Saturday, May 15, 2010

pinning and graduation

It's all done and over with. I had a wonderful pinning ceremony and was so happy that my family got to come. Aaron took off of work, allan, mom, and lilly came. It was very fun and a good celebration. We went to lunch afterwards and Kim showed up with a card. Very nice. Graduation was okay. Some of my friends from out in town showed up and that was really a nice suprise. We went out afterwards and had a big night out on the town. Allan let me sleep in this morning and took lilly to go pick up some breakfast. We have cleaned out the kitchen and today i cleaned out and packed lilly's room. So kitchen packed, lilly's room packed, i packe da lot of odds and ends in our room but not all of it, most to the downstairs rooms are packed and ready to go. So tomorrow is bathroom and all the pics and little stuff have to get wrapped and packed. SHEWW i hate moving! lol okay i like moving i just hate the packing! i love to unpack it's like getting presents but i hate packing it up and not being able to find what i need. Anyway lilly is handling it pretty good as long as i let her keep a few toys out to play with. She is super good with going to bed right now. I"m hoping that doesn't change after the move. She will come give you a kiss and basically wlak herself to bed. I tuck her in and that is it. I have tons of pictures of graduation and pinning but i haven't downloaded them so just stay tuned for that. i'll have to get prints and send some out. it will be a few weeks before i get the real deal pictures from it. Anyway i just wanted to say thanks to the people who have supported me and who have lended a hand when it was tough on me. Its appreciated more than you will ever ever know! I"m finally getting excited about it all. Its over and i'm done only one test to pass now and I'll have an RN behind my name! woohoo. Anyway lilly is down so i'm going to go hang out with my hubby. Good night all!

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