Monday, May 31, 2010

lilly trying to be big..

Lilly wanted to do everything emma did including wearing emma's shoes. ?She walked around in them all the time. Everytime she would find an empty pair she would throw them on. What i thought was funny is that they were always on wrong and usually the wrong foot. i took a picture to show you what i meant. Also lilly tried being a big girl and she will sit on the toilet now. She still hasn't peed at all but she doesn't scream to get off anymore so that is a step in the right direction.!

Some general pictures of our weekend.

WE had a nice time with two different barbques with friends. Emma loved playing with the other kids. She is making fast friends with our friends kids. Lilly loved playing chase with emma and i could get her to do just about anything if she saw her big sister emma doing it first. Seriously, lilly will never eat cereal with milk out of a bowl but she saw emma doing it and sat right down and ate hers. lol.. She didn't even try to kick emma out of her bed last night. They were sharing a bed because i'm in the process of looking for either a bunk bed or a trundle bed. Not sure which one i would like better yet. I'm kinda leaning towards a trundle bed. Anyway here are some random pictures from this weekend.

WE also took a trip to the splash pads.

They have this amazing water spalsh pads here. They are totally free. This one had a big playground that was under the biggest tent i had ever seen that gave it shade.. It wasn't really a tent it was well just a big thing they have to shade the park. They are great for hot afternoons when your trying to save your electric bill.

Amazing jakes pizza place

This posting is of the pizza place we went to.. It was called amazin jakes and i guess tehre are only two one in mesa az and one in texas somewhere. ?? Anyway it was like chucky cheeses or peter piper multiplied by 100. It had bowling, rock climbing walls, putt putt golf, ever game imaginable, laser tag, bumper cars, a mini roller coaster, go karts, etc and for 20 bucks your kid gets pizza and 3 hours worth of rides and attractions. I thought that was very reasonable. Their buffet was huge too. The pizza wasn't the best i ever had but the kids loved this place.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

first day alone>> not so bad

i feel like i got alot done today. we took mom to the airport.. boy did her plans go to poop though. she made it to denver okay but then there was tornado alerts and her plane kept getting delayed till it was cancelled and i guess her and other casper people decided to just drive back.. i have no idea who's car they were in or if they rented one. Anyway after that lilly and i came home and did some laundry and applied for some jobs. i got an email back from one job that said they had filled their position but needed someone for prn work( that's as needed) it usually pays alot more but of course doesn't have benefits which is fine cause allan has benefits. it is in a pain clinic which i think would be cool. After that we checked out a mall and lilly found the carousel which she adored she also saw a dancing cow from chickfila. my girl who is scared of anything that moves ran right up to the cow and gave him a hug.. i think a disneyland trip is in order soon.. lol. we also checked out one daycare and called a few others. i think i have found one. they seemed very nice and very organized and the prices weren't the worst i had heard all day and it's pretty close so we may try a two day a week thing soon so i have time to go look for jobs and what not. allan had an okay day at work but they told him he was going to night shift for pretty much the whole summer to get all trained up then he would go to a 4 on 4 off rotating which will be fine but that put a damper on summer plans of any kind. boo.. We did a walmart run and got some yummy steaks and had them all ready to go when allan got off tonight. we made steaks and corn on the cob by the pool tonight. lilly had lots of fun just being outside but the water was too cold to get in even though its the perfect temp outside.. like 70's right now. i'm on the porch writing this. i'm hoping all my casper girls get blogs. meg did.. so hopefully christine, holly, shelly.. you all better soon. i want to keep in touch and this is a wonderful way to do it! i'm off to bed soon cause we are going to the zoo with anna and her 4 year old zane tomorrow morning to see the animals get fed early then to a water park. i guess they have a season pass or something. should be fun. i'm enjoying the time off but i got to get cdracking on studying again.. the more i don't the more i don't want to..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

happy happy joy joy!

