Sunday, January 15, 2012

xbox kinect.. first night

I know that you can't really get the whole idea but i'm telling you that we have the wii which we got first and we never play.. or rarely play. Allan has the ps3 and does play but only his war marine killing games basically. We recently went to a friends house and were introduced to the xbox kinect. This is now the one i recommend to any familys out there getting a game system. It is so fun. THey have a game called fruit ninja that the girls played tonight. They loved it. They also really enjoyed the adventure game that came with it. It uses your body to control the thing no remote. It's pretty awesome! Oh and i am told that they have ufc trainer type game for working out and a zumba dance one too. I may have to look into those especially after the baby is born. I tried to participate tonight and did okay i guess but it wore me out. It's just awesome cause they really had to be pretty active to do these games. I loved that they could stay inside and get a little work out and have fun. So it is getting a 5 stars from me so far. It was not the easiest to startup but once in there it was pretty neat. I found that target had the same price as walmart but target gives you a 50 dollar gift card to go with it so that is a plus to me. Anyway this video wasn't hte best but they were just getting the hang of it and i had to tell them to jum p and move and stuff. emma is pretty good but lilly needs a little coaching. lol

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