore).. Lilly found out they got a new xbox 360 for christmas. it's the new one that your body is the remote. It calbrates to you and as you move it does the game. So she played fruit ninja and it was the cutest thing I have ever seen. I want toget rid of our wi and get that xbox system now. It looks so fun and it gets them off their butts when they are playing games.
So I turned in my last paper towards my BSN. All I have left to do is apply for graduation and pay the graduation fee for my diploma! exciting huh? I can't wait to not have to do anymore papers. Wooohooo! schools out for EVER! lol. or at least for a while. A long While.
Not much else has been going on around here. That's all of the highlights really. Allan is working away this month but sounds like he likes the guys he works with. he had a cold and didn't sound very upbeat for a little bit but he perked back up i think now.
Today I'm just resting and relaxing and catching up on sleep. Lilly is doing her favorite new chore. She gets a little scrubby and goes to town wiping up spots on the tile. I don't think we have any spots left but she goes and goes for like an hour cleaning spots. She woke up and I asked her if she wanted some breakfast and she said " no I want to clean spots" . So she has been for 30 minutes now.I think i'll go try her again on some breakfast. See ya!