Im not sure why i'm so happy tonight but i really am. We have still been looking at houses and we are going to take a break for a couple weeks and wait till we have money in hand i think. Good news is our house closes on tuesday as long as our apprasial comes back above our asking price which i think it will just fine. So tuesday it will close! That was super fast huh? i mean it wasn't suppose to close for another month. Today lilly and i went swimming in the pool here. She learned how to jump in to me. She must have jumped 100 times.. seriously! my arms were giving out. She only wanted to jump to me too. haha she jumped a couple times to allan but i was her number one target. I can't wait to get her and emma together they are going to have so much fun i think. Plus our apartment is much more ready for emma now that everything is in th right spot or close to the right spot and there are toys in the room. i need to take some pictures i know.. i know.. i just haven't gotten the camera out. i downloaded some from graduation and that is as far as it got. sorry. Allan goes back to work tomorrow and mom goes back to casper tomorrow. So lilly and I will have our first alone day. I"m going to try and look at some daycares and find her a really good one i like. I see alot in churches so maybe i'll look into some of those. We will see. Anyway since mom leaves tomorrow i'm going to go seee if she is packed and hang out with her for a while. Tomorrow starts job hunting and daycare.. sheww..

Sunday, May 23, 2010

happy bday meg and leslie!! this dance is for two great friends!!

Birthday Pictures, Images and Photos

looking at houses

We have already been looking into houses. We thought we would stick around the same price but it looks like we may end up spending more on a house. There are two neighborhoods that we have fell in love with so far. They both cost alot to live there.. imagine that. The first listing is a house in val vista lakes. Val vista is a gorgeous community that has a bunch of lakes around it so you cna imagine that in arizona lake front property is a rare thing.. lol hence the price tag. It is an awesome community though with fun stuff going on like " dancing under the stars" and a big halloween howl party and i guess they put out ts of lights and do a boat parade of lights for christmas. it has a sandy beach that is for members of the community. nice nice.

The second listing is one in Agritopia. This community has a farm around it so it has a organic store you can go get fresh stuff at and a farm grill that people come from all around to eat at(when we drove by sure enough it was packed with people out the door) and it has putting greens a school that kids can walk to it's own little church. The whole community looks like wisteria lane off of desperate housewives show. I mean every yard is beautiful with tons of flowers their are people riding thier bikes everywhere and there is an award winning dog park right next to it. we drove by the dog park and there were about 100 dogs palying frisbi and jumping into the lake that is there just for the dogs. It was crazy not to mention there were tennis and basketball places and also a good size playground on every corner. The flowers were jsut amazing! they even had a rock climbing wall for kids to play on. I just loved the idea of being able to walk the kids to school and stuff at least when they are little.

Now we could get cheaper houses in both of these neighboorhoods but we are thinking that we may just want to bite the bullet and buy a more expensive house. I don't know what prices for houses are like in your guys areas but tell me.. i'd love to hear.. is over 200k too much to pay for a house and community? our last house was 140 when we bought it. so we are talking about almost a 100k more in the one area. However, we did fine then and our apartment rent is 1000 a month right our home payment would only be around 1200. oh and we pay 100 for a storage unit right now so really its only like another 100 bucks and we would have a wonderful home that we may never want to leave! i was instantly in love with the agritopia place however i like the house better in the val vista lake area.. what are your guys thoughts? i would really love to know. lets vote.. haha. number one or number two.. the first one is val vista second is agritopia.. we of course aren't set on either this is just what we have been looking at since we got here. Both places make me feel totally at ease with nice street where i can see our kidos playing with friends without having to freak out too much about riff raff and cars.


graduation pictures.. just a taste

Friday, May 21, 2010

Welcome Meggie!

YEah Meg!!! YOu finally got on here and looked at my blog! all it took was me moving out of town huh? lol well save it to your favorites and if you ever get one going send me the link!!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Arizona finally..

Iknow i said i wasn't going to write any posts for a week but i figure i better just write any chance i get cause if i wait it may just never happen at all. lol.. like it's not going to be busy around here ever.. haha yeah right. We did make it to arizona and i love our apartment. Its by far the nicest one i have ever lived in and i lived in perfectly fine ones in san diego. Now i loved my little beach apartment with the ocean breeze coming thru the windows when i lived in imperial beach but this apartment is big.. has tons of room and storage. Lilly is doing wonderful too. we put some things in her room and made up her bed with "bunny" sheets that were new. She realy has a thing for bunnies right now. So she was so happy she turned off the light (which is low enough for her to reach it, it never was in her room ) and then she climbed right into bed and asked for her pony movie on her dvd.. she is loving my little ponies too.
We haven't unloaded hardly a thing but we have some friends that are going to stop by and help tomorrow hopefully. It was sooo hot. still is really it's 1030 and its still over 80 degrees out. We ate at in and out and then did a walmart run because all of allan's milk and stuff was bad now. So tomorrow is going to be a big unload and unpack day. wish us luck!

