Tuesday, February 28, 2012

calgon take me away..update on me and mom

i need a stress relief or break or something. I went to the Doc and they sure enough did say to poke myself 4 times a day for the rest of this week. I'm suppose to take it when i wake up ( fasting and it's suppose to be under 95 i think) then i take it two hours after each meal. So this morning mine was 102. Then after breakfast it was 95 and after lunch it was 85. they want it under 120 after 2 hours. So I'm fine with those. I haven't taken it yet for after dinner. Dinner will be the test cause i ate alot of carbs and other things and i tend to slow down after dinner time.( couch time or bathtub time etc). So we will see. So anyway after the doc apt my mom ended up going to the doc because she has had a foot that was numb over the weekend. When she went to the doctor they sent her straight to the ER to rule out a stroke. I met her at our hospital last night and sat with her for a while. They did a CT scan there and blood work and then eventually told her that those came back negative but they would like to admit her and transfer her to a different sister hospital across phoenix so that a neurologist could do a better work up. Our hospital out here is still pretty new. They have great reviews for delivering babies but They aren't set up with any specialty stuff really for Emergency things. So they ambulanced her over to Banner good sam at like midnight last night I think. Today she sat around in the hospital all day waiting for them to do a MRI. They pretty much have ruled out a stroke or heart issues. They are thinking possibly a disc or pinched something i guess that's why they are doing the MRI. They just took her back for a two hour MRI and it's 9 pm. My poor mama is so claustrophobic too so I talked with her nurse today and i told her that i know no one likes those machines and probably everyone says they are "claustrophobic" but my mother really is. So they gave her some " anti anxiety meds" before she went in there. I'm hoping it helps. So she is staying again tonight and probably tomorrow. I'm not sure when she will get discharged. Right now we don't know much about what is going on.
On a totally different subject I also have 5 people staying a the house right now. Lilly is totally occupied because most of them are kids. Our friend needed somewhere to stay while she had to get out of one house and into another so They are suppose to be staying with us for a week. needless to say Its a crazy busy freaked out week from me. I've called in work because my mom babysits Lilly and since she is out of commission I'm pretty much out of commission too. My job is understanding but they have two nurses on vacation next week so they are stressing out about that because they had planned on me taking some of those extra days. I would have but now I'm playing one day at a time.. So I need a bath and bed and to have some dreamless sleep cause with everything it's been an emotional roller coaster. Poor Allan is out on his rig but is having severe low back pain. Not that he or I need anything else to worry about right now but i do worry about him. He sees a chiropractor when he is in and usually it gets back in place but he still has three more weeks out there so I'm not sure what he is going to do at this point. I'm just praying for him. So keep us all in prayers please. It's been a rough week so far but I'm sure it will take a turn for the better soon.

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