Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekend review and what not..

Well this weekend started with an ultrasound on friday. No Placenta Previa thank you god! Thank you also to anyone who said a prayer for us. I knew before the doctor told me cause during the ultrasound i could see that it was very high now and not down low at all. It was still good to hear the doctor sayeverything is well. I don't have to go back for a month. The baby is shy. Wont hardly give a profile picture at all. We did get one but it wasn't the best one ever. All the baby's anatomy looks fine they said. Perfect little four chamber heart and all.
After the ultrasound my two navy friends came over from san diego. I hadn't seen either one since i got out of the navy. It was so good to catch up with amy greer and jenn macaya. Jenn is still in and working at the cal lab where i use to work. Amy is out and starting nursing school this month and she has recently gotten married so it was fun to chat and catch up. We went to san tan flats a bar/grill we have out here. They got a steak dinner and we had fun watching the band and people dance. The next day jenn made us breakfast. She went to culinary school and loves to cook so she loved my kitchen cause it had a gas stove and she went to cooking heaven. No one complained. lol.. WE went to the olive mill that afternoon for a light lunch. they also had a band in the olive grove and we had a wonderful meat and cheese tray and some fancy spancy desert that I don't even know the name of. It was fun. That evening we went to bingo. none of us won but we all had fun and stayed out way to late. Sunday we had breakfast and they headed back to SD. I took lilly and we went to serrah and johns house so i could finishe uploading and scanning some documents ( we don't have a scanner anymore).. Lilly found out they got a new xbox 360 for christmas. it's the new one that your body is the remote. It calbrates to you and as you move it does the game. So she played fruit ninja and it was the cutest thing I have ever seen. I want toget rid of our wi and get that xbox system now. It looks so fun and it gets them off their butts when they are playing games.
So I turned in my last paper towards my BSN. All I have left to do is apply for graduation and pay the graduation fee for my diploma! exciting huh? I can't wait to not have to do anymore papers. Wooohooo! schools out for EVER! lol. or at least for a while. A long While.
Not much else has been going on around here. That's all of the highlights really. Allan is working away this month but sounds like he likes the guys he works with. he had a cold and didn't sound very upbeat for a little bit but he perked back up i think now.
Today I'm just resting and relaxing and catching up on sleep. Lilly is doing her favorite new chore. She gets a little scrubby and goes to town wiping up spots on the tile. I don't think we have any spots left but she goes and goes for like an hour cleaning spots. She woke up and I asked her if she wanted some breakfast and she said " no I want to clean spots" . So she has been for 30 minutes now.I think i'll go try her again on some breakfast. See ya!

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Kerri said...

Yay for the good news on your ultra sound and congrats on finishing your BSN!
Happy New Year!