Saturday, March 10, 2012

baby shower!

Today is baby shower day. I haven't posted in a while and i'm sorry. Things are always a whirlwind when allan is gone but this month they have been more of a whirlwind than usual. Mom is doing much better and her foot is okay now. They think it was a pinched nerve but it seems to have cleared up for now. I'm still monitoring my sugars. They are fine but it depends on my diet alot. If i eat what i'm suppose to they stay below if i eat what i want to... well lets say i had three pieces of pizza and a mt dew the other night and i could definetly see the affect lol. So I'm trying to watch what i eat. That's harder than you would think being pregnant cause i'm hungry like all the time and the good thing is that i have no room for food right now so i think i'm starving but then i only eat like half of my food.
So anyway today is baby shower day. I'm not sure who all is coming. I think most of the girls i work with can't come because they are working but i know linette, karen, mom, serrah, lizzie, cynthia, anna,jenn, and autumn are suppose to be coming. My mom looks like she is having the baby shower by herself. lol she has so many presents. She has started a collection. lol. i think cause she wasn't in the same state as me when we had our first child so she is celebrating twice as hard this time maybe .. I'll try to post pictures later.
I have to go start cutting fruit and feed my munchkin.
God is good all the time!

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