Monday, May 17, 2010


We load up our uhual tomorrow and are staying in a hotel tomorrow night. We officially leave the state on wed morning. So i won't be posting anything for a week or so. Wish us luck on our move. Everything has worked out so well.. we must be blessed. ;-) OUr inspections went wonderfully. I think i said that in the last post but maybe not. Nothing was bad at all.. one tiny breaker part needed to be replaced. That was it for the whole house. Amazing right? BLESSED!! anyway lilly is doing great with the move so far. She doesn't mind that her whole room has been put into a box. Myfriend even gave us a brand new in the box never been used portable dvd player so lilly has been thrilled to watch " my little ponys". She is in fact watching it right now in bed and when you go in there hse says " watching ponys"lol.. anyway thanks for all the prayers god must have been listening cause it sure has worked out great. Stressful sure but its almost over and we made it thru! Goodnight and i'll write more after we get to arizona! OH and thanks for all the graduation congrats!

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