Friday, March 23, 2012

31 weeks

this ultrasound picture was from 30 weeks but close enough right.. i couldn't remember if i had posted it on here. I think i just posted it on facebook. maybe??

Today we are 31 weeks. I've been debating to put up updates on this blog. I have from time to time thru this pregnancy but I'm thinking this might be my last. Nothing is really wrong. We have been thru quite a bit and I am scheduled to see a specialist about overnight insulin on monday which I am a bit worried about. Our regular doctor wouldn't prescribe anything because i stumped her. My day time sugar levels are fine. I watch what I eat and I move around quite a bit during the day. I am still working too so my sugars are usually low at work because I am on the move so much. However night time is a different animal. What i have is called the "dawn phenomenon," which happens during the night when hormones are released that trigger the liver to put out glucose. If there is not enough insulin in the body to counteract this, then blood glucose levels rise during the night, resulting in a high reading in the morning. So the answer is I have to take a night time dose of insulin the doctor has already said it. The problem is they don't know what or how much to give me. I'm worried because I'm usaully fine and undercontrol and i have mornings that I'm not high so i'm worried that i'll take a night time dose and do myself in or something. The part i'm having trouble with is that i will give it to myself before bed. If for some reason it's too high of a dose or my sugars are lower that day I'm worried because it's night time. I'm a nurse I know that people act funny and then generaly pass out when their sugars are too low..So if this happens presumably somebody would give you a shot of glucagon once you faint to bring blood sugar levels back up, which should work in less than 10 mins. Either that, or they just take you to the hospital and put you on a glucose drip. However, I'm worried because I take it at night which means i'll be asleep and how can you tell if i'm asleep or passed out from an insulin overdose.. this is where my brain goes and what keeps me worrying about this apt on monday. Second thing is allan has to leave again for a month so say i notice that my sugar is too low and i'm about to pass out.. no one is here with me. I'm very thankful that my mom is close by about 10 minutes down the road so if my senses are in tact I'm sure i could call her or 911.. if i'm well enough to do either.
So needless to say I'm worried about going on insulin. I give it to my patients everyday but that doesn't mean i want to be on it. Our next regular doctor apt is friday the 30th. We won't have another ultrasound on this day but we will meet with the doctor and pick a due date. well not due date a birthday. I'm having a scheduled c section this time so we will know when we are to have the baby as long as everything goes as planned. It's weird but i have felt like this baby will come early among other worries. I'm hoping it doesn't or allan may not be around. This is another scary thought. I'll have the baby whenever i have to but the thought that if it doesn't come on or after 39 weeks allan won't be here for it is not comforting at all. i guess some words of encouragment go along way. Everyone has been telling me not to concentrate on that and it will all go smoothly but it's still scary. I have a nice supportive family here and some really great friends but I want my husband to be here dang it! so that is our goal. Today we took a tour of the hospital together. It's very nice very new and soooooo much better than where i delivered in casper wy. thank you jesus. It has private rooms not shared for one and the shower isn't down the hall. makes me smile. I was fine in the hospital in casper but i had one bad attitude nurse and the accomadations weren't amazing and they may or may not let the husband spend the night. This room has fold out couches so that the support person can stay and no visiting hours. if you don't want visitors you just tell the nurse. It is a brand new hospital 5 minutes down the street from us so I am thankful for the small things. The nurse that gave us the tour was very helpful and explained everything and was nice so i'm hoping for a good experience.
So after this week i imagine we will have another apt maybe an ultrasound at 34 weeks and then at 36 weeks they will start bringing me in twice a week for ultrasounds to check the oxygenation of the baby. If it all looks good we won't deliver till 39ish weeks. So that's our plan. keep us in your thoughts and prayers and i'm sure i will post more about the baby once it is born. Until then i may post facebook updates from time to time about apts. you can catch me on there.

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