Saturday, May 1, 2010

is it 3am?

I think the clock says something close to 3 am.. I've seen all the hours go by so far. Lill and I made it to wheatland and she was pretty playful but she started having diahrrea. I couldn't keep the kid in diapers. Sandy went and got us some more thank goodness. Then came the vomiting. I have since lost count how many times she has emptied her stomach in one way or the other. Its really bad. She threw up as soon as I put her in bed so I had to strip the sheets and rinse them. So we came out to the living toom after a bath to get all the throw up off. I brought out a few towels to cover stuff for us to sit on. Yeah we have now used about every towel there was in the guest bathroom. I'm down to my last shirt. If she gets this one I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I'm trying to stay quiet and keep things clean as I can. Wade has to work all weekend so I don't want to have to wake anyone up more than I have to. Lilly has a pretty good fever too. Her whole little body is hot.she keeps asking me for a drink but everytime I give her a drink she ends up throwing all of it up two seconds later. So I'm pretty sure we are getting to the dehydrated part. Its so sad to tell her no she can't have a drink but I'm trying to give that belly a rest. I did give in a give her two sips of juice. Very small but she kept them down.. However she had another very juicy diaper right after. So please say a prayer for us if you read it. I'm plum exhausted and it looks like world war three on poop happened over here. Poor lilly girl!

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