Thursday, January 26, 2012

my smiley girl..

I thought she was funny smiling at me the other day so i snapped a shot because the camera was right there. We were in the process of getting jammies on for bed. She had a crazy braid that ws falling out cause she had worn it all day. When she wears a braid she will swing it back and forth and play with it and tell me that she has a " pocahantas" lol. I probably spelled that wrong but for some reason that is what she relates to braids.
Today I have housecleaners here. I pick up all month and try to keep it decent around here but there are things that I just can't seem to do while i'm pregnant. So right before allan gets home I hire a housecleaner so that he gets to come home to a nice clean house instead of one that he might feel needs a little better cleaning. They are cleaning out my fridge and oven today. I just don't think smelling oven cleaner is too good for developing babies so I have put it off for too long. The pest guy is also scheduled to come by today. So i'm staying out of the way and letting everyone do their jobs around here. Lilly is at grammy's house. She loves going over there. She tells me as soon as we get there that i have to leave. She likes getting dropped off and lately she has been wanting to stay the night over there. She only has like maybe 2 times ever without me but apparently she had alot of fun the last time she did it and now wants to always stay the night. I hope she feels the same about school someday. lol.. somehow i doubt she will but i hope she can get used to being dropped off there and picked back up. I guess all kids do get use to it.
I have a to do list and finding lilly a preschool is on it. I need to really get with it but i haven't. I also need ot go talk with the school here and find out some info for when she is ready to go there. but that hasn't been done either. oh well.. rome wasn't built in a day I guess. MOm and aaron are going to come help me later today to clean up outside in the backyard. Rocky the wonderful dog he is not... destroyed some kind of trash and plastic thing and so I need to get out there and pick that up and sweep the porch. Also he has left numerous bombs out there and that is a job that bothers me cause of the smell so they volunteered to help with that. nice huh? lol. I did it when i was sick because i couldn't smell anything anyway. But i can smell now and I threw up this morning. Not really sure why. It just came up again. Haven't had any morning sickness in a while but this morning was an exception. booo..hisssss.
okay enough rambling. I have bills to be paid and other online work. Everyone have a good thursday! Allan comes home tomorrow!!! yeah

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The Mason Bunch said...

I love this picture. She is so cute.