Tuesday, May 4, 2010


So i saw some people getting more fliers from ur box but it has definetly slwoed way down from before the tax credit thing. WE did get a house showing yesterday. I don't think they are buying the house though. I saw them come in and it was a younger couple but they had two smaller kids and i didn't think either one would go sleep down in a basement room. WE have two bedrooms up and two down so it makes it a weird floor[l;an if you have small children. great for teenagers though. HAHA. Today i'm headed out to go take my last unit test for nursing. Monday is my big final. So ready to be done! Lilly is slowly getting better. she is drinking a little more but man she hasn't ate hardly a thing. she had some french fries yesterday. a popsicle and some cookies the day before. I"m hoping she wakes up starving this morning. Anyway i'm off to class see ya later!

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Anonymous said...

Glad Lilly is feeling better. Grammy is puking her guts out. Yep, I know how that little girl felt. Good luck on your tests! Love, Grammy Sandy