Friday, March 30, 2012

We have a birthday!

Well of course the baby is gonna come whenever it want's to come. We all know that but today we scheduled our c section date. So as long as the baby stays put the birthday is gonna be 5-23-2012. This was the only day my doctor was on call at the hospital that week. It just so happens to be meg dillon and leslie marcum's birthday as well. These have been two of my best friends. Leslie I have known for lik 11 years all the way back to some of my first days in the navy. I probably wouldn't of made it out of the navy alive without this chick. And MEghan.. well i've known her a few years too and i would not of made it thru nursing school without long ridiculous nights of studying with this lady. They are some of my favorite peeps so I thought it would be fitting if my baby could be born and share the same birthday as these two asweome ladies! neat huh? so we are shooting for the 23rd. Allan will be gone to africa till the 17th so i'm realllllllyyyyyy hoping this baby stays put. I'm a little nervous though because I just feel like she may want out of there. Lilly stayed put and didn't get very big. In fact she jsut didn't want to come out that's why we had a c section after hours of induced labor. But this baby doesn't feel as comfy and squirms alot and well she is weighing in at 4 lbs and 14 oz already which is about a lb heavier than she should be at this point sooo. They aren't worried about her being big because i'm having a c section anyway. I think i would perfer to have a chunky little baby at least then they don't feel so breakable. lol. Anyway that's all the news i have.


Unknown said...

Well I have all of my extremities crossed that she stays put as well. I really hope she makes it to the 23rd. How cool would that be :)

The Keyes Family said...

thanks leslie.. in future sign your name or i won't know who is talking lol.