we made it to moab

We stayed in moab utah last night. We are on the road this morning but allan just called and said the uhual is out of oil. There is apparently no oil cap they just stuffed a rag in there.. Nice huh.. So god willing we will make it to arizona but if that uhual breaks down they are going to get an earful if we have to move our crap to a different one. Lol other than that its a great trip so far and we had a wonderful time in moab last night! Its so pretty and fun. Great little town with a million flowers everywhere and such cute cheap shops on themain street.

Monday, May 17, 2010


We load up our uhual tomorrow and are staying in a hotel tomorrow night. We officially leave the state on wed morning. So i won't be posting anything for a week or so. Wish us luck on our move. Everything has worked out so well.. we must be blessed. ;-) OUr inspections went wonderfully. I think i said that in the last post but maybe not. Nothing was bad at all.. one tiny breaker part needed to be replaced. That was it for the whole house. Amazing right? BLESSED!! anyway lilly is doing great with the move so far. She doesn't mind that her whole room has been put into a box. Myfriend even gave us a brand new in the box never been used portable dvd player so lilly has been thrilled to watch " my little ponys". She is in fact watching it right now in bed and when you go in there hse says " watching ponys"lol.. anyway thanks for all the prayers god must have been listening cause it sure has worked out great. Stressful sure but its almost over and we made it thru! Goodnight and i'll write more after we get to arizona! OH and thanks for all the graduation congrats!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

pinning and graduation

It's all done and over with. I had a wonderful pinning ceremony and was so happy that my family got to come. Aaron took off of work, allan, mom, and lilly came. It was very fun and a good celebration. We went to lunch afterwards and Kim showed up with a card. Very nice. Graduation was okay. Some of my friends from out in town showed up and that was really a nice suprise. We went out afterwards and had a big night out on the town. Allan let me sleep in this morning and took lilly to go pick up some breakfast. We have cleaned out the kitchen and today i cleaned out and packed lilly's room. So kitchen packed, lilly's room packed, i packe da lot of odds and ends in our room but not all of it, most to the downstairs rooms are packed and ready to go. So tomorrow is bathroom and all the pics and little stuff have to get wrapped and packed. SHEWW i hate moving! lol okay i like moving i just hate the packing! i love to unpack it's like getting presents but i hate packing it up and not being able to find what i need. Anyway lilly is handling it pretty good as long as i let her keep a few toys out to play with. She is super good with going to bed right now. I"m hoping that doesn't change after the move. She will come give you a kiss and basically wlak herself to bed. I tuck her in and that is it. I have tons of pictures of graduation and pinning but i haven't downloaded them so just stay tuned for that. i'll have to get prints and send some out. it will be a few weeks before i get the real deal pictures from it. Anyway i just wanted to say thanks to the people who have supported me and who have lended a hand when it was tough on me. Its appreciated more than you will ever ever know! I"m finally getting excited about it all. Its over and i'm done only one test to pass now and I'll have an RN behind my name! woohoo. Anyway lilly is down so i'm going to go hang out with my hubby. Good night all!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

allan made it home!

My hubby flew back in to casper around 4 pm yesterday. It was so good to see him after a month. I do not want to go that long again. We went straight from the airport to our raltors office to sign our part of the title and stuff so we are really just waiting on their side to close everything. Of course our inspections are friday so we are also wanting those to come back good. We have too much to do today. Allan is exhausted though and wants to sleep in.. I want to get started. We have to go thru his tools at storage, sand and paint in lillys room cause I made a mess taking things off the wall in there, we have practice for my pinning tonight at 4, pack pack and pack as much as we can too. Lilly was happy to see her dad she ran and gave him a big hug. She likes when he plays with her but she doesn't like him holding her just yet. She instantlytries to get back in my arms or looks very nervous and then cries. But she loves it when he tickles her and she was okay with him doing bathtime and she ran to give him a kiss goodnight so its not so bad. Anyway I'm going to go wake up the sleepy heads!

