Thursday, February 2, 2012

soccer and new car

Lilly sitting on her perch for the scrimmage game.

Emma practicing her dribble down the field

daddy and lilly watching emma play

Stretching before the game.

and last but not least.. our new vehicle. We traded in allan's truck that was slowly having more and more issues and decided to just get a new suv. We want the warranty so when he isn't around i can just take it in and get whatever fixed without worrying about the cost. So we have a 100k bumper to bumper warranty. It seats 7 with plenty of room. I ths the same amount of room inside as a yukon. We got an execellent interest rate and well it's fun to drive and the kids love going places in it. It has fun things like back up camera and parking assist oh and bluetooth so now i can just talk on the phone all i want in the car cause there is no device i just talk and they hear me. pretty neat. lol.. Anyway we are hanging in there. Sorry for not posting much Ive been just enjoying having allan home safe and sound in the states and trying to get things down around here while i have the help. ;-)

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