Monday, May 10, 2010


Found out tonight that I passed my final with an 85% and that gave me an A! So its official I'm done with classes and I walk in graduation on friday!

wow is it really over??

That's has been my feeling all day today. I took my final this morning and I feel fine about it. I only needed to get like 25 right out of 100 to pass the class cause I went in with a pretty high A. So I'm not stressing about it at all. Our grades will be posted in the morning. I'm a little concenred for some of my fellow classmates. It would be so horrible to flunk out at this point. People have already sent out invitations and have parties planned and everything. We haven't heard anything on inspections for our house but we do have a sold sign in front of it...

Sunday, May 9, 2010

sorry it's been busy..

We sold our house! yep it is such a blessing to have that over with. We have to have the inspections done soon. They have till the 17th to tell us if something is wrong. So just over a week. Our closing date is forever away but the sellers are ready to move in and we are ready to move out so i know that it will get done before the actual closing date. Both sides are going to push that issue. YEAH! So i have my finals tomorrow. The girls are coming to study tonight. Its our last study session ever. Thank you jesus! well maybe not forever but for awhile. I have a list about a mile long of odds and ends i have to get done. disconnecting all the stuff ofr our house, paying taxes at courthouse, getting fingerprinted for nursing liscense and blah blah blah that doesn't even start with the list i have to do for graduation. practice sessions and hair apt.. So yes it's mothers day and i have enjoyed time with just lilly today. She put her little arms around me and gave me a "big" hug and then a kiss.. i said i love you and she said " i love you too mama!" so it totally made my mothers day worth every second! I came home and did dishes, cleaned the suburban out, seperated clothes for what was going to storage what was tossed and what was going with me to apartment, now i'm doing more laundry... sheww... Anyway happy mothers day to all you mom's out there!
I"m very excited about going to arizona. I"m ready to be there, i'm ready to kick butt on my NCLEX and get and RN behind my last name, and then conquer the job world. A bunch of my firends have found jobs here so i'm sure it will be fine. I think it will be about finding the right one! Well i hope anyway. I'm excited about seeing emma sometime soon after i get settled in there, and letting her and lilly play. It may not be before emma's birthday though. We don't get there till the 20th or so and we have tons of packing and storage runs to do. Emma's birthday is the 3rd and i think that emma's mom is thinking about doing something on the 6th in phoenix?? is that right jenn? Well anyway we will have to figure it out, and get a birthday present for that girl. I"m thinking a bike for our place? she seems to like the bike alot?? i don't know.

Oh yeah and we had a yardsale yesterday. My face is so sunburned but i made quite a bit of money on everything that i didn't want to take with me so it was good. I think mom and holly and meghan even made some money so it was a success!
Anyway off to finish cleaning and getting ready! see ya

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Okay so I'm about done with the emotional roller coaster i have been on today. I'm off to bed after i write this. Well i had my ATI predictor test today. As i mentioned before this is the test that tells us how we would do if we went to take our national licensing exam today. WELL>>> i got a 98% chance to pass my very first time! I was 8 points above the national average! This test had everything on it. Stuff we learned two years ago. So i was please to see my results cause man some of that stuff looked foreign to me. HAHA!
When i came in from taking that 3 hour test my brain was mush and all of a sudden there was a realtor at my door saying he was sorry he thought our hosue wasn't occupied. The people were there to see it right behind him. I didn't want to miss a showing oppurtunity so i decided to tell him to wait 10 minutes and i would get out. So i wrapped lilly up and headed out. They stayed in here about 10 minutes while i drove around the block. The girl in the couple looking was really familiar and i figured out that she works in the bookstore at the college. So anway i came home after they left and about 30 minutes later the realtor called me and apologized again but said they were very interested and would like to come right back and show it to their parents. So lilly was not wanting to move off the couch and the realtor said don't worry we can look thru with you all right there. So we stayed and watched them look our house over. Tehy were here for about 30 minutes with the parents. SOOOOOOOO we got and offer tonight!
IT was a little low so we are going to counter offer in the morning. Looks like we will still make some money on this house which i think is a blessing with the housing market the way it is. Plus we can get it done in the nick of time before we move! So I'm praying they will accept the counter offer which i think is very reasonable.

Okay so last story before bed. I went to bingo tonight with my freind holly and while we were there we had the chance to be real nurses. Someone yelled " someone call 911" and so here holly and i ran. We got to the problem and found out that it was a younger guy who fell to the ground having a seizure in the bathroom. He was stillhvaing the siezure when we entered the mens bathroom. Holly cradled his hed and when he was awake we asked some brief history from his girlfriend that had ran in there too. When the paramedics arrived he was able to get to his feet and i made holly go tell them everything they needed to know cause she was the first one that got there. There are a number of things they like to know.. like his posturing can tell you what kind of seizure he was having, if he was incontinent, how long it lasted, etc.. they were very suprised to get such a great report. lol.. poor guy. I felt bad for him but felt pretty good about our nursing skillls, I'm sure it had to help that our last test was over siezures. haha.. good timing huh?

okay so thank you everyone who kept us in your prayers. please do so tomorrow while we are counter offering!

off to school..

Today we have a ATI test that tells us how we would do if we took our nclex today. I'm interested to see what it says. I'm still planning on studying like no other for it but still interesetd to see where i would be at. I got my grade for the last unit test we took yesterday. I made a 91.( which was the highest grade out of my study group) yeah.. lol. All the girls i study with did really good though. Most of them did aboe the class average which was 83 for this test. So we are having a busy weekend. we have a yardsale planned and lots and lots of studying for the final. shewww but it's all over on monday. Then the real studying begins. lol. I will have to fill in all of the blank spots. ;-) anyway i'm off to school. hope everyone is having a good hump day!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So i saw some people getting more fliers from ur box but it has definetly slwoed way down from before the tax credit thing. WE did get a house showing yesterday. I don't think they are buying the house though. I saw them come in and it was a younger couple but they had two smaller kids and i didn't think either one would go sleep down in a basement room. WE have two bedrooms up and two down so it makes it a weird floor[l;an if you have small children. great for teenagers though. HAHA. Today i'm headed out to go take my last unit test for nursing. Monday is my big final. So ready to be done! Lilly is slowly getting better. she is drinking a little more but man she hasn't ate hardly a thing. she had some french fries yesterday. a popsicle and some cookies the day before. I"m hoping she wakes up starving this morning. Anyway i'm off to class see ya later!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

we made it home

Lilly slept all the way from wheatland home and is now sleeping on the couch. So i'm going to go do the same thing. this mommy is exhausted. We hada nice visit with grammy sandy and papa wade despite all the sickness. We sure will miss them when we move. Lilly just loved playing with her papa and talking with her grammy. poor girl is pretty sick though so we are resting and recovering today and hoping to have no more vomiting or poop. ;-)

is it 3am?

I think the clock says something close to 3 am.. I've seen all the hours go by so far. Lill and I made it to wheatland and she was pretty playful but she started having diahrrea. I couldn't keep the kid in diapers. Sandy went and got us some more thank goodness. Then came the vomiting. I have since lost count how many times she has emptied her stomach in one way or the other. Its really bad. She threw up as soon as I put her in bed so I had to strip the sheets and rinse them. So we came out to the living toom after a bath to get all the throw up off. I brought out a few towels to cover stuff for us to sit on. Yeah we have now used about every towel there was in the guest bathroom. I'm down to my last shirt. If she gets this one I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I'm trying to stay quiet and keep things clean as I can. Wade has to work all weekend so I don't want to have to wake anyone up more than I have to. Lilly has a pretty good fever too. Her whole little body is hot.she keeps asking me for a drink but everytime I give her a drink she ends up throwing all of it up two seconds later. So I'm pretty sure we are getting to the dehydrated part. Its so sad to tell her no she can't have a drink but I'm trying to give that belly a rest. I did give in a give her two sips of juice. Very small but she kept them down.. However she had another very juicy diaper right after. So please say a prayer for us if you read it. I'm plum exhausted and it looks like world war three on poop happened over here. Poor lilly